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BMW Mini Cooper


 Created by: Janedoe
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 Posted: Feb 10, 2020 08:15AM
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Show us a picture.
What grille are you thinking of fitting?  A stock 74 MINI one, or a MKII Cooper type?
This would be stock for your car

This type looks great:


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 Posted: Feb 10, 2020 07:24AM
 Edited:  Feb 10, 2020 09:45AM
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I had a friend with one of those grilles on his Mini, I had never seen one before or since.
As he was having cooling issues we ended up cutting it back to help with the airflow here in Florida.

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 Posted: Feb 9, 2020 07:15AM
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Are saying that the front opening on the car behind the (chrome) grill has been closed off? I can't imagine why someone would do that, unless you bought the car from someone in the north of Canada. Is it something that can be easily removed? If so, take it off. You need airflow to the engine. Post some pictures if you can, that would help us figure out what you're dealing with.

 Posted: Feb 9, 2020 07:13AM
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If your question is (essentially) "Is the grill functional?" then , yes. it is supposed to be a real grille letting wind wash over the engine and then out one wheel well.  Maybe a PO lived in a rainy climate and water will splatter on the dizzy when the conditions are just right.

I wouldn't leave it like that, no matter how 'stock' it appears to be. (maybe he jury rigged the temp gauge to read low too, for all we know.)


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 Posted: Feb 9, 2020 07:13AM
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As you suggest, the plate was probably installed to keep dirt out and water off the ignition components.  For years I had a piece of rubber sheet in front of my car's distributor.  It really wasn't necessary.  I wasn't going to drive my Mini in the rain anyway unless I had to.

Congratulations on you your project being almost done.  Post pictures when back on the road.

Doug L.
 Posted: Feb 9, 2020 06:27AM
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I am weeks away from getting my 74 MKIII Mini back in the road.   My first one!   Waiting on a few bits to complete it.  I like everything to work on my rides.  Down to the right side switch for the dome light.  It’s there but the wires are long fine.  Car must have had an interesting life. RHD. At least four color changes. Just as many patches underneath.  A wonderful driver.  My question is the crime grill.  It seems it has been closed off.  There  is a very nicely installed sheet metal plate closing off most if not all of airflow.  Too clean and intentional looking to be done by a previous owner but none the less there it is.   I am assuming perhaps to keep some water off the electric stuff up front and I really haven’t put many miles on it to watch temp.  Although it’s never ran hot.