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1970 Mini Mini 1275cc
  • Price:US $8,999
  • Year:1970
  • Make:Mini
  • Model:Mini
  • Body Style:Sedan
  • Motor:1275cc
  • Transmission:4-Speed Manual
  • Body Color:Black
  • Miles:00000
  • Ad Type:Mini
  • Created on:Dec 04, 2022
  • Modified on:Jan 19, 2023
  • Other Ads:None

Hello to all mini enthusiasts. Up for sale is a unique mini with a ton of potential.
Does turn on.

The DMV does not have any record of the car.
The last owner does did not provide a title.
I’m uncertain of the year and where the vin is located if any.

Selling as is. Hopefully someone out there is willing of buying and doing all the background check on the car. Selling as is without any title or implied warranty.
10000obo motivated to sell.
Located in San Diego, CA
Thanks for looking.
From:  Cesargaxiola
To: SHostetler
Posted: Jan-24-23 02:41 PM 
Sorry for the delayed response. Your email request for information was sent directly to my spam inbox.
It has disk brakes in the front and drums in the rear. Not sure what size engine but I do see a 1275 cc badge in the rear of the car. I was told by other mini mania enthusiast than it seems to be a MG type engine because of how the radiator is positioned. It does come with a dual carburetor set up. Regular shocks nothing fancy like the Hi-Lo. It does come with wet suspension. Ill text you additional pictures. www.minimania.com is giving me problems while trying to upload photos. Not sure if its an S model. Also; the owner passed away and I purchase the mini from the son. The son did not provide any paperwork related to the car and or information. Examples year, model, etc. Once I got the car home I managed to turn on but was unable to put it in gear. I have looked everywhere in all the possible places for any clue of the year and managed to find a seat belt tag that is late 1980's.
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