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BMW Mini Cooper

 09 MiniS R57 rough start issues Post Oil Change

 Created by: Jyz09miniS
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Mar 8, 2021 05:29AM kenatminimania  
Mar 6, 2021 09:11AM Jyz09miniS  
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 Posted: Mar 8, 2021 05:29AM
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I would recommend finding out what fault code is triggering the check engine light. This will provide some clue as to what general area is causing the problem..

If you don't have a code reader, most national auto parts store will typically read the code free of charge.

 Posted: Mar 6, 2021 09:11AM
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I I bought an 09 mini S convertible in the fall of last year 67,000 miles two owner car. Drove it a couple of months in the fall before putting into storage. I decided to get the oil changed before putting into winter storage.The morning after the oil change it started very very rough burbled and gurgled, shake and shake it would  never completely turned over until I pumped the gas like an old musclecar. That was the routine each time I started it until putting it into storage. Check engine light of course started coming on. Sometimes it would misfire And turbo charger would not run but after a re start and it would start running again it to run smoothly again with of course check engine light still coming on until the next engine start,same start up cycle??.I’m not a mechanic but I did a visual inspection under the hood after that I couldn’t find anything that appeared to be disconnected or unhooked. What gives here I would really appreciate some advice on what to do about this.Thank you for your feedback and time