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 Posted: Oct 13, 2021 09:32AM
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Here is a similar topic.


Roger Williams
1966 Austin Cooper S
LHD, WET, Personal Export
 Posted: Sep 22, 2021 01:24PM
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I constructed a hydro pump a number of years ago using the above website and at first using it was a learning experience, but it ended up working great. It can be a little messy if you don't pay close attention. After 8 yrs. of not using it, I recently retrained myself quickly to pump up one side of my '71 S and all went pretty well. Randy

 Posted: Sep 21, 2021 04:49PM
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drill down to the technical section on suspension

 Posted: Sep 21, 2021 04:00PM
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The're are a couple of questions that come to my mind. When was the last time you serviced the suspension parts on that side front and back. And what is your skill set to delve into the problem.

 Posted: Sep 21, 2021 03:22PM
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Last post: Sep 24, 2021
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Two questions regarding our '69 Cooper S!  Of course it is a wet suspension with a little problem!  The left front knuckle joint is out of place, the mental piece on the bottom of the joint is facing me as I look at it.  It should be vertical with the remainder of the system.  Any words of wisdom on how to attack the situation?

Several years ago I read an article regarding turning a hand grease gun into a hydro pump!  Can't remember where I saw it nor how to make it.
Has anyone done this to a grease gun?  

Washington Woods

ps. for Big Al, this is Garth