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Whether your Classic Mini has stock or aftermarket wheels, drum or disk brakes, standard or wide rear drums, or you want to run wheel spacers, or even step up to the competition 7/16 inch studs (same as most 1/2 ton pickups!), you can find what you need in the list to the right.


This is the most common wheel stud used front and rear of all early Classic Mini and Mini Cooper before the change to wide rear drums. These fit most front disk brake cars too, and allow the use of MOST aftermarket wheels when used WITHOUT wheel spacers.
Overall length 1.5" (35mm). Length of shaft, not counting head, 1.375". Threaded portion approx. .875"

For the wider rear drums, see 21A1278.

This is the correct length (55mm) for all Classic Minis using the rear spacered type drum as fitted to all Cooper "S", 1275GT and every mini from 1984 to 1996 except the ERA Turbo and Sports Pack cars (which had 13" wheels)
Length of shaft, not counting head, 2.25". Length of threaded portion, approx. .875"
This Classic Mini Wheel stud is about 1/2" longer than standard. It provides a bit of extra safety when switching to alloy wheels to allow for the thicker wheel flange compared to steel wheels. This is also the one to use if adding wheel spacers up to 1/2 inch thick.

Length of shaft, not counting head, approx. 1.95". Threaded portion approx. 1.05"

This is the longest wheel stud available for the Classic Mini- 3.125" (78mm). It should only be used when running 3/4" or larger wheel spacers in special applications. Note that these will NOT fit most front disk brake cars and are intended primarily for use on the rear with wide rear drums AND wheel spacers.
3.125" is length of shaft, not including the head. Threaded portion approx. 1.125"

All wheel studs used on the Mini are 3/8" diameter with 24 Thread per inch.

7/16-20 UNF stud in a three inch length for competition applications. The shaft is threaded all the way so can be trimmed for a perfect fit for your wheel and/or spacer combination. Will require machining the hubs & drive flanges, and possibly the wheels, but will provide the ultimate stregth for all out competion, or your turbo VTEC!

Lenght of shaft, not counting the head, 2.875". Lenght of threaded portion approx. 2.125"

These were the stock rear wheel studs for 90s cars with the "Sportspac" option 6X13" wheels, but they can be fitted to ANY Classic Mini as needed to allow for wide rear drums, custom wheels and/or wheel spacers.
These have a shank length of 2 3/8" (58mm) and about 1 1/8" (28mm) of thread so are just about 1/8" longer than the standard rear Cooper S 21A1278.
All wheel studs used on the Mini are 3/8" diameter with 24 Thread per inch.


Stanfard front wheel stud for Minis with 8.4" disc brakes when Rover changed over to 12" steel wheels in 1984. These are the shortest wheel studs available at 1.45 inches (37mm) total length including head, so make sure they're long enough if you have aftermarket oversize wheels. Length not counting head is 1.25" (31.8mm).
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