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 Zoom Service - Please Respond

 Created by: tothefloor
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Dec 31, 2021 02:32PM tothefloor  
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 Posted: Dec 31, 2021 02:32PM
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Scott's old fire house is helping with the fire in Denver and the date and time for the Zoom service is really not clear.  We want to do it before Miranda, our daughter, has to go back to school.  But, that might not happen.  If you would like to be involved.  Please send your address to   Scott's FB page is also open for comments, pictures etc. and if you can't leave them there, then DM and we will see if we can post for you and plan on keeping the page going and the Mini's adventures.

We would love any stories pictures of Scott, Mini's, meets, watches, wheels, signs, etc.

Thank you everyone for your kindness.

Michele and Miranda