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1978 Mini 1000 998cc
  • Price:US $22,000
  • Contact:Anthony
  • UserName: Antdawgs
  • Telephone:516 400-3842
  • E-Mail:Send Seller E-Mail
  • Location:Jamaica NY
  • State:NY
  • Country:United States
  • Year:1978
  • Make:Mini
  • Model:1000
  • Body Style:Pickup
  • Motor:998cc
  • Transmission:5-Speed Manual
  • Body Color:white
  • Miles:0
  • Ad Type:Mini
  • Created on:May 16, 2018
  • Modified on:May 17, 2018
  • Other Ads:None

Here we go again. If you've been on this website for as long as I have then you should know this pickup. It's been up here before a long time ago (these days a week seems like a long time ago). It's a mini pickup imported about 8 years ago, running and driving. At that time it was stripped down and taken completely apart, in order to do a ground up restoration. It was sent away to a mini mania recommended shop on long island NY where the body was completely re-done. While that was happening a motor was ordered from specialist components over the pond in England. Crate shipped and then stored while body was being done. At the time a stock pile of supplies were ordered. Fiberglass hood to accommodate the new motor, KAD breaks all around, new suspension components , a wide body kit (never installed), wheels and tires (new) list goes on. This whole process was not an over night thing. Years have past, and some years ago it was listed for sale here and ebay and the likes, at this very same price. Needless to say the car never sold as interested buyers either want to buy the pickup it self or together the price was too high. As trends do, the price of a car has a certain value one year and a few years later can skyrocket. The selling price for this car has not moved (and will not) The pickup will not be sold separately. Now for the breakdown, To import any mini will cost upwards of 8K (those are the decent ones with minimal rust and motors that have been loosely looked after) MINT condition mini's are 12 and up. Now when you talk about Countrymen, wagon, woody's and pickups well the ugly ones start at 10-12k, you get the point. The Motor for this car ordered today from Specialist Components will cost about 15,000 dollars ( Now this link is for there newest and latest version of the same motor I have ordered around 2014. Not to mention it has to be shipped $$ and they used to require a core in return or they'd charge a few bucks more. The body kit was a few thousand dollars, KAD break set over a grand suspension and hood wheels and tires, well by now i'm repeating my self. Please Please Please do yourself a favor and just look into mini pickups. You'll find a unicorn before you find one of these, and yes there's one listed here (oh BTW i don't need help selling) but look at asking price and what your getting, mine is just north of that with a motor to boot. And yes I still have the original motor and EVERYTHING that I have related to this car goes with it. Seats still need to be redone though they are intact and aren't roached. TEXT me or call, I have plenty of more pictures or send you "Mini guy to look" but please don't waste my time, website doesn't allow me to upload high res pictures
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