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BMW Mini Cooper
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 Posted: May 12, 2021 12:50PM
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Last post: Oct 25, 2021
Member since:Dec 29, 2004
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This subscription site is all we can suggest...

TisUI (minitechinfo.com) 

 Posted: May 11, 2021 07:52AM
Total posts: 988
Last post: Oct 27, 2021
Member since:Jul 24, 2014
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Try your local library, ours has an All data subscription, a penny a page to print.

 Posted: May 11, 2021 04:14AM
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Last post: Sep 26, 2021
Member since:May 23, 2002
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$30 a day just to access their shop manual? Gotta love those BMW folks! Sell the car and buy a real Mini!

"Retired:  No Job, No Money, Wife and I!  Will travel anywhere for Minis"

 Posted: May 10, 2021 05:28AM
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Last post: May 10, 2021
Member since:May 10, 2021
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I have a 2014 Countryman S R60.... the only tech manual I was able to find was on the BMW site for $30/day access fee. Does anyone have a better (cheaper) option?