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Created: December 12, 2013
Created: December 12, 2013
Created: December 12, 2013
Created: December 12, 2013
Created: November 08, 2013
MINI Thunder III (3) was Good!
Created: February 24, 2012
When we passed the gates at Thunderhill there were already MINIs in the lot, and more slowly trickling in. Eager participants for tomorrows event, The Mini Thunder 3, were arriving to pre-register, have some dinner, and do a little pseudo gambling afterwards when the casino night started.
Sue Stout - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
Hi, my name is Sue Stout, I’m 46 years old and I live outside of Chicago, IL.  My infatuation with MINI started when they first landed in the United States
Dimitris (greece) - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
23 years later I find myself owning 3 Minis including my grandpa's and with no intension to drive another car as a daily runner.
Christian Meyer - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
I used it every day to go to college in Guatemala. When this picture was taken I was 22 years old, I am 63 years young today !
Dan C - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
Well let's see, I can blame my parents for Mini coming into my life. Asa teenager growing up in the UK during the late 80's Mini's were acommon site, especially the bright yellow Clubman 110
Leslie Seid - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
y story about my first mini is not too unusual. In fact it is not unusual at all. When I first saw a commercial for the Mini Cooper I knew one thing. I HAD to have a Mini Cooper.
Janet Hamma - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
I had assembled a specification for the car to replace our Honda Pilot. We had driven over a dozen different cars, all in the 5-door hatchback class. Some were a pretty good fit and looked like candidates - until I heard of the new 4-door MINI.
Created: June 14, 2011
Tammy Brown
Created: May 16, 2011
I bought another Mini and I drive my JCW everyday with huge smiles and the power is invigorating.
Amanda Mullins
Created: May 13, 2011
My love of Minis started while I lived in England.  When I first saw Sparks, I knew I had to have her.  She was finicky, but for some reason that made me love her more.
Heather Kunst
Created: May 13, 2011
I have attended almost every Prestige MINI sponsored event and rally since late 2007.
Rachel Bunch
Created: May 13, 2011
We endured years of “MINI ecstasy” at each spotting, and exceptionally unbridled excitement whenever she spotted a red MINI. Perhaps for just as long ago, my wife and I vowed to find the ‘perfect’ MINI for her 16th birthday.
Edna Espasas
Created: May 11, 2011
Hi, My name is Edna Espasas.I bought my Mini Cooper MK II – “Innocenti” in 1969, while leaving in Italy.
Sandia Schley
Created: May 11, 2011
 When he traded in his annual car - he sold her to me for the same price the dealer was giving him as a trade-in. SCORE!!
Lorrie George
Created: May 10, 2011
I have transitioned from a full size van, that I had to drive, to this fabulous Mini Cooper S that I absolutely love. I have a blast driving her!
Melissa Clay
Created: May 09, 2011
The speedometer climbed. The wind noise grew louder. The whine from the supercharger overcame every other noise at that moment. Just a typical vacation at the track. Yes, my 2005 MINI Cooper S named “Madeline” and I travel all across the USA and complete BMW CCA driving schools
Katrina VanTyne
Created: May 09, 2011
It all started 3 years ago in February when I finally bought my beloved MINI Cooper S, Chili Red with racing stripes. I found her through Craig's list and drove down to Boston to meet her.
Celia Seminerio
Created: May 09, 2011
I guess it all started back in 2006 when I was 15 years old and my dad bought his first MINI, a 2003 Chili Red R50, from a Chevrolet dealership. He had never shown much interest in MINIs before but I really liked them and kept telling him that we need one in our life! 
Rebecca Wells
Created: May 09, 2011
I'm Rebecca Wells and this is ZiggyWe're from Northeast, Ohio (Cleveland Area)
Toni & Carson Rader
Created: May 09, 2011
Toni Rader & Carson Rader-BellPurcellville, VirginiaNo modifications..... yet!but I'm looking for a key for the bumper so it looks like a wind up.No events yet...I'm shy!Member of DC MINI
Julianne Kramer
Created: May 09, 2011
Once I took it for a test drive, however, I WAS IN LOVE!!  Oh!  The power... the control... the cornering... and it's FAST!  I have owned 2 Coopers since 2006.  I absolutely LOVE this car!!
Nicole Heinrich
Created: May 09, 2011
Nicole Heinrich and Lola ('cause she's a showgirl...looks like one anyway!)2003 Mini Cooper S, Indi blue w/white topFerndale, Washington
Ana Lavin
Created: May 09, 2011
my car is a 2008 Mini Cooper S Cabrio.... I   call her mini Lavish as my nickname has been Lavish for the last 30   years and since my Lavish mini is so lavish I thought it only   appropriate to license plate her LAV12H........
Charlotte Levitz
Created: May 09, 2011
Hi, I'm Charlotte (we don’t name our cars, we drive them… it’s a bright yellow Mini cooper, it don’t need no name ;) and we live in Bakersfield, CA.
Michelle Clark
Created: May 06, 2011
"Scoot" is a 2005 Mini Cooper S, 6 speed thank you very much! And, as you can see, she's mad for plaid.
Hilary Morrissey
Created: May 06, 2011
My Name is Hilary Morrissey, I will be 21 years old on May 11th, 2011. I live in Missouri where I own a 2003 Indi Blue MINI Cooper.
Nan Oliver
Created: May 03, 2011
Simon and I bought Max - now renamed Norris - at a car auction in Sydney, Australia, in 1977, for $550.
Jennifer Martin
Created: May 02, 2011
My name is Jennifer. My husband and I have had two classic Mini’s which we bought in England while stationed there for the U.S. Air Force.
 Patricia Bryant
Created: May 02, 2011
Hello, My name is Patricia Bryant and my beautiful Mini is Stella.
Brenda Fromhold
Created: May 02, 2011
I ordered and bought my new '06 MINI in Arlington, TX from Moritz MINI because there's no way I could wait 12 to 15 months for delivery in Washington. I don't know how other MINI enthusiasts in my club waited that long. I would have gone nuts! LOL
Alicyn Drew
Created: May 02, 2011
Tigger is an '06 MINI Cooper S Cabrio, I bought him Jan 15, 2009 from Carmax. I knew very little about MINIs, but I knew, I wanted one. There were two hot orange cabrios on the lot, I picked Tigger because I liked the hood scoop.
Anita Dragan
Created: April 28, 2011
Im Anita from Maryland & I always wanted a MINI. When they were finally imported here, I pored over the website and "built" many versions while I saved up a downpayment. Then I built and ordered my dream car.
Megan Squires
Created: April 28, 2011
I love my Mini! It's my daily driver. She's been lowered and has an aftermarket intake and exhaust. Hotchkis 19mm rear sway bar and lower rear adjustable control arms.
Wendy Anderson
Created: April 28, 2011
I am so proud to introduce you to my mini:" Shroder." I met him in May 2005 and instantly fell in love!
Deborah Lavell
Created: April 28, 2011
2006 Cooper S..her name is MINIrva..Got her for my  50th birthday. For myself.Used but perfect.
Julie Gross
Created: April 27, 2011
My name is Julie Gross. I am from Philadelphia, PA. You can find a bunch of photos with me and my MINI and I have a very MINI and Classic Mini history.
Kerri Bailey
Created: April 27, 2011
For twenty years this car was sitting in my parents’ barn. When my dad asked if I wanted it, I leapt at the chance!
Ellie Tompson
Created: April 27, 2011
I have wanted a Mini Cooper since they first came out, but wanted that 'electric blue' color, the sun roof, S model and all one color.
Ashley Poeppel
Created: April 27, 2011
My name is Ashley Poeppel, and my car's name is Zippy. He is a 2005 Cooper hatchback, automatic. We live in Monroe, WA.
Created: February 22, 2017
Browse our selection of classic Austin Mini gearboxes.
Classic Mini DIY Articles
Created: January 27, 2017
Browse our library of classic mini diy project articles.
Austin Mini Cooper Lighting
Created: January 04, 2017
Some of our best selling lighting for classic Austin Mini Coopers.
Top 5 Mechanical Upgrades to Modernize a Classic Mini
Created: December 15, 2016
We've all seen the value of early Classic Minis skyrocket over recent years, making it quite justifiable to make some mechanical upgrades .
Created: November 22, 2016
We asked our resident Classic Mini expert, Jemal Katat, to give his suggestions for the top 5 mods for the Classic Mini. We wanted to know his opinion when it came to multiple types of modifications. Here we share his answers. Enjoy!
Created: November 21, 2016
The question has come up again about whether it’s possible to pull the engine unit from a servo equipped Mini without disturbing the hydraulics. A ‘servo’ is what a power-brake booster is called for a Mini.
Created: November 14, 2016
We see this sort of thing happening all the time! What's not original is the car that the VIN plate it attached to! That is almost certainly a 1997-2000, known as the Rover "MPI" for multi-port-injection.
Created: November 11, 2016
Browse our selection of stocking stuffers for the Austin Mini enthusiast on your shopping list.
Classic Mini Gift Guide
Created: November 11, 2016
We've compiled some of our best holiday gift options for the classic Mini enthusiast on your shopping list. Warranty and return policies.
Created: November 10, 2016
Show your holiday spirit with one of these themed badges for your MINI Cooper
Custom Heater For All Year Minis
Created: November 04, 2016
This heater is ideally suited to vehicles where light-weight and compactness are of the utmost importance without sacrificing heat output. This light-weight heater uses a powerful, space saving axial fan coupled with an efficient copper heater matrix to offer heating performance normally delivered by units twice its size! This heater is in a class of its own in terms of output for size, build quality and cost. Lead time from the UK is between 2-4 weeks.
Clearance Sale
Created: October 27, 2016
Browse our selection of Classic Mini clearance items.
Mini Cooper Coilovers Struts & Shocks from KONI
Created: September 22, 2016
Mini Cooper coilovers struts and shocks 'tech 101' article for the novice provides basic understanding of the different solutions available from KONI
Created: July 18, 2016
Get information on club discount codes and event sponsorship from Mini Mania.
