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 2009 purchase

 Created by: Johnnybgoood1
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 Posted: Dec 21, 2021 07:24PM
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I had a 2008 non turbo and I believe it is the same as a 2009 non turbo....

RUN AWAY. MASSIVE OIL CONSUMPTION ISSUES. Like more than a qt per tank of fuel before the car even has 100K miles on it. And something I heard regarding valve guides coming loose and sliding up and down with the valve.

 Posted: Dec 20, 2021 05:40AM
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The Cooper cylinder head is different from the Cooper S. Here are a couple of the main differences:

The 2007-2010 R56 Cooper had dual Vanos and the Cooper S from the same years used single Vanos.

The Cooper used port injection while the Cooper S was direct injected.

 Posted: Dec 19, 2021 08:26AM
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thinking of buying a 2009 mini non turbo, I have had 4 mini's all have been turbo or supercharged, this one has engine issues, what differences am I going to encounter with the inside of this engine that is different from a turbo model? is the head the same? twin cams?  this car is going to be sold tomorrow morning at a auction on 12/20/2021, please advise