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BMW Mini Cooper

 Dunlop R7 tire pressure

 Created by: JGB
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Apr 5, 2021 07:32PM Kermy  
Apr 5, 2021 06:43PM JGB  
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 Posted: Apr 5, 2021 07:32PM
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Draw some radial chalk lines on the sidewall then take it out on the track. You want enough pressure so that the chalk doesn't get worn off. My guess would be 40+ psi.

 Posted: Apr 5, 2021 06:43PM
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I’ve got a set of Dunlop R7s for my mkii. I was running Yok A008s before at 25psi which seemed about right. Running the Dunlop’s at 25 psi seemed a bit low, tire felt a bit squirmy.  I’m guessing the Dunlop side walls are softer then the Yoks.  Both sets 165 10. The car is primarily used for autocross and track days.
Any recommendations?