Mini Mania Parts Catalog
Created: May 16, 2016
Mini Mania Parts Catalog includes most of all the Imperative parts a Classic Mini owner could ever want. 88 pages of full color with part numbers.
Classic Mini Swap Meet is Back
Created: April 26, 2016
Our Classic Mini Swap Meet was an annual staple at our original Mini Mani Open House. Now, we're bringing it back! Announcing the rebirth of our classic, Classic Mini Swap Meet at our Nevada City Adventure 2016! Bring your treasures to swap or sell, and be prepared to even buy a few parts for yourself.
Classic Mini Cooper AP Power Brake Booster
Created: April 07, 2016
The classic AP Power Boosters is back. The cast iron body is identical to the AP 5.5 type as fitted to the MKI/II Cooper S Mini. These new brake servos are a perfect upgrade for your Classic Mini, or to replace a bad unit, or if your servo is one of the earlier, "less than original" types."
Created: April 04, 2016
Need a place to stay during Nevada City Adventures 2016? Check out these four charmers.
Created: March 31, 2016
Classic Mini Cooper Accessories
Created: March 31, 2016
Classic Mini Cooper Identification
Russell Pistons and Air Filters, Sale!
Created: March 25, 2016
Save Big during our March Madness sale for Classic Austin Mini Cooper Fans! From Russell Engineered Pistons and Rings to Quality Air Filters, we've cut prices that'll drive you mad.
Classic Mini Wheel Fender Flares
Created: January 18, 2016
Classic Mini Wheel Fender Flares
Phil Wicks Racing   -   Heacock Classic Gold Cup
Created: October 22, 2015
Phil Wicks Racing - Heacock Classic Gold Cup
Customer Surveys
Created: October 21, 2015
Customer Surveys for Mini Mania.
Highway Cruiser 1275cc Engine
Created: September 25, 2015
Highway Cruiser 1275cc Engine & Transmission
Foreign Car Show by Sierra Sports Car Group
Created: September 22, 2015
Foreign Car Show by Sierra Sports Car Group, Oct 17, 2015
KAD Mini Cooper Performance Parts
Created: July 22, 2015
KAD Kent Auto Developments produce super high performance parts for the Classic Mini Cooper
Created: March 27, 2015
Our Engine Shop offers a complete range of services, from complete race powerunits built to your specs, to rebuilt street engines in any size for any year Mini, Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S.
MINI Pickup Body Shell- Fiberglass
Created: November 26, 2014
MINI Pickup Body Shell- Fiberglass
Created: November 04, 2014
Free Shipping Promotion, November 2014
Created: September 09, 2014
Classic Motorsports magazine project Mini Cooper S nears completion.
Created: July 29, 2014
The Mini Mania Free Shipping Promotion is a limited time offer with the following qualifications:
Created: June 06, 2014
Nevada City Adventure 2014 Review
Created: June 04, 2014
We've been in the business of providing parts and accessories for the original Classic Mini Coopers since 1974, and as a result Mini Mania is the largest US supplier of parts for the Classic Mini.
Created: April 17, 2014
This Package special for VTEC B-series engine conversion kit for the Mini includes almost everything you will need to upgrade your Mini to accept a Honda VTEC engine.
Created: April 16, 2014
Mini Mania’s Nevada City & Grass Valley self-guided tour Friday May 30th 2014
Created: April 08, 2014
Mini Mania History Photo Gallery
Created: March 28, 2014
Making a small patch for the inner fender well and one for the underside of the cowl on our 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S.
Created: March 14, 2014
Created: March 14, 2014
Visiting Heritage Garage
Created: March 10, 2014
Mini Mania's Nevada City Adventure. A Great Meetup Opportunity for your MINI Customers
Created: February 24, 2014
Mk1 Mini restoration for a first timer
Created: February 21, 2014
Founded in 1974, Mini Mania first presented itself on the Internet in 1996. Always a leader in information and customer service, the Internet was and continues to be a great means of giving more to our friends and customers.
Created: February 18, 2014
This event represents a great early summer meeting opportunity for your club members.
Created: December 12, 2013
Mini Detailing Keep your Classic Mini or MINI Cooper looking shiny and new with our large selection of car care products. From the interior to the exterior of your precious car we have what you need to get the job finished. Questions? Please contact us at 1-800-946-264
Created: December 12, 2013
Browse our selection of air filters for your Classic Mini
Created: December 12, 2013
Now you can get that Union Jack look for your classic Mini. Mini Mania's wide selection of products can help you recreate any look.
Created: December 12, 2013
Deves Piston Rings are made from the finest Swedish steel, just for your classic Mini! Let Mini Mania help you with all your rebuilding needs.
Created: December 12, 2013
We have the exact tire to suit your Classic Minis needs. Falken’s tires are time-tested and come up first every time, every day.
Created: December 12, 2013
All things Checkered! Flags, Stickers, Decals, Shirts and more!
Swiftune Mini Cooper
Created: December 12, 2013
Swiftune Mini Cooper high performance parts available from Mini Mania, the USA leading supplier of performance parts
New Products
Created: December 12, 2013
New Mini Cooper Products
Created: December 12, 2013
If you own a Classic then you obviously have great taste and everyone knows it. Choosing the right Classic Mini graphics allows you to express your personal and unique style. From decals and badges to roof graphics and exterior accessories, Mini Mania has a huge selection of Classic Mini graphics to fit nearly all tastes and budgets. Click on a box below to see applicable products. Questions? Give us a call at 1-800-946-2642. We would be happy to assist you!
Created: December 12, 2013
Taking your Mini into the modern Mobile communications word just got easier!
Created: December 12, 2013
The Classic Mini suspension design was far ahead of it's time with advanced driving attributes long before most vehicles. Maintenance and upgrades will assure you of continued enjoyment
Created: December 12, 2013
ARP studs, nuts and bolts are the leaders in performance hardware
Created: December 12, 2013
Valentine's day gift guide will provide some simply ideas of how to express you care for some near to you.
Created: December 12, 2013
In the early 70’s, an engineer came up with the idea of an electronic ignition system that would replace the points and condenser in distributors. The Ignitor® was born and after patenting the product, Per-Lux started manufacturing systems.
Created: December 12, 2013
Chrome Accessories for your Mini Cooper S
Minilite Wheels Mini Cooper
Created: December 12, 2013
Minilite Wheels, made by the original manufacturer in Great Britain since 1962 are available through Mini Mania ...
Created: December 12, 2013
KYB Corporation produces a variety of ride control, hydraulic, and electronic products for use as original equipment and replacement parts in automobiles
Created: June 26, 2013
Mary Jamieson - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
You know...I burst into tears of joy and surprise and do so every day I drive my MINI!   The picture captures the moment I realize this is my car!!! Thank you!
Duane Francis - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
I had been wanting to buy my first Mini for years and I had spent a lot of time searching through the listings on MM and eBay
Glenn Windsor - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
I found my Mini in a wreck yard in Maryland back in 1966 or 67. It had new brakes and wasn't rusted but was dirty inside and outside with faded paint.
Nancy Ambrosiano - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
I bought my MINI Cooper from a couple in Taos, NM who were moving to Costa Rica. She's a stylin' silver S, 2006, 6 speed, with just about every bell and whistle
Neal Parish - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
My first day with my MINI was October 2, 2003.  That's the day I picked her up from Brian Harris MINI in Baton Rouge, Louisiana -- and started my 2400+ mile, 72-hour, drive back to Oakland
Deborah Lavell - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
As I sat in the drivers seat and turned to take hold of steering wheel I realized the car fit perfectly. I am not too tall and my legs reached pedals and my ass and I could see perfectly over the dash.
Vickie Casacca - Mini Birthday Celebration
Created: August 23, 2011
I am so thrilled that the Mini Cooper and I have the same birthday month which could be why I have two of them.
Julie Racine - I grew up around Mini's
Created: May 19, 2011
I grew up around Mini’s.  I really don’t think I appreciated how cool they were until a bit later in my life.  As kids growing up in San Jose, CA, my mother drove us all round town in her Austin Mini Woody Wagon.
Barb Hansen MINI Cooper from BMW
Created: May 02, 2011
Im Barb, and this is Emma my Mini.
Rose Truman
Created: April 29, 2011
Hi, My name is Rose Truman and I currently reside in Lake Worth, FL. I have 2 minis in my family and I love both of them.
"Wild Target" stars a Mini Cooper, and a hitman.
Created: February 16, 2011
Wild Target" stars a Mini Cooper, and a hitman. I’ll be darned if I wasn’t grinning from ear to ear through most of “Wild Target,” a daffy British crime farce that didn’t play Madison theaters, but was released on DVD a couple of weeks back
VTEC Video
Created: June 11, 2008
Some videos of Vtec Mini's on the track and on the dyno.
About Us Videos
Nevada City Adventure - A Look Back
Created: August 11, 2016
VIDEO: Nevada City Adventure - A Look Back
Listen to our Austin Mini Supercharged Engine Scream
Created: August 08, 2016
VIDEO: Listen to our Austin Mini Supercharged Engine Scream
Mini Mania: Nevada City Adventure 2016!
Created: August 05, 2016
VIDEO: Mini Mania - Nevada City Adventure 2016!
All About Mini Cooper Badges and Holders
Created: August 08, 2016
Get the low down on 3D, Dome and Vinyl Badges. Express yourself and your MINI. Learn more about how to install, clean and more.
Classic Mini Badges and Emblems
Created: December 12, 2013
Classic Mini Cooper Badges and Emblems
Aligning The Front End Sheet Metal- Classic Mini
Created: March 28, 2014
Aligning The Front End sheet metal of the Classic Mini Cooper
Created: March 28, 2014
The rear suspension was even simpler than the front, as there are no half shafts to deal with.
