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 Alarm/Immobilizer Bypass

 Created by: Taddeo53
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Apr 25, 2023 01:26PM Taddeo53  
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 Posted: Apr 25, 2023 01:26PM
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A PO apparently bypassed the alarm/immobilizer, likely due to losing the fobs as I received none when I purchased the car. It's a '93 Rover Mini 1.3 with SPI. Unfortunately, they botched the wiring and blew out the printed circuit board on the instrument cluster, resulting in all the gauges other than the speedo not work. I also spotted that they cut the wires to the bonnet switch that tells the alarm if it is opened. Does anyone know the CORRECT way to bypass the alarm system safely? I have the 3AS immobilizer and all I can find is info on the 5AS which I believe is much different (built in door lock activation, etc.) 
If so, please DM me as it probably isn't a good idea to post this info on a public forum. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
(P.S. I have wiring diagrams but I'm lousy with wiring so any "Bypass Alarm for Dummies" type help would be greatly appreciated.)