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 Speedo cable to drive installation

 Created by: AJPA
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May 3, 2023 03:26PM Jemal  
Apr 26, 2023 03:42AM AJPA  
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 Posted: May 3, 2023 03:26PM
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Surprised no one answered... That is just a hold down clamp like for distributors on A+ Minis or small block Chevys!  If I understand your question, the "prongs" face down to put a spring load on the speedo adapter unit.

 Posted: Apr 26, 2023 03:42AM
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After discovering an oil leak at this area, figured I would replace the 40 year old seal AAU2304 and gasket 2A3628 and possibly cable all purchased from our host. At the top of the  speedometer adapter DAM8488 which contains the seal is a pronged fork 22A862 and the way it came out was with the prongs facing upwards although I have seen photos of the prongs facing down against the adapter.  Anyone out there know the correct orientation?  Also is it better to install the seal from the top or bottom of the adapter?  All for a 4 synchro Cooper remote gearbox.