Created: March 28, 2014
Our next step was to get back to the metalwork. The left front fender had been crumpled and badly repaired. The grille/headlight surround panel had actually been ripped in half and also poorly repaired.
Created: March 14, 2014
Pressure Washing the Tub
Project Introduction: 1967 Mini Cooper S
Created: March 14, 2014
Project Introduction: 1967 Mini Cooper S
Created: March 14, 2014
Stripping Down the Little Body
Created: March 14, 2014
Assessing the Remains
Body Welding Classic Mini Cooper
Created: March 14, 2014
Body Welding
Created: March 14, 2014
Blasted Media!
Created: March 14, 2014
Priming the Whole Car
Created: November 27, 2013
How to: Mk1 Aluminum Door Skins
Created: May 20, 2013
Mk1 Aluminum Door Skin Right Side Mk1 Aluminum Door Skin Left Side Mini doors are known to rust, mostly at the bottom. No surprise. This is so common that in the U.K. there are shops that specialize in repairing Mini doors. Only Mini doors! If you prefer new, Heritage doors for a Mk. 1 can exc
Installing Inner Wheel Arch Liner Kit
Created: May 14, 2013
Wheel arch liner kit CAML01 is designed to fit all classic minis however they do need some modifications to ensure an exact fit. This guide is written such that anyone considering purchasing a set of these wheel liners will understand how well they fit and what is required to install a set.
One way to determine the year of your Mini
Created: September 02, 2011
Knowing what year your car is may not be that important until it comes to trying to be sure you get the parts you are looking for. The Mini was first produced in 1959 and continues thru the year 2000. While all the years may look very similar to the newcomer, there are indeed a number of differences
GS130273 Bonnet Release fitting instructions
Created: June 21, 2007
Fitting instructions for remote bonnet/hood release kit
Factory trim molding installation - GFZ107 & GZF105
Created: May 10, 2004
The dreaded job of installing the plastic trim! Here are the steps we used during our latest install on a 1969 S to achieve great results
Quick release bonnet hinges  MK I&II, C-14A7246/7
Created: January 30, 2000
Mini Cooper Quick Release Bonnet Hinge Kit. Make your hood easily removable and maintain the correct fitment/adjustment of the hood when replacing.
Quick release bonnet hinge kit, MK3, C-CZH530/1
Created: January 30, 2000
Mini Cooper Quick Release Bonnet Hinge Kit. Make your hood easily removable and maintain the correct fitment/adjustment of the hood when replacing.
Overider and rail kit for Mini bumpers, MSSK025
Created: January 30, 2000
This budget kit is for use when purchasers are capable of drilling their existing stainless steel bumper. The overiders and corner bars are the exact original shape of early MK1 Minis and Coopers
SU Reference Catalog Review
Created: February 22, 2006
The workshop manual has a wealth of information on all the various styles of SU carburetors and fuel pumps. The manual starts out with an easy to follow and very explanative summary of the basics of the SU carburetor design and functionality. The manual is well organized into sections covering the basic families of SU carbs and fuel pumps. Each section on the carburetors gives concisely written instructions for disassembly, inspection, reassembly and tuning. Each section includes excellent illustrations that clearly show the components and support the text well.
Created: January 17, 2006
Thinking that the “Heritage Motor Center’s” publication “Mini Derivative Models 1964 to 1991” was going to be a paper-back publication of photographs & stories that I could read on my next plane trip she was kind of disappointed when a CD came in the mail. This seemingly innocuous Compact disk with it’s image of a Moke on the cover belies that which lies within…….. ‘You can’t tell a book by its cover’ nor seemingly a CD either.
Book Review, Tuning the A-Series Engine
Created: December 31, 2005
Vizard shatters the myths and makes sure you get all of the theory along the way. The A-series engine is the example, and he’s built a reputation around it, but his techniques and your learning go way beyond this single family of engines.
Book Review, Haynes 59-69 Mini Workshop Manual
Created: December 28, 2005
With a car a few years older than myself, we are both realizing that we are not quite as young as we once were and are requiring a little more maintenance to run down the highway with the younger, sleeker models. I got into owning an older vehicle knowing full well that the two of us would have our...
Created: June 14, 2002
Created: July 07, 2016
Finding the parts for your Classic Mini just got easier. See our new 2016 Classic Mini Parts and Accessories Catalog Online!
Created: August 09, 2015
Brake Kits
Created: March 18, 2015
The faster you are able to accelerate, the quicker you’ll need to be able to modulate your speed or even stop. You’ll also want to improve the modulation of your braking power. Beyond merely stopping, the ability to finesse your brakes has a good deal to do with the quality of braking equipment that you are using. Here at Mini Mania, we have solutions for all your braking needs.
Upgrading Mini Brakes
Created: February 01, 2011
Over 5 million Minis have been made, most of them before 1985 when front disc brakes were standardised. Previously, standard Minis were fitted with drum brakes all round, adequate in light traffic but prone to fall out of adjustment, not very progressive unless recently overhauled, and not up to the quick responses needed to avoid accidents in modern high-density traffic.
Warped Beake Rotors Means Pulsing Brakes
Created: December 09, 2009
When you apply the brakes, you feel a pulsation through the brake pedal and even the steering wheel. You wonder how the brakes and steering are interconnected and what is causing the pulsation. How can it be prevented, and how can it be corrected? And most important, is it a safety issue?The cause o..
BRAKES - Rear brake bias adjustment
Created: December 13, 2000
The other 4-way valve on the bulkhead on later cars (part number FAM7821) is frequently wrongly identified as one of the above as they are similar. However, this unit does not have the electrical connection, and has a cylinder sticking out one end. This IS a brake pressure regulator, only fitted to front/rear split systems as far as I'm aware. The PDWA is built into the master cylinders in these applications.
BRAKES - Fitting discs and required ancillaries 
Created: December 10, 2000
What you actually need for the disc/drum conversion is pretty straightforward. Disconnect the steering arms, top and bottom swivel-pins, CV joint, and flexible brake pipes at the subframe - that’s it. There are, however, a number of ancillaries to consider.
BRAKES - Split brake systems and adjustable bias valves
Created: December 08, 2000
You can only use the MS72 adjustable brake regulator/bias valve with a front/rear split system. Definitely NOT the diagonal split type (for identification see 'Brakes - Rear brake bias adjustment'). These should have been 'X-ed' at birth.
BRAKES - Pads, function and parameters
Created: December 07, 2000
The past few years have witnessed a great deal of activity in the brake-swapping department by Mini enthusiasts world wide. The reasons are quite diverse, ranging from fashion to necessity. Some fit vented Metro 4 pot brakes because it’s the ‘in’ thing to do, giving max pose value. Some believe it’s a performance improvement, usually misguided by a misinformed vendor hell bent on making a sale.
BRAKES - Pad types & choices for the MINI Cooper & S
Created: December 07, 2000
I know I keep dragging this one out for an airing but it’s continually ignored by far too many folk - the only way to get the best from what you have is to be totally honest with yourself about your Mini’s main usage. Delusions of grandeur cause severe disappointment, and tears before bedtime. Fitting a set of pads to your road Mini because you think you drive like Michael Schumacher, and your Mini’s built around a ‘race’ theme, with ‘race-spec’ brakes is going to get you into severe bother. Nine times out of ten they won’t work properly.
BRAKES - Fundamental considerations
Created: December 06, 2000
Most folks immediately turn to considering higher engine power outputs. Because of this pre-occupation brakes tend to slide down the improvements priority list. However, they are far more important...
BRAKES - How they work
Created: December 06, 2000
Without a doubt the most important point to get sorted at the outset is just what makes brakes do their thing - FRICTION. The sole purpose of the brake set-up on any vehicle is to convert kinetic energy into thermal energy. In English that’s motion into heat - friction. The motion of the disc/drum across the surface of the pad/shoe produces a prodigious amount of heat.
BRAKES - Silicone brake fluid, to use or not to use - that is the question!
Created: September 29, 2000
Over more recent years I've had affair number of discussions on the use of silicone brake fluid as opposed to the more common type. I have to say some folk are vehemence in their belief that this stuff is 'the answer' to all kinds of brake maladies.
Hawk Brake Material Description
Created: September 26, 2000
Hawk Brake has utilized world class technology to develop and manufacture superior disc brake and clutch materials for the Automotive/Racing industry. Hawk products include Ferro-CarbonTM, CarboticTM, Carbon-Carbon and full metallic disc brakes and clutches. Hawk Brake's persistent development of racing friction will not only set new standards, but will also greatly enhance the quality, performance and integrity of your racing programs!
Mini Brake Data
Created: June 09, 2000
Over the years, many changes were made to Mini brake configurations. The manufacturers tinkered with the master cylinders and rear brake balance valve, and rear shoes and cylinders on many occassions, and did not necessarily write these changes into the official service manuals. As specific data on change points is found it will be added to this page
Metro 4-pot conversion
Created: February 16, 2000
From my time on the Internet it became apparent that in England there is an easy and inexpensive option to upgrade Mini brakes, thanks to their favourite donor car, the Rover Mini Metro.
Competiton brake pads
Created: January 30, 2000
Carbon metallic pads will fade at high temperature if not fully bedded. Only fully bedded pads will provide fade-free high performance. For maximum efficiency, new discs are recommended. AP recommends that the pad be bedded with the actual disc on which it is to be used. A pad can be heat conditioned on any disc, but it must be run with a coated disc to perform (the pad coats of the disc during bedding in procedure).
Camshaft Glossary
Created: April 09, 2014
Acronyms used in the camshaft grinding industry.
Choosing The Right Timing Set For Your Engine
Created: March 25, 2014
Choosing The Right Timing Set For Your Engine
Why is a camshaft like the heater in your house?
