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BMW Mini Cooper

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Internet Price $868.96
Part No: MMKT0302
Internet Price $868.96

This race performance camshaft kit consists of a Kent MD310SP camshaft, a set of camshaft bearings (VPC956) and a set of super grade cam followers (C-AEG580).
The right camshaft for the right job is the secret to a great race motor. Not only does the MD310SP camshaft provide a great high end usable power band but it is also ground onto a new generation core that has internal drilling for direct lubrication to the lifters.  You get great consistent performance in the long term under heavy loads.
The cam followers (lifters) are the most advanced modern version of the old time performance industry standard that was made by ISKY. Perfectly made, super grade material will insure the long life and performance of the camshaft.

"Scatter Pattern" cams were designed by David Vizard to work best with the pecularities of the A-Series' siamese intake ports. The 310 scatter pattern is the ultimate race cam. Needs fully prepared engine for good results - high compression ratio, high flow head, exhaust manifold and system. 310 duration and .420 lift
Lobe center is 106 degrees.
The high performance camshaft has been specially cross-drilled for improved oil flow and longer life

Advancing the cam timing moves the valve opening and closing events earlier in the cycle. Since the relationship between the intake and exhaust lobes cannot be changed, advancing or retarding a cam affects both the intake and exhaust valve equally. Also, the most important thing advancing or retarding a camshaft affects for engine power is when it closes the intake valve. For example, if the camshaft is advanced, the intake valve closes sooner. This typically increases cranking compression on a high-duration race cam. The result is more torque and power in the lower rpm ranges. But as the rpms increase, the velocity of the air/fuel charge in the intake ports also increases dramatically and the early intake valve closing hurts power

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