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Classic Mini Cooper Power Unit Electrics (MPI)

MINI Catalog Page 9-59
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Part No



GCL204 1
Ignition coil
NYP100130 4
Screw, torx pan M6 Metric 50mm long, coil to bracket
No Longer Available
NEU100300 1
Bracket for coil to engine in stainless steel
Use NEU100300SS
FS108165 3
Flanged head screw M8 metric 16mm long, bracket to body
No Longer Available
GTR206 1
Water temperature transmitter with Brown top
MDY100040 1
Sealing washer for transmitter
GHT289 1
Ignition lead set
Use ULT0160
BLS541 1
Ignition lead set, extra performance
Use ULT0160
NSC100760 1
Sensor for engine camshaft on rear of block
FS106167 1
Flanged head screw M6 metric 16mm long for sensor
No Longer Available
10  YCB100320 1
Oil temperature sender unit
11  GPS135 1
Oil pressure switch (stamped NJC10003)
12  YSB104760 1
Harness to ECU, manual Japanese Models only
12  YSB104770 1
Harness to ECU, automatic Japanese Models only
12  YSB104630 1
Harness to ECU, manual to WD161626
No Longer Available
12  YSB106650 1
Harness to ECU, from WD161627
No Longer Available
13  GTR307 1
Water temperature transmitter
Use GRT185
14  ADU7340 1
Crankshaft sensor
15  FS105107 2
Flanged screw M5 metric 10mm long for sensor to crankcase
No Longer Available
16  NSU10010 1
Support bracket for crank sensor
No Longer Available
17  NSU10011 1
Support bracket for sensor
No Longer Available
18  MHK10004 1
Oxygen sensor unit
19  NNK10001 1
Sensor for air inlet temperature, has Green top
20  WDN100110 1
Sensor for catalyst temperature Japan market only
No Longer Available
21  MHK100600 1
Manifold absolute pressure air sensor on inlet manifold
22  MLZ100090 1
Air control valve on inlet manifold was MLZ100050
Requires 2xMYP100610
23  MDQ100040 1
Motor only for control valve
24  MYP100610 2
Screw, longer for MLZ100090 valve
25  BPR6EVG 4
Spark plug
26  YMQ105690 1
Harness coolent fan switch modification from Rover
Tech Bulletin 0043
27  NNU100580 1
Bracket for Electric Control Unit (ECU)
No Longer Available
28  FS106167 A/R
Flanged head screw M6 metric 16mm long, ECU to bracket
No Longer Available
  NOTE: 1
Electronic Control Units are all obsolete but can be reconditioned
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