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Fuel Systems
C-STN17 Stage One fitting instructions
Created: June 21, 2007
The C-STN17 kit includes: Freeflow exhaust manifold, Mini Spares inlet manifold, RC40 exhaust system and fitting kit, K&N filter element, replacement spring loaded BIAS type carburetor needle, manifold gasket, and carburetor gasket. All parts are easily fitted with these instructions.
Created: June 21, 2007
These instructions will help you fit your C-AHT770 and C-AHT770A manifolds to the varying thicknesses of mounting flanges that you are sure to encounter, and avoid the problem of air leaks into the induction system.
SU Fuel pump, FUL117 for the Morris Minor
Created: January 30, 2000
If your pump came to you with a warning label advising that Correct Polarity be observed, this sheet is for you.If you have converted your car to negative ground, and if you have a pump marked as above, you must also modify the pump to work properly with your electrical system.
Carburetors Installation of HIF-6 or HIF-44 Carburetors
Created: January 29, 2000
The HIF-series carburetor differs from the HF-series primarily in: 1) The design and location of the float chamber, which has been incorporated in the body of the carburetor, and 2) The introduction of temperature-sensitive mixture control to compensate for varying fuel densities resulting from changes in fuel temperature.
Synchronization of Twin SU HS-type Carburetors
Created: January 29, 2000
Before proceeding to synchronize your carburetors and for best results, some preparation is in order. Your carburetors should be in peak condition with no play in the throttle shaft bushings. If these bushings are worn, synchronization is difficult or impossible to achieve since there will be a vacuum leak past the bushings.