Created: February 25, 2014
Camshaft selection can be as complicated as you like, but for the ultimate performance, even if that means best gas mileage requires that you consider the entire envelope that the camshaft will work within. Non-technical issues such as intended application (street, race, milage or??), budget, expected RPM range, etc must be considered along with technical things like compression ratio, Cylinder head and valve sizes, exhaust system, carburetion, etc.
CAM TIMING - Basic Notes
Created: February 04, 2011
To avoid lots of swearing and unnecessary damage, check the timing gears slide neatly onto their respective bosses. If tight, first check for any high spots in the gear bores and key-way slots. Clean out using with fine emery cloth, medium Wet 'n' Dry paper, or some such.
C-AJJ3327 Installation Notes
Created: March 06, 2006
'A' Series BMC IMPORTANT Supplied are 2 screws. Replace the original bolts with screws after modifying cover plate. Manufacturer's Statement: Rollmaster are C.N.C. machined, high tensile steel sprockets using double row O6B-2 chain. Care must be taken to inspect key & keyways & shafts f...
Camshaft Theory by Elgin
Created: January 28, 2006
Considerable information has been recorded about numerous aspects of the four stroke internal combustion engine. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of people really understand how it works and even fewer still know how to modify an engine to suit their needs. I will try to simplify this complex subject by discussing some basic principles that may be overlooked or misunderstood by the average person. First, it is very important to understand the relationship between piston travel directions and valve timing events. The reason this relationship is important is because it is one of the few things that is relatively easy to adjust/change. The camshaft which opens and closes the valves makes ONE complete revolution (360 degrees) while the crankshaft moving the piston up and down the cylinder rotates TWICE (720 degrees). Camshaft timing is usually expressed in terms of crankshaft degrees relative to the piston location in the cylinder. That is, relative to Top Dead Center (TDC) and Bottom Dead Center (BDC), respectively. Note that during the four strokes of a piston in an internal combustion engine the crankshaft will rotate 720 degrees and the piston will be at each TDC and BDC twice.
Kent Camshaft Fitting Rules
Created: January 27, 2006
The installation and first few moments of running are critical factors in the life of the camshaft and the following instructions have been devised in order to obtain maximum performance from the engine and to ensure a long and trouble free life from both the camshaft and associated components. These points are designed to be used in conjunction with the original manufacturers installation procedure.
Who is Kent Camshafts
Created: January 27, 2006
Established in the late 1970’s, Kent Performance Cams has grown from a fledgling idea nurtured by two engineers - Bob Munt and Bob Fry - into a world renowned specialist camshaft manufacturing team, a camshaft manufacturing house that was capable of producing competition engine components within strict quality control criteria whilst still remaining cost effective, a policy we still pursue to this day.Bob Fry - who took full control of the company in 1989 - has since taken a back seat in the running of the company leaving the existing management team - Tony Woodward, Andy Burns, Malcolm Hawkins and Graham Watts - as the primary Directors responsible for further growth of the company. Other key employees include Sales Manager Del Johnson, whose automotive experience spans thirty years.
Kent Camshaft Timing
Created: January 27, 2006
Kent Camshaft Timing methods. For many years the most commonly used method has involved establishing top dead center (TDC) as a datum (zero degrees) and positioning your camshaft with its inlet valve at maximum lift at a given position relative to this datum.
Valve train - Setting valve clearances (lash)
Created: September 30, 2004
A question that has cropped up frequently on the message board lately, and one that I do not ever recall having been set down in print in any magazines, is that of how to decide what the valve clearances should be when changing from the standard rocker gear to higher-lift options. So I thought I wo...
Camshafts - Scatter cams, pros and cons
Created: August 31, 2001
This whole 'scattering' deal has befuddled many. The simple fact is the principle is very basic and easy; it's getting a cam with the right profile and figures applied to it that's the hard part.
CAM TIMING - Mechanical Method
Created: August 31, 2000
Accurate piston position indication is the first goal. You need to know exactly when piston one is at TDC. Without engineering measuring equipment a ‘stop plate’ is required. This you will either have to manufacture personally, or get one made.
CAM TIMING - Conventional method using DTI, etc...
Created: August 31, 2000
Rotate crank so piston one is at the bore top (TDC). Fit timing gears 'dot-to-dot'. Set up DTI with stem resting on number one piston centre with a little preload. Rotate crank backwards slightly (anti-clockwise looking at the front), then gently forwards observing the DTI, watching where the needle stops before descending.
Camshaft Drives
Created: January 30, 2000
Fitment of an uprated cam drive system is essential when building a performance orientated engine. Timing scatter induced by the standard set up can reach up to 15° once the single row chain has stretched, which it does after only a few miles
Duplex timing chain kit, C-AJJ3325
Created: January 30, 2000
The front plate will have to be countersunk as shown ‘X’ to take the screws CMZ407MS, which replace the existing hexagon-headed screws, which would foul on
Duplex timing chain kit, C-AJJ3327
Created: January 30, 2000
The front plate will have to be countersunk as shown ‘X’ to take the screws CMZ407MS, which replace the existing hexagon-headed screws, which would foul on
Adjustable belt drive timing kit, C-AJJ3328
Created: January 30, 2000
The ubiquitous toothed belt cam drive system, originally developed for use on high performance race engines, is now generally accepted as the norm on all state of the art, modern engines. The application of this drive system gives very accurate ignition tming and quiet running, advantages that do not diminsh with time.
Duplex timing chain kit, C-AJJ3323
Created: January 30, 2000
The front plate will have to be countersunk as shown ‘X’ to take the screws CMZ407MS, which replace the existing hexagon-headed screws, which would foul on the timing chain. Check for clearance on chain all round and align gears as per Workshop Manual. When using ‘A’ plus timing covers there is a small round pressing at the bottom which needs making flat to allow timing chain clearance.
Winterize Your Mini - MC2
Created: October 14, 2011
A little web searching will turn up lots of generic, top ten lists of things to do to winterize your car. Most are just common sense; not all apply to Minis; and what you do will vary depending upon whether you are going to store the car for a few months, or if your Mini, like my daily driver, lives outside all the time.
Borg&Beck Brand Name
Created: April 20, 2016
Borg & Beck is a name synonymous around the world with high quality clutches. Recently, an American website had the following text.
Created: March 14, 2014
Time for a Clutch
Austin Mini Flywheel and Clutch Identification
Created: March 08, 2009
The pressure plate on the left is called a 'spring' type as typically found on early 850cc engines. The one on the right is called a 'diaphragm' type. While the pressure plates are NOT interchangeable on the flywheel itself. Either flywheel can be use on any engine assuming to keep it the th
Mini Cooper Verto Clutch Information
Created: August 06, 2008
This article has been written owing to the increasing amount of people who ring Mini Spares stating that their 1275cc Injection type Mini will not start after fitting a new clutch, especially when they have purchased the parts from another supplier, usually a motor factoring company, rather than a Mini specialist.. There are 2 types of Pressure plates, namely AP (Automotive Products) and Valeo.
Clutch - Drive Strap Alignment
Created: May 29, 2003
If the pressure plate clutch plate friction face needs re-surfacing, get it machined to clean it up. Make sure the engineering company doing the job records the amount taken off, as the recorded amount needs removing from the tops of the 'horns' that stick up to ensure proper clamping force is achieved.
Created: August 28, 2002
Countless Mini enthusiasts have been dogged by primary gear bush hassles on 1275-based engines - in particular the one nearest the block (the front one). Worn ones are expensive and difficult to replace for the DIY-er because they need machining to the correct size, a job that needs to be done very accurately - a particular problem for over-seas enthusiasts. Racers from all disciplines are all too familiar with the bush spinning in the gear - usually jamming the gear so no drive gears can be selected and sometimes rendering the gear useless; replacement of which is very costly.
Clutch Checking (Pre Verto)
Created: February 24, 2001
The beginners’ guide to your Classic Mini clutch.
DIAPHRAGM SPRING - Pre-Verto types
Created: December 04, 2000
These are the shallow cone-shaped objects that the release bearing pushes on, with a steel band (disc spring) on the underside that presses against the flywheel. This provides the clamping force on the clutch plate that ultimately passes the torque/horsepower to the wheels (via the gearbox of course!). This component is therefore available with various different spring rates/tensions dependent on the application.
DIAPHRAGM SPRING - Verto types including injection
Created: December 04, 2000
The Verto/Valeo type diaphragm included the pressure plate in its assembly, much like a 'normal' car set-up. The spring being of the 'finger' type as opposed to the disc spring used on earlier, three-piece assemblies. There were originally three diaphragm specifications using progressively stronger springs - small-bore, big-bore, and Metro Turbo.
CLUTCH PLATES - Verto types, including injection
Created: December 01, 2000
There is only one original Verto/Valeo clutch plate and is fashioned more like a ‘conventional’ clutch plate - it has a sprung centre section. Four springs around the centre section of the plate take up shock, and supposedly reduce the likelihood of judder. It was an attempt by Rover to improve the clutch take-up and engagement to make is more like a 'modern' car.
PRESSURE PLATE- Pre-Verto & Verto types
Created: November 30, 2000
Apart from very first one that should be avoided at all costs (cast in part no.2A3509), there is an astonishing five other types generally available. For high-tech ones see 'Flywheels & Pressure plates - technical advances'.
CLUTCH PLATES - Pre-Verto types
Created: November 30, 2000
There are generally three types to be concerned with these days - standard pre Verto, fiber rally/race, and sintered race. All at 180mm diameter. Standard-type plates. The pre Verto plate has a spring-steel centre section to which is riveted the lining. Between the linings are sprung washers.
Classic Mini Clutch Design and Technical description
Created: February 16, 2000
One of the more common questions asked by Mini owners is "why doesn't my clutch disengage properly?" or "why is it hard to engage gears?" The usual symptom is that the clutch engages right at the floor and you find yourself embedding the pedal in the carpet to avoid grinding gears. Given that the clutch worked properly when the car left the factory the obvious answer is 'wear'.
