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These are the larger bore diff side covers when hardy spicers are fitted as on Mini Cooper S Models. These larger bore covers take the AHU1082 Oil Seals.
Classic Austin Mini Cooper S Differential Side Plate

Classic Austin Mini Cooper S Differential Side Plate

Classic Austin Mini Cooper S Differential Side Plate
Part No: 22G420
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
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Complete selection of differential final drive ratios plus all the couplings for all 1959 thru 2000 models. Starter, starter solenoids, Alternators and Generators also available for the same models. Technical information is available on line or on the phone.
Created: October 30, 2000
The standard diff unit’s componentry falls well short in the performance stakes. As an absolute minimum you should fit an up-rated diff-pin - whether this is because your racing regs don’t allow alternatives, or merely for the road - along with new planet-wheels and thrust washers.
Classic Mini Limited Slip Diffs; parts for installation
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Fitting an LSD isn't as simple as replacing the diff cage unit. In all cases a certain degree of diff housing modifications is needed - material needing to be ground/filed away to provide clearance for larger diff housing cases and crown wheel bolts. Although it has to be said the Quaife diff is supposed to fit without these mods. I've never found that.