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BMW Mini Cooper

 Programming Key Fob...Need help

 Created by: Vanski
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 Posted: Apr 19, 2021 11:34AM
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That is about right for a replacement key fob - I have seen higher prices too.

There is a difference between re-initializing a previously programmed key, and programming a brand new key. I suspect you need the latter and as far as we know, that is a MINI dealership procedure.

 Posted: Apr 18, 2021 08:51AM
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I think it's a dealership item only. Call a locksmith to verify.

 Posted: Apr 17, 2021 08:34PM
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Hi folks,

    I called the dealership to find out how much a new key fob would be for my '07 MCS N14 - R56 and they quoted me $180.00. They even told me that because of that year and type for my car, the programming is fairly easy BUT they won't go into details as to programming the key fob. Does anyone out there know the simple steps to programming the key fob?

Many thanks