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 BAT milestone of 100K auctions - commemorative poster includes a Mini

 Created by: theminimark
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Mar 2, 2023 04:32PM Markiss  
Feb 28, 2023 11:09AM theminimark  
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 Posted: Mar 2, 2023 04:32PM
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Hard to resist a Mini. Both Minis and MINIs have done well and are a popular seller on BAT. Crazy how the posters sold out. How long before those end up on the auction block also? They gotta a good thing going over there. Quite the success.

Simple recipe for Excitement:  Take 1 Classic Mini. Throw in 1590cc's of engine. Add 5 gears. A dash of 94 octane. A sprinkle of style inside and out. Toss in 1 MadMan and finally heat tires and pavement to taste. Recipe produces 1 Mini VTEC conversion and full satisfaction. Motor on!
 Posted: Feb 28, 2023 11:09AM
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So, Today, a special Milestone of Bring A Trailer's 100,000th auction was celebrated with a Charity auction of BAT's own Datsun 240Z. I know, you are asking, "What Mini content is this?". Well, on the immediately sold out commemorative poster for this, a Classic mini is depicted "dicing it up" behind a 911 and in front of an FJ40:

Congrats to Randy and his team for 100K auctions! Best, Mark - The MiniNut

All Together Now.... Everybody......