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MINI Cooper Sprint Booster FAQ'S
Created: March 04, 2008
MINI Cooper Sprint Booster Frequently asked questions.
Created: February 28, 2008
MINI Cooper R56, R55 Sprint Booster Installation instructions from the experts at Mini Mania. Perfect for even the inexperienced to do with ease.
How To Articles
VIDEO: How To Install a Sprint Booster in Your MINI Cooper
Created: November 28, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Install a Version 3 (V3) Sprint Booster on a MINI Cooper.
Sprint Booster
Sprint Booster Performance Upgrade Resource Guide
Created: April 27, 2018
Here you'll find everything you need to and should know about the MINI Cooper Sprint Booster. Easily install in minutes and feel like you have a brand new car. General info, videos, FAQs, Reviews, Articles & More.
Sprint Booster Videos
How Sprint Booster Works in Your MINI Cooper
Created: July 16, 2019
Do you know how a Sprint booster works? Chances are you know what a Sprint Booster does but not how exactly it does it. This video will clear things up for you.
Sprint Booster Install Hints for Mini Coopers
Created: August 08, 2016
VIDEO: Sprint Booster Install Hints for Mini Coopers