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DIY Classic Mini Tire Articles

Tires - Getting to grips, basic information (Wheels Tires)
I've never covered the subject in any detail before, and it appeared that there's a distinct lack of even the most fundamental appreciation of what tires are all about! In any competition discipline - or in fact any road-going situation as well - the tires and control parameters used are so important to success, practically all the effort put into the chassis and suspension is to enable those four, relatively small (about the size of your average 'welly' foot-print) contact patches to give of their best. So something was desperately needed to address the situation. As I said, the ultimate goal is get those four small contact patches to give of their very best. After all - they're all that stands between you and the 'scenery', and can be the difference between 'champion' and 'also ran'. I...
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What Tire Fits a Classic Mini? (Wheels Tires)
WHAT SIZES TIRES (TYRE) FITS A CLASSIC MINI? This is definitely a topic that keeps coming up!  What wheel and tire combinations can be made to fit a Classic Mini?  In the article below, we've created four sections that we hope to answer just that question. What We'll Cover the tires we carry their size the part number links links to a set of 4 tires tire diameters tread wi...
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Classic Mini Tire Sets at Mini Mania (Brands)
Classic Austin Mini Cooper Tire SetsWe've all seen modern cars get bigger and bigger tires over the years - It's getting hard to find 15 inch tires let alone the tiny ones for your Classic Mini! But never fear, we continue to provide you with a complete selection of ALL available Classic Mini Tires to fit ANY Classic Mini.To offer you more cost-effective and convenient options, we've made our mo...
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Tiny Classic Mini Wheels and Tires ()
Classic Mini Tiny Wheels and Tires January 16, 2013 We matched the original off white wheel  color w/ off the shelf paint Mini Mania's dog dish hubcaps & Vredestein Sprint Classic tires  There are a lot of tire and wheel options for the C lassic Mini Cooper. From the factory, the Classic Mini Cooper S came standard with 3.5-inch-wide...
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Improper Tire Pressure May Drastically Affect Your Gas Mileage? (Wheels Tires)
How you treat your tires actually goes a long way in determining what you spend on gas. Tires are often neglected because people do not know that they affect their gas mileage. A good tire maintenance culture will not only make your rides safer, it will also leave a little more in your pocket. I will give a few tips that will help you improve you fuel economy, they are simple things. You may know...
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