Clutch Works
Created: January 30, 2000
If I were keeping score, I would have to say that the most common questions on our tech line involve clutch problems. Many of these are from reputable repair shops!
We’ve Reduced Our Prices Until Dec. 31st
Created: October 24, 2016
We’ve reduced the price on most of our Classic Mini parts by 18%. Why? Because, with the Pound still devalued, the parts we’re getting from England are costing us less. And as part of our committed to offering you the best products possible at the lowest price possible, whatever savings we get – we believe, we should pass on to you.
Classic Sports Racing Group Charity Challenge
Created: September 29, 2016
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to race in a vintage race car? Now’s your chance. If you’re around the Sonoma Raceway this weekend, you can take three, hair-raising laps around the Sonoma Raceway with world-class racer, Don Racine. And it’s all for charity!!
Created: July 30, 2013
Below you will find a list of service shops that may be able to service your Mini. If you have a shop and you would like to be added to this list please email us here. Please include your shop name, address, phone number and website if applicable....
Created: April 29, 2013
2014 Classic Mini Calendar Contest Entries The entry period has ended and the voting period has arrived! Vote for your favorite submissions on Facebook here. Norm N. - 1964 Mini Cooper Sport Sedan Jesse N. - 1973 Mini Cooper Sport Sedan Arnold V. - 1986 Mi...
Created: March 07, 2013
Created: January 29, 2013
MINI Cooper Clutch Slave Cylinder Bleeding
Created: December 18, 2012
MINI Cooper Clutch Slave Cylinder bleeding can be fast & easy with simple instructions from the experts at MiniMania.com. Great prices on parts.
Created: November 28, 2012
Created: November 16, 2012
Created: November 12, 2012
The walk downstairs at the Rigby household steadily reveals the effect Alec Issigonis has had on our family. The toy cars and posters adorning the upper level could be mistaken for poor attempts at quirky decoration, but then the steps reveal the oil-slicked iceberg hiding beneath that innocuous ti
Created: November 08, 2012
Created: November 07, 2012
Created: November 06, 2012
Created: February 16, 2000
I borrowed a mini for a few weeks and it was probably the most enjoyable drive I have ever had - the remarkable handling sticking most in my memory. I remember travelling with a friend following me in "family saloon" and he confessed afterwards "I nearly lost it on the roundabouts trying to keep up"
Created: October 03, 2014
All the various hoses you may need for your Classic Mini.
Radiator Options for the Mini
Created: December 03, 2013
The cooling system in the Mini has used the same basic style radiator since it's begining in 1959 up until the introduction of the twin point injected cars when the radiator was moved to the front of the car.
Installing the T7 Heater in our Mark I Cooper S
Created: February 13, 2013
Installing the T7 Heater in our Mark I Cooper S Republished with permission from cooperroadmini.com The heater was not among the pile of parts that were in the heap we started with on Cooper Road. As we’ve built this Mini, the heater was hardly a priority, but now that the car is presentable a...
Oil Coolers
Created: February 03, 2011
In the past, fitting an oil cooler was mandatory once an engine had been even slightly uprated. The main cause for this was the quality of Motor Oils available at that time. If the oil temperatures exceeded a specific point, then engine failure was almost guaranteed.
Cooling: Controlling water temperature
Created: July 23, 2003
The introduction of the Cooper S proved to be a testing time for the Mini's systems, but conveniently provide a guideline as to what the standard cooling system was capable of - that used on the 'S' was marginal to say the least! It wasn't uncommon for many S's to spew water from their overflow p
COOLING - How it works
Created: January 25, 2001
Very few understand just what the cooling system does and how it does it, and that incompatibility between the cooling system's capability and an upgraded engine can spell disaster for the new engine.
Cylinder Head
Camsfhafts & Head Flow Comparison
Created: April 26, 2016
Understanding Camshaft Theory and Cylinder Head Flow characteristics can greatly improve the performance of your Mini Cooper
Classic Mini Cooper rockers, push rods and more
Created: December 21, 2015
When you are trying to build a motor to get the ultimate of performance you often optimize the life expectancy of the entire assembly. One such area centers around the rocker assembly. In general the rockers are part of the process that translates the lobe of the rotating camshaft to the vertical deflection needed to open the valves on the cylinder head.
Do I need to do a Valve Job?
Created: April 25, 2014
Most motors will go at least 80,000 miles before "needing a valve job"! But what are the signs? How do I determine if I really need it? Do I do it myself or pay a local machine shop.
Created: March 14, 2014
Restoration of a mini Cooper S typically starts with the cylinder head.
Valve Stem seals
Created: January 15, 2014
Valve stem seals
Valve Stem Keepers
Created: October 10, 2011
Cylinder head - What can easily be achieved
Created: February 03, 2011
The engine build I recently covered in previous Mini Magazine issues developed into a bit of an ongoing 'project'. During a discourse with the editorial staff at Mini Mag, it was decided the build feature presented an ideal opportunity to demonstrate just exactly what such an engine build is capable of in days where it's generally believed you have to have an all-singing, all-dancing 1380cc engine to have an enjoyable road burner - leaving those with very limited budgets a little depressed.
Cylinder head - Combustion chamber shape
Created: February 09, 2004
This addendum to the Cylinder Head section was fueled mainly by pictures of combustion chamber shapes and folk's excitement at what they could possibly do for them. It is also prompted by the 'new isn't always great' teaching. So what's in these varying and dramatically different chamber shapes?
Rocker gear - General compendium
Created: August 28, 2002
Whether you’re building a solid road performer or fire-breathing monster, the main goal is to improve air/fuel flow into the engine. The more you can get in, the more power you can get out. Cheapest chunk of power improvement comes from sorting the asthmatic manifolding and exhaust by applying a stage one kit. Then what?
Cylinder Heads - About Min Tec heads
Created: May 25, 2002
Cylinder Heads - About Min Tec heads. 'Modified to give maximum performance gain for cost. Combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust ports extensively re-worked. Smoothed finish in ports - not mirror-finish polished to minimise drag. Four-angle valve seats in head.
CYLINDER HEAD - Torque-down and head gasket problems
Created: July 11, 2001
First a brief word on head gaskets. If it is not a genuine Rover or Payen gasket, don’t use it.
CYLINDER HEAD - Unleaded Fuel Use
Created: May 16, 2001
The specter of 'unleaded fuel only' - instigated in UK on January 1st 1999 and seemingly from decades ago across the rest of the world - seems to be forcing more and more folk into frightened, panic orientated action.
CYLINDER HEAD - Suitability basics
Created: May 01, 2001
Whatever else owners do to their Minis by way of interior/exterior modifications or none at all, a very large proportion desire and search for an increase in engine performance.
Valve Guides - Materials and Usage
Created: April 13, 2001
Material choices for guides are down to two distinct types - cast iron and bronze. Yes, cast iron. NOT steel as described in many adverts and by vendors. Never have been, never will be. These are as fitted to the various A-series cylinder heads as standard in all applications.
Created: April 13, 2001
This valve spring set has been developed to fit standard sized top caps, and cope with racing rpm and high valve lifts without crushing of up to 0.570” without modifications, when fitted to a cylinder head that has standard or near standard valve spring heights.
MSE4 - Post 1992 unleaded stage 2 (Road Rocket) large-bore head
Created: October 23, 2000
Modified to give maximum performance gain for cost. Combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust ports extensively re-worked. Stone-ground finish in ports promotes ultimate fuel atomisation. Three-angle valve seats in head. Cooper S size valves with current maximum flow profiles and Tuftrided for durability/longevity when used with unleaded fuel (hence 'black' finish).
MSE6 - POST 1992 unleaded stage 2 (Road Rocket) large-bore head
Created: October 23, 2000
Modified to give maximum performance gain for cost. Combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust ports extensively re-worked. Stone-ground finish in ports promotes ultimate fuel atomisation. Three-angle valve seats in head. Super-quality MG Metro valves modified to increase airflow.
MSE3 - PRE 1992 unleaded Stage 2 (Road Rocket) large-bore head
Created: October 20, 2000
Modified to give maximum performance gain for cost. Combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust ports extensively re-worked. Stone-ground finish in ports promotes ultimate fuel atomisation. Three-angle valve seats in head. Cooper S size valves with current maximum flow profiles and Tuftrided for durability/longevity when used with unleaded fuel (hence 'black' finish).
CYLINDER HEAD - Valves; shapes, materials, and finishes.
Created: October 19, 2000
Many moons ago, the standard performance valve shape was the then-ubiquitous 'penny-on-a-stick' profile. For the very good and simple reason it minimised airflow obstruction by having the least amount of material in the way. Very plausible, and a design that many have stayed with to this day
Cylinder Heads
Created: January 30, 2000
Everybody has their own opinion on this subject. The most experienced people will tell you that the best way to maintain your engine performance is to accept the fact that valve jobs need to be done 2 or 3 times more often than rings and bearings! And this data base was concluded when leaded gas was the norm! Now that unleaded is all you can get, valve jobs are needed even more often! The purpose of a valve job is two fold; first the valve seats. The impurities in the air and gas often get trapped between the valve and the seat in the head; under worst conditions stopping the valve from closing, but more commonly being smashed enough to allow just a little seepage of hot gases.
Stage 2, Budget big bore head
Created: January 30, 2000
Modified to give maximum performance gain for cost. Combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust ports extensively reworked. Stone-ground finish in ports promotes ultimate atomisation.
Competition head stud and nut kit
Created: January 30, 2000
This kit has been produced by Mini Spares to reduce head gasket problems on performance orientated engines, especially those utilising large over bore sizes. Standard type head studs and nuts are mass produced which unfortunately compromises the specification of the end product. Worst affected are the threaded portions which create problems during torque-down; thread deformation, stud distortion and possible stretch, off-square seating of the nut to head and so on.
