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Mini : NOS Jack Knight (Old) 5 Speed transmission : New
  • Price:US $6,800
  • Make:Mini
  • Ad Type:Part
  • Created on:Jan 25, 2022
  • Modified on:Jan 25, 2022
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For Sale: NOS Jack Knight Classic Mini 5 Speed Gearbox & More!

First things first - this is a New Old Stock of the OLD Jack Knight Developments gearbox - before they changed ownership. This gearbox was purchased in 2002 in a lot purchase of the last gearboxes they had.

That out of the way, this is a New Old Stock Close Ratio 5 speed, straight cut gears (with synchros - so suitable for street use), and a Jack Knight Crown Wheel (ring) and pinion of 3.466 ratio. It is also a cross pin diff with 2 more spider gears than standard, however, not limited slip. It also has a Jack Knight 5 speed Quick Shift assembly. This was built based on an "A" Plus gearcase.

You cannot buy these anymore - they have been unavailable for a while, and the quality of the gearboxes after the ownership change was suspect. This is likely the last available NEW JKD box you will ever be able to buy.

Gear Ratios are:

1st 2.544

2nd 1.731

3rd 1.258

4th 1.000

5th 0.877

When these were available last (and at the lesser quality) Prices were:

Gearbox: $6000

JKD Crown Wheel: $700

Cross Pin Differential upgrade:

Quick Shift: $1200

So - years ago - right at around $8000 total for everything here, when they were last available new, 20+ years ago, but with the lesser quality compared to the original JKD stuff, which this is. So this is the NOS Gearbox, with shifter and everything else included.

It will be boxed up very well, and shipped at insured value by UPS or buyers choice.
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