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DIY Classic Mini Panel Articles

How To: Build a Mini Rotisserie for less than $200 ()
How to Build a Mini Rotisserie If you have a Mini shell in need of substantial rust repair, a rotisserie is a handy tool.  Since you wish to undertake these repairs, you either are a welder or you must know a welder.  This is key.  Pop rivets and JB Weld are no way to proceed on this level. Good news though, Mini shells are light enough for a couple of guys to move around. Having easy access to all the surfaces is the hot ticket and rotisseries allow this access.  Usually expensive and with good reason, they are made for normal sized cars and trucks. Since Minis are only about 10 feet long, no need for overkill. A Google search of images will give you a good idea of your options, from super professional to super shade tree.  Try the keywords: Austin, Morris, Min...
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