High lift rocker assembly, C-AHT436
Created: January 30, 2000
Ensure that posts, spacers and rockers are evenly distributed along the length of the shaft to allow smooth pivoting. On no account must the valve springs be allowed to become coil-bound as this will place undue stress on the rocker and could lead to failure.
Competition Cylinder Heads
Created: January 30, 2000
A selected range of modified cylinder heads are available to suit a wide variety of applications. All port and chamber modifications are carried out by experts to current state of the art specifications. Therefore, actual specifications may alter slightly as gas flow and port velocity efficiency improvements are developed. Where large bore heads are used on small bore engines (i.e. 12G940 casting on 948/1098cc block), it is necessary to check full lift of exhaust valve, and pocket the block as necessary.
Rocker Gear
Created: January 30, 2000
The new generation of short period, high lift cams have been developed to give the best results in large bore engines when used in conjunction with 1.5 ratio, hi-lift rockers. For the small bore range, the stock 1.3 ratio is optimum. In certain instances ratios of 1.7 to 1 are of benefit - but is really only applicable to fully developed race engines.
Offset rocker bushes, C-AEG644
Created: January 29, 2000
Using these bushes it is possible to achieve an increase in valve lift of upto 0.030". They must be pressed into the rocker with the thick section pointing forwards, ie. toward the rocker pad. It is advisable to use bearing-fit compound (Loctite) to ensure the bush does not rotate in use, taking up ‘wear’ in old rockers. Once fitted, they need to be reamed out to 9/16", for best easy slide fit on the intended shaft.
Created: September 20, 2016
Vtec Steering Conversion Kit Instructions
Created: June 25, 2014
Engine rebuild!
Created: March 14, 2014
Changing Our Mini's Rings and Pinion Gears
Turn Signal & light Switches
Created: April 07, 2014
Finding the correct turn signal indicator switch and, or light switch is best done by visually matching up the current switch from the chart listed below.
Created: March 28, 2014
Next up was the generator and starter motor
Wiring Harness Overview
Created: May 24, 2013
Information and Overview of the Mini Cooper Wire harness
Troubleshooting Lucas Points
Created: May 14, 2008
Troubleshooting Lucas Points The following document discusses the operation of the basic “points type” ignition system. Included are steps to troubleshoot the ignition system. This document presents a negative ground system only. Please read the Theory of Operation section before attempting to troubleshoot your ignition system.
Smiths Voltage Stabilizers - REVISED
Created: May 14, 2008
The following document discusses the operation of the basic Smiths voltage stabilizer as used to operate electrical gauges on British vehicles. Methods of replacement and testing are also discussed.
Voltage Stabilizer
Created: May 02, 2008
Supplemental Information & Instructions for C34770A Voltage Stabilizer, Negative Ground 13H3554 Voltage Stabilizer, Positive Ground A Little History Many British cars produced through the mid 1960s have moving-iron gauges that are fed directly from the battery through a wire th...
PIAA Lights Frquently Asked Questions-MINI Cooper
Created: January 12, 2007
PIAA Lights Frquently Asked Questions-MINI Cooper FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Are these legal? PIAA lamps are intended for use solely as auxiliary lighting. Lighting laws vary from state to state. PIAA makes no representation or warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the legality of its products for street use on any vehi...
Do's and Don’t of the 123 Distributor for the Mini Cooper
Created: January 31, 2006
The last distributor you will ever need is now available for your Mini or Mini Cooper S. The '123 Distributor' from the Netherlands is a revolutionary design that allows you to have the exact ignition curve that you need for your application. And most importantly this is true if you have an 850 or a full blown 1275cc engine. The all new fully electronic billet distributor has been programmed with 16 different advance curves that are easily switched. The 123 Distributor is available for either the A or A+ application with or without vacuum advance. The 16 different advance curves are based on the original factory Lucas distributors as used in the many different models such that as long as you always use either an A or A+ power-unit, the 123 Distributor is one and only distributor you will ever need.
Wiper Switch Conversion
Created: November 27, 2002
Mini & Cooper Wiring Diagrams On-Line
Created: February 19, 2002
Wiring diagrams for a variety of Minis and Mokes are now available from our huge Technical Information archives!
DISTRIBUTORS - working basics.
Created: September 15, 2000
To maximize power and economy potential from any engine, burning the compressed fuel/air mixture at precisely the right point throughout the engines entire rpm range is essential. This ‘point’ is generally somewhere before the piston reaches TDC on its power stroke described in degrees - i.e. 10 degrees BTDC.
DISTRIBUTOR - Electronic ignition
Created: September 15, 2000
Since the A-Series has such an efficient combustion chamber design, the standard points set-up is perfectly capable of providing sufficient sparks for effective combustion when new. And this is the problem. They require regular servicing to maintain maximum performance. This can be a chore, so is generally neglected.
Changing from Dynamo to Alternator
Created: September 01, 2000
Completing this change successfully, easily and neatly is pretty straight forward on a Mini. The alternator contains the regulator and cut out functions within it’s casing, so makes the regulator box used with a dynamo redundant. However, it is useful to retain the box itself and it’s connectors.
Distributor Adapter
Created: January 30, 2000
This kit allows the pre "A-plus" distributor to be used with an "A-plus"block. Rotate the engine until the No. 1 cylinder is at Top Dead Center (TDC no.1) with both valves closed. Remove the existing distributor drive spindle and install the 3A0009 Modified Drive (ref # 2) found in this kit. Refer to a workshop manual for proper clocking.
Alternator Conversion Instructions
Created: January 30, 2000
The polarity of the alternator can not be changed, so if the alternator you have does not conform to your car, you must change your car. If you bought your alternator from Mini Mania, it IS NEGATIVE GROUND.
Electrical polarity
Created: January 29, 2000
When fitting a new or rebuilt generator to your Mini, certain instructions will usually be found with it. These instructions advise the course of action to polarize the unit and are the same instructions for changing the cars electrical system from positive to negative earth or vice-versa.
15% OFF Upgrades on Replacement Engines
Created: September 09, 2016
Rebuilt engines with upgrades! Only at Mini Mania.
The Mini Mania Engine Shop
Created: January 20, 2015
Now Open! Mini Mania Engine Shop. Trust the experts.
Created: October 03, 2014
Fan belts for your Classic Austin Mini Cooper.
Created: March 28, 2014
Our engine had been rebuilt, our ancillaries completed, and our subframes restored, so we decided to combine all the pieces together to try to run our Mini without attaching the body
King Bearings
Created: March 28, 2014
Founded in 1960, King Engine Bearings is a world-class developer and manufacturer of engine bearings for automobiles, light to heavy-duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and other types of internal combustion engines. King’s only product is engine bearings. As a result of its specialization and focus, the company is recognized for producing the highest quality engine bearings available in the market today.
Created: March 14, 2014
Starting Our Mini's Engine Rebuild
Created: March 14, 2014
Building the lower End
Engine Cost Estimator Mini Cooper
Created: February 28, 2014
Estimate the cost to have us build your dream Mini Cooper engine
Created: January 27, 2014
The proper end gap assures a good combustion seal (minimum blowby) and allows adequate clearance between the ends of the rings so they do not butt up against each other and cause the rings to scuff or bind.
Mini Tec Honda VTEC Conversion Kit and Accessories
Created: December 12, 2013
Mini Tec Honda VTEC Conversion Kit and Accessories
Austin Mini Flywheel Problems
Created: September 11, 2012
When installing a flywheel onto a engine/crankshaft I strongly recommend that you "lap the interface surface" between the flywheel and crank. The objective of this process is to insure an absolute perfect fit on the tapper. If for any reason this is not the case you will probably NOT be able t...
Motor Oils - It Is So Very Misunderstood
Created: August 23, 2011
I think it is time to go over passenger car automotive engine oils in detail. I will be writing several articles to be published soon so I will try to get some of it out here. I feel this is a very general topic for all car owners on this board.
Motor Oils - It Is So Very Misunderstood - part 2
Created: August 23, 2011
I think it is time to go over passenger car automotive engine oils in detail. I will be writing several articles to be published soon so I will try to get some of it out here. I feel this is a very general topic for all car owners on this board.
LUBRICATION - Oil, what it does and how
Created: February 03, 2011
It’s criminal. Folk spend fortunes putting together super-sonic motors, only to skimp on the oil they use. Why? Oil’s oil right? Wrong. Even if it’s a standard engine, it deserves TLC considering it's extremely hostile working environment.
LUBRICATION - Temperature critical
Created: February 03, 2011
The correct running temperature of the oil is perhaps even more important than the water/coolant temperatures - so let us consider how to control them. Mainly because it seems to be the most misunderstood of the whole process, and oil cooler fitment almost a reflex when over-heating occurs where a tuned engine of any type is concerned. And in many cases on standard production road cars for that matter.
Mini Mania Crankcase Ventilation Kit, C-2A265
Created: February 03, 2011
This kit provides an internally baffled housing which enables the fuel pump port on the engine block to be used to vent the crankcase. The kit also includes fasteners and gaskets to mount the fitting but does not include a hose fitting and hose.
Detailing The Engine & Under The Hood
Created: January 25, 2011
Did you know a detailed engine increases the resale value of your car?  It's a well-known fact that people who take the time and effort to detail their engines also take better care of their cars.
Created: September 21, 2010
Longer Connecting Rods in a Mini Cooper
Created: August 05, 2010
Longer rods provide for a longer dwell at piston TDC, keeping the combustion chamber small for a longer period as the expanding gases push against the piston. This extracts more power from a given air/fuel mixture thus increasing combustion efficiency.
Mini Automatic to Manual Conversion Basic Information
Created: February 24, 2010
Mini Automatic to Manual Conversion Basic Information The following is an overview of the steps to convert a Mini from an automatic transmission to one with a manual transmission/gearbox. It is not a step by step description of all the possible combinations you ma...
