I just received notification of when my order is scheduled to arrive at my
house. This is the 4th order you have sent me. Each order has been sent out
Quick, Precisely what I ordered and exactly at the advertised price.
As you know everyone wants
1)Good Prices
2)Very Quick Service
3)Excellent Quality.
It has always been my experience that you can usually get only  2 of the
above mentioned items at one time. For example, if you can get Quick Service
and Cheap Prices but then, usually you do not get Good Quality.
When I received my first 3 Orders from you I was VERY surprised! It was
Quick, Good Price and Good Quality. But now you have done the same thing a
forth time. So I have to say that its not an accident or a coincidence.
You guys really are the best!
Thanks for all your efforts.
Please keep up the good work - Cheap Prices, Good Service and Good Quality Parts.
Thanks again
Joe Sims