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 Minder minds no more.

 Created by: auto-union
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May 9, 2022 05:43AM Dan Moffet  
May 8, 2022 02:43PM auto-union  
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 Posted: May 9, 2022 05:43AM
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We really enjoyed the New Tricks series. Thanks for the tip re Minder and The Sweeney. We will try to find them. Nice touch including the photos containing Minis.


"Hang on a minute lads....I've got a great idea."

 Posted: May 8, 2022 02:43PM
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It is sad to see Dennis Waterman of The Sweeny, Minder and New Tricks has gone. I'd like to think he was a bit of a car fan, either way there were always lots of Minis to see in his shows. Series like these were the go to for entertainment before garbage reality show like the Crapdashians and other never met you but lets get married shows took over. I still pull out Minder DVDs often, lots on YouTube if you're interested.