Created: November 06, 2009
The MTAA-B Series Kit was designed to install Honda’s B Series DOHC engines into the Austin America, Morris, MG, Riley, Vanden Plas, Wolseley, 1100's, and 1300's. , upgrading the Classic Austin America's A-Series engine with today’s most trusted engines built by Honda.
VTEC Conversion Kit MTK Installation Manual
Created: March 19, 2009
VTEC Conversion Kit MTK Installation Manual courtesy of MiniMania.com
VTEC Conversion Kit MTB2 Installation Manual
Created: March 19, 2009
VTEC Conversion Kit MTB2 Installation Manual
Created: November 27, 2007
This newsletter is going to cover a recently discovered subject matter of the very most importance to everyone who owns vehicles of any kind, be it, automotive, trucking, construction equipment, etc. The results are in with very dismaying reports concerning the newest API engine oil specifications, SM / CJ-4
MTD Installation Manual for Classic Minis 1959-2001
Created: October 04, 2007
The purpose of this kit is to make your Honda VTEC installation easy and hassle free. We have taken the research and development headaches out of the install so that you do not have to deal with all of that.
Mini Cooper Harmonic Damper
Created: January 25, 2007
MINI Cooper Harmonic damper is designed to balance our the vibrations inherent in all engines. The same theory of operation applies to both Classic and BMW MINI Coopers
Created: January 08, 2007
About a year ago I read about the reduction of zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) in the oils supplied with API approval that could affect sliding and high pressure (EP) friction in our cars. The reduction of these chemicals in supplied oils was based on the fact that phosphates reduce the effectiveness and eventually damage catalytic converters and introduce minute amounts of pollutants into our atmosphere.
Created: September 22, 2006
Last time we chose a manifold based on flow volumes, and a carbie based on personal choice, but which combination is best on this engine?  With the engine finished, it is time to look at a variety of carburettors, inlet manifolds and exhaust extractors, to fnd the most suitable combination. There are a lot of fgures, but they are necessary, so bear with me.
Project Small Bore, Part 2: Cylinder Head
Created: July 24, 2006
Last time we started building a small-bore engine for maximum power. But there is no point having a good engine and putting the wrong head on it. I'm going to use the 12G202 head, as these are the best to modify for our purposes. They are a bit smaller than the 12G295 or 12G206 heads, which gives you a bit more metal to play with when grinding. As far as a standard head goes, you can't go past the 12G295 or 12G206.
Created: July 21, 2006
We all long for the power and torque available from a 1275cc engine, but with these becoming more expensive and harder to find, we’ll take a look at how to get some decent power from the smallbore engines. Graham Russell of Australia shares his ideas.
Upgrades for Fuel Injected Minis
Created: March 24, 2006
We at Mini Mania have been very satisfied with our experience of being able to help almost any Mini Cooper owners when asked the question ‘How do I make it better’.  With our 30+ years of owning and racing Minis we think we have done almost anything you can imagine.
Created: March 10, 2006
Celebration Special: Order any of the Swiftune products for delivery in the middle of April and save hundreds of dollars.
Spark Plugs Overview Classic Mini
Created: March 08, 2006
The following article was originally found on the NGK web site here. Spark plugs are one of the most misunderstood components of an engine. Numerous questions have surfaced over the years, leaving many people confused. This guide was designed to assist the technician, hobbyist, or race mechani...
Created: January 30, 2006
DEVES rings and ring sets are based on detailed engineering drawings as well as actual engines. They are manufactured for almost all current American and Foreign engines, with some model coverage as far back as 1928! All DEVES rings are checked for fit by a specially-designed light-beam microscope (if light doesn't get through, neither will oil), and they meet or exceed SAE, DIN or BNA standards.
DEVES Piston Ring Installation
Created: January 30, 2006
Are Deves Rings Hard to Install? NO! They install just like any other piston rings. To make it easy, we set up the rings and sets in envelopes and boxes.....
ARP Bolts & Fasteners
Created: January 28, 2006
Fastener Retention Overview There are three methods that can be employed to determine how much tension is exerted on a fastener; using a torque wrench, measuring the amount of stretch, and turning the fastener a pre-determined amount (torque angle). Of these methods, use of a stretch gauge is the most accurate.
Created: August 08, 2005
While the ULTRIK VTEC Subframe makes an engine swap easier, there are still several challenges to overcome when installing the Honda engine in your Classic Mini.
Created: August 06, 2005
Complete 1380cc Supercharged Motor Serious Horsepower for the serious driver! Mini Mania has developed and produced the ultimate in bolt-on performance for the A-Series motor. Modern technology in compressors, modern manufacturing and Mini Mania engineering have resulted in serious performance improvements unheard of in A-Series history.
Pistons - Mega piston performance report- Classic Mini Cooper
Created: July 14, 2005
Pistons - Mega piston performance report The two other articles I have done on this site concerned what pistons are all about, different design and construction pros and cons, material specs, ring set-ups and so on. Under 'Pistons - Favourable features for maximum performance' it would seem that th...
Engine - Metro engine identification data
Created: August 12, 2004
A word of warning - whilst the data given here is as accurate and complete as I could make it without 6 months-worth of hermit-like investigation, there are bound to be oddities. Austin/Morris, BL/Austin Rover Group/Rover were never dedicated at keeping 100% correct records, particularly post 1970 - that's why Heritage really struggle with trying to identify cars manufactured after 1969. The Metro data - or lack of it - proves the point. It's nothing like as comprehensive as the Mini stuff.
Mini Cooper Supercharger Pulley HP Benefits
Created: December 09, 2003
Mini Cooper Supercharger Pulley HP Benefits
Crankshaft - Standard production crank identification
Created: October 27, 2003
Below is a list of crankshaft identification data by forging or stamped numbers - yes, contrary to what many say/express, all cranks are forged. None are cast. They wouldn't last 2 minutes in an engine if they were cast - they'd be way too brittle. The differences are in the material used,...
Engine - Identification Data UPDATED
Created: September 05, 2003
If you have the engine tag still attached to the engine - just in front/below the thermostat housing - or perhaps the original engine number in the log book then the following should help you determine which engine you have. For Metro units, see 'Engine - Metro identification data'.
Engines from Mini Mania
Created: August 01, 2003
Our new Engine Cost Estimator tool enables you to choose which parts you want to use to build your engine and then to get an estimated price based on those parts. Simply select the parts required, and then click on the 'Get an estimate on this build now!' button and the total estimated price will be calculated and emailed to you.
MinComp 1380
Created: August 01, 2003
Oil Gallery Plugs
Created: July 23, 2003
Created: September 19, 2001
Some folk have tried the suggestions regarding lowering induction charge temperatures - and have been astonished at the results. Others have got the wrong end of the stick, and found a myriad of problems. So here's a quick trip through what it's all about to add real on-track performance at a modest outlay.
ENGINE - 1098, Initial Tuning
Created: April 03, 2001
The 1098 (1100) engine has had a lot of bad press over the years - largely because of early experiences when trying to tune the motor brought about problems with the then standard components available - they simply were not up to taking any real punishment as experienced in racing.
Created: March 05, 2001
The 998cc engine is a very robust and tunable unit. It is also the most common engine found in standard Minis. Despite the lure of the much-advertised 1380cc alternatives, many simply want to get a little more from what they have at reasonable outlay.
Created: March 05, 2001
Following on from the easily bolted on performance enhancing components out-lined in the stage one section, we need to consider where to go to get more power output.
Created: January 24, 2001
Essential to the well being of every engine is its oil pump and oil. Much in the same way as the heart and blood is deemed relatively important to us humans! It’s also another of those greatly misunderstood and, unfortunately, misrepresented subjects connected to engines.
Created: January 19, 2001
This is another of those subjects that crops up on the message board frequently. I am constantly surprised by the number of engine builders - or people who charge other folk for building engines at any rate - that never hand out such an information sheet. It seems pretty daft to me that having taken a wad of money off of a customer for an engine you've lovingly put together, you'd want to help that person get the very best out of the engine.
Centre Main Cap Strap Fitting Instructions, CMS10
Created: December 05, 2000
This strap is used to give support and strengthen the centre main bearing cap on small-bore engines (850/998/1098cc). It helps counter the problems caused at higher rpm where crankshaft flex (‘whip’) causes the standard cap to move (‘shuffle’) leading to bearing failure and possible breakage of the main bearing caps. In particular, where higher rpm than standard will be the norm – i.e. in excess of 6,000rpm. Especially where this is for extended periods.
Austin Mini FLYWHEEL & CLUTCH- General information
Created: November 27, 2000
If there's one subject that gets washed over when transplants or modifications are discussed its the flywheel and clutch assembly. There also seems to be a widely held belief that up-rating an engine from anything other than standard automatically requires a ‘competition clutch’. This, as with many other subjects concerning the Mini, is a myth.
FLYWHEEL & PRESSURE PLATE- Technical advances
Created: November 27, 2000
Great leaps forward in technology since the Mini’s inception have been constantly applied to all forms of automotive applications. The Mini flywheel and pressure plate are no exceptions. If for no other reason than weight reduction - an admirable one considering the effects it can have (see 'Flywheel & Pressure Plate - Effects of lightening' for benefits of lightening).
FLYWHEEL & PRESSURE PLATE- Effects of lightening the assembly
Created: November 22, 2000
How does this affect performance? Not as many folk believe, that’s for sure. For a start, lightweight flywheel/clutch assemblies don’t necessarily give rough running at idle, particularly where a performance cam is used.
FLYWHEEL - Verto type, injection
Created: November 22, 2000
The advent of ECU-equipped fuel injection saw the need for a trigger system to provide the ECU with information on engine speed and piston position. In their infinite wisdom, Rover decided to fit a reluctor ring into the rear of the already humungous iron flywheel section. Identical in all aspects to the non-injection flywheel except for this reluctor ring and the raised ridge it is fitted into.
