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BMW Mini Cooper

 Broken Headlight plastic part

 Created by: CxDhom
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Apr 6, 2021 02:54AM kenatminimania  
Apr 5, 2021 04:44PM CxDhom Edited: Apr 5, 2021 06:26PM 
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 Posted: Apr 6, 2021 02:54AM
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Unfortunately, we are unable to source or supply that part...  

Best bet might be to find a pick-n-pull yard... or a used parts supplier...

 Posted: Apr 5, 2021 04:44PM
 Edited:  Apr 5, 2021 06:26PM
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I have a 2011 Base cooper with the H1D bulb and yellow turn signal and headlight washer.  The passenger side headlight assembly has a broken plastic piece inside the housing that holds the bulb mount to the headlight assembly.  I am able to remove it, but cannot find a replacement part for it on MINI.  Has anyone had any luck finding this item, or does someone have a damaged assembly that they would sell me the plastic piece out of.