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Classic Mini Cooper Mini Flares, Spoilers, etc - Chapter 13 Pages 18-19

MINI Catalog Page 13-19
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GROUP 5 EXTRA WIDE - This arch kit sticks out a nominal 3.5" and more when positioned at the angle most racers use as shown. 5.5" wide at very front. Definitely only for cars with bodyline modifications and fairly inexpensive to replace. Rear arches stop at bumper seam line. (not shown)
10  SK200  
Black ABS plastic styling kit includes front, rear spoilers and wheel arch extensions with still trims built in. Has full fitting instructions and parts required. Can be painted using two pack acrylic paint. Has a cut out in the rear valance for a fog lamp which was fitted from 1982.
11  FR200  
Roof spoiler to compliment kit in ABS plastic from same manufacturer as SK200. (not shown)
12  FR201  
Boot spoiler from same manufacturer again to completely dress up your car. Black ABS plastic. (not shown)
14  BG2405MS  
Set of 4 stainless steel covers to fit over the original plastic arches as fitted by Rover since 1984.
15  BG2046MS  
Set of 2 stainless steel strips to fit on the body edge.
16  MS136  
Latest mini arches in fiberglass sticks out 3 1/2” and bodyline is cut away. Available in fiberglass as kit MS136, or as fitted by rover in rubber from 1996 on. R/H/F Arch- DFJ100240LML, L/H/F Arch- DFJ100250LML, R/H/R Arch- DFJ100460LML, L/H/R Arch DFJ100470LML.
17  MS129  
Superflares- Front 4” Rear 4 1/2”
18  MS130-NASA  
Superflares- Front 4-5” Rear half body side 5 1/8-6 ”
19  SK202  
Exact replica of the ERA body kit (shown here on a convertable) with vented front spoiler for cooling. Body modifications will be required. Recommended use with 13” wheels. Molds into bodywork unlike ERA, but could be adapted to fit with sealing rubber between body and arch kit.
20  SK203  
Replica of the Lamme body kit as fitted to the Rover Cabriolet(shown here on a standard mini). Body modifications will be required. Recommended use with 13” wheels. Has slightly softer bodylines than the ERA replica kit. Molds into bodywork and fitting instructions are included.
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