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Stage 2 Brake Upgrade Kit Street/track Slotted Yellow - R50/53 2002-04/2003

Stage 2 Brake Upgrade Kit Street/track Slotted Yellow - R50/53 2002-04/2003

Stage 2 Brake Upgrade Kit Street/track Slotted Yellow - R50/53 2002-04/2003

Stage 2 Brake Upgrade Kit Street/track Slotted Yellow - R50/53 2002-04/2003

Stage 2 Brake Upgrade Kit Street/track Slotted Yellow - R50/53 2002-04/2003
Selected: Thru April 2003
Part No: NMK3245
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Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
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This Stage 2 Brake Upgrade Kit is designed for street and track driven MINI Cooper and Cooper S. This kit provides an improvement in pedal feel and stopping performance while delaying the onset of brake fade compared to stock components.

2002-04/2003 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback

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Kit includes:
[ ] Power Slot Slotted Rotors
[ ] EBC Yellow Performance Pads
[ ] Stainless Steel Brake Lines

PowerSlot Slotted Rotors

Power Slot premium replacement rotors are specifically designed to run cooler, promote dramatically improved wet and dry brake performance, and are a safer alternative to drilling crack prone holes through cast iron rotors.

The Power Slot slotting process removes far less of the rotor’s surface area than conventional cross drilling to help maintain the highest possible co-efficient of friction for the brake pads to work against. Slotted rotors trade only 3.7% of their surface area to the slots that vent the gasses, while drilled rotors sacrifice up to 7.75% of their surface area, and rotors that are both drilled and slotted sacrifice up to 9.38% of their surface area. Less surface area means less stopping friction.

Starting with select castings manufactured in Italy and the U. S., all Power Slot rotors are CNC machined to application specific tolerances that utilize a patent pending tapered-slot technology to create a vent for brake dust and pad gasses while preserving rotor strength.

The slot designs of Power Slot rotors are angled to use the rotors’ direction of rotation to enhance performance. This makes them side specific with left side (driver’s) and right side (passenger’s) rotors.

Brightly-plated Power Slot rotors also eliminate rusty rotor syndrome and enhance the look of custom wheels. Their military spec cadmium plating adds a high-tech appearance and corrosion resistance.

Power Slot rotors are designed to beat the challenges of high performance driving and severe duty brake demands, and represent one of the most cost-efficient performance brake upgrades offered in the market today.

EBC Yellow Pads

Although a full race material and capable of high temperature use with very good wear life, this new formulation sets a new trend in race type brake pad compounds that can be used on the highway. The “bite” from cold is superb which is uncommon with race materials (normally requiring warm-up) and makes this a pad which can be safely used on both street and track.

This new formulation has been used by numerous championship race and rally drivers and is truly a milestone in brake pad material development. Nominal friction coefficient 0.5 with zero rotor damage and similar dust to original pads.

* Grip Positively From Cold To Blistering Temperatures
* Pre-Selected For Race Use Or Truck/SUV Street Use
* Strong Resistance To Fade Under Load
* Totally Resistant To Rotor Vibration
* Shimmed; Chamfered; And Slotted
* Features EBC Brake-In Coating For Fast Break In
* Accepts factory brake wear sensor

Stainless Brake Lines

These stainless steel brake lines maintain consistent brake pressure and precision brake modulation, especially during threshold braking. They are manufactured to meet DOT Compliance Standards, and every line is 100% tested to a pressure of 4500 psi. The Teflon® inner brake line is very resistant to expansion under pressure and will not degrade from exposure to brake fluid. The stainless steel braid covering provides support for the Teflon line and is extremely durable against incidental impact and abrasion. Finally, these brake lines are coated with a clear abrasion resistant cover for maximum protection against chafing. All necessary brackets and fasteners are included with each line kit. 

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years, more often if you track your Mini.

For High Performance Brake Fluids, see the following:

For 'standard' replacement Brake Fluid, see Mini Cooper Brake Fluid Pentosin DOT4.