FLYWHEEL - Pre-Verto types
Created: November 21, 2000
With the exception of the fact the two-piece flywheel is two pieces bolted together - this and the later one-piece cast item can be treated as the same thing. They will universally fit all transverse engine cranks from 1964 onwards, so that should be easy enough. If all you can get is the hulking great 1300 type, then this too is as universal to fit, but I highly recommend you get that extra cast lump machined off of the outer edge as a bare minimum.
FLYWHEEL - Verto types (not injection)
Created: November 21, 2000
There is only one version of this flywheel as standard, and fits all A+, Verto or Valeo (same type, different manufacturer) installations. And it’s heavy. Very heavy. Those up-rating power outputs in later Minis bearing this set-up were stuck with it. It is possible to shave a few ounces off this chunk of iron, but is difficult - especially for the DIY-er - and not cost effective when paying to have it done.
Created: November 03, 2000
Engine mountings are a whizz to fit as the Mini ones fit straight onto any of the other units. Just remove the Metro/AA/1300GT ones and swop the mounts over from the Mini unit. If they’re split, fit new ones, they’re cheap. If using the AA/1300GT unit - it's advisable to cut off the 'wings' on the front plate that carried the engine mounts on the radiator end.
ENIGINE TRANSPLANTS - Changing FDs and speedo drive ratios
Created: November 02, 2000
If you’ve decided the FD fitted isn’t what you want, changing the FD is possible without separating the engine from the gearbox. Removing the diff case will allow you access to the diff assembly to change the crown-wheel, and access to the gear-change linkage.
ENGINE TRANSPLANTS - Clutch and flywheel assemblies
Created: November 02, 2000
To go in to all the possible permutations would take a few chapters on it’s own. Suffice to say that the Metro had a few weirdo fitments such as cable operation, an in-line ‘damper’ (some got fitted to Minis too - eek), and ‘top-hat’ plunger and rod bearing operation. The Mini only has two -
ENGINE TRANSPLANTS - Engine to gearbox fitment
Created: November 01, 2000
Assembling the engine to gearbox (transmission) is explained and simplified in this article. Contrary to popular mis-guidance, all BBUs will fit all four-syncro gearboxes. It was only the three-syncro boxes that varied in casting dimensions causing hassles where 1275s were applied to 850/998 gearbox casings. The longer throw and bigger crank and rod assembly dimensions fouled the sculpted areas in the gearbox case,
Classic Mini Cooper ENGINE TRANSPLANTS -
Created: October 31, 2000
Is this familiar? - You take the small one out; you put the big one in. In, out, in, out, shake your fist about, you do the hokey-cokey and you turn around, that’s what it’s all about...kinda sums up the situation many folk find themselves in when attempting to endow their beloved Mini with a more impressive turn of speed.
1275cc A Series Engine Color Schemes, Sprites & Midgets
Created: June 19, 2000
Only engines bearing a 12CC engine no. prefix were painted in British Motor Corporation Engine Green (the color somewhere between sage green and olive green applied to the power units in most BMC motor vehicles, including all the Sprite and Midget variants prior to 1967). This equates to roughly the first year of 1275 production.
Mini Engine Performance Enhancement
Created: June 19, 2000
Standard Minis have always been slower than their handling was capable of. Fortunately, many people have devoted their careers to making Minis go faster. As a result, you can fit your Mini with a double overhead cam 16 valve cylinder head, a turbocharger, and programmable electronic fuel injection.
Cooper Engine Tuning Data
Created: June 14, 2000
The tables below shows the factory tuning specifications for the various models of Mini Cooper. If your engine is modified, these settings may no longer be valid or provide safe operation of your engine. These specifications are those as given by British Leyland at approximately the end of Mini Cooper S production in 1971.
Cooper Engine Data
Created: June 08, 2000
A comprehensive and detailed table of Mini Cooper engine specifications.
Installing Mini Main Studs
Created: April 10, 2000
On 2" inch main 1275 engines the use of main studs gives a solid improvement over the stock bolts. Factory bolts, at the very best, only have 65% of the clamping force of an ARP stud, and consider that the combination of the firing load and inertia at RPM cause loading's that amount to thousands of pounds. On the 1275 Mini there is something to look out for that doesn't arise on an inline engine. Due to the proximity of the gear box webs at both ends, there is not enough clearance for the nut.
Created: April 07, 2000
When Omega quit making A-Series pistons, Mini Spares took it upon themselves to design and build a better Piston. Recruiting the AE Hepolite Group for their unquestionable and renowned design and manufacturing expertise, the goal was to produce the most robust piston possible given reasonable cost and weight limits. Applying current technological advances incorporating their very latest hi-spec AE109TF lightweight alloy and special double heat treatments, the result is an extremely durable piston that will withstand greater cylinder pressures at higher RPM than any other currently available.
Created: February 15, 2000
"Turbo" main bearings were designed by Leyland’s engineers to meet a perceived need. It was decided probably by both theoretical calculation and practical test that the turbo Metro engine with its increased bearing loads needed a better bearing, so what they did was remove the oil groove from the bottom bearing shell giving roughly 30% more bearing area.
Torsional vibration damper ring 12A367
Created: January 30, 2000
This is designed to fit either the original type Cooper ‘S’ crank ‘V’ pulley or tooth belt water pump drive pulley. Each pulley should be balanced with its respective crank assembly. It is strongly advised that each component should be balanced individually and check balanced as an assembly.
Toothed belt drive for charging system C-AEA536A
Created: January 30, 2000
The large alternator/dynamo pulley is driven from the water pump pulley by a separate belt, thus ensuring the vehicle is still driveable should the charging system belt fail as the water pump will still function. Do not over tighten belt. Correct tension is when you can easily twist the belt through 90°.
Steel four bolt main cap set C-AGA621
Created: January 30, 2000
These caps must be line bored and thrust washer faces trued up before use. They are not suitable for ‘S’ blocks. The centre main must be fitted with the ‘F’ stamped in one side facing the front (water pump) end of the block.
Oil Pressure Regulating Kit, HPS4
Created: January 30, 2000
This kit includes a new oil galery plug with an adjustable knob and a washer which is used as a spring seat in the plug against the relief spring. This makes a playform for the adjuster bolt to adjust the engine oil pressure.
Sureflow oil pump C-AEG413
Created: January 30, 2000
Being the heart of the engine, it is obviously essential that the pump is in prime condition when fitted. Due to robotised manufacture of the commercially produced pumps, tolerances have been opened up to facilitate rapid production and assembly.
Piston Fact File
Created: January 30, 2000
Over the years, there have probably been a dozen "stock" 1275 pistons. Currently, three different designs are available from AE/Hepolite as "stock" replacements. All have an 8.4cc dished top, but compression ratios are carried by changing pin height (Pin height is the distance from the top of the piston to the center of the wrist pin- see dimension "A" shown here).
Water pump toothed belt drive, C-AEA536
Created: January 30, 2000
This system has been designed and developed for use primarily for racing where a positive drive system is demanded to avoid fan belt loss problems caused by out of line pulleys and ill fitting belts.
Steel four bolt main cap, C-AGA619
Created: January 30, 2000
This cap has to be line bored and thrush washer faces machined before use. It is uni-directional and must be fitted with the ‘F’ stamped in one side facing towards the front
Belt drive for charging systems C-AEA536
Created: January 29, 2000
This kit is an ‘add on’ for the C-AEA534 toothed belt water pump drive for the charging system. The large alternator/dynamo pulley is driven from the water pump pulley by a separate belt, thus ensuring the vehicle is still driveable should the charging system belt fail as the water pump will still function.
Engine Run-in, MINI
Created: January 29, 2000
Installing a new rebuilt engine in your car will give it a major “shot in the arm” in any number of ways. In order to get the most of this change we suggest that you take the time while the engine bay is empty to
Oil Pump information & part#
Created: January 29, 2000
Being the heart of the engine, it is obviously essential that the pump is in prime condition when fitted. Due to robotised manufacture of the commercially produced pumps, tolerances have been opened up to facilitate rapid production and assembly.
Engine Stabliz
Lower Engine Stabilizer, MSSK1
Created: January 30, 2000
This kit is designed to greatly improve engine stability on all Minis, and derivatives utilizing the engine and front subframe assembly from the Mini. It is particularly useful on the later rod - change type gearbox
Mini engine stabilizer steady bar, MSSK1300
Created: January 30, 2000
This is an auxiliary steady bar kit and should not be used to replace any other standard fitment parts that have broken. 2.Remove the radiator support bracket from the radiator and the thermostat housing.
Classic Mini Exhausts - Millennium Range
Created: March 30, 2016
RC40 Millennium exhaust systems are the perfect solution for maximum performance and efficiency in a variety of tailpipe sizes and style options. A optimal solutions for Classic Mini Exhausts.
Created: February 02, 2011
The sheer volume and diversity of bolt on goodies available for our cherished Minis underlines the fact that a very large portion of them is modified in some way. Be it just dress up items to personalise it aesthetically, or tuning parts to improve performance.
Exhaust manifold types and applications
Created: August 10, 2010
All is not what it seems. The most popular isn’t necessarily the best. Size is everything, before buying examine the relevant table carefully, and remember my motto - ‘tuning is a balance between what’s possible and what’s necessary’. Shape’s also a consideration - poor fabrication reduces effectiveness.
Maniflow Exhaust Manifolds & Systems
Created: January 28, 2006
Manflow have a wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing exhaust systems and parts for a whole host of vehicles. We pride ourselves in the manufacture of race-specification exhaust systems for modern cars and historic vehicles.
EXHAUST - Manifolds, types available and application.
Created: September 28, 2000
The third stroke, that following the compression stroke, of our four stroke Mini engine is the only one producing power. The other three consume it. Here we’re looking at with exhaust manifolds, so what we need to consider is how to minimise power consumed on the exhaust stroke as the piston pushes the spent gases out.
RC40 exhaust fitting
Created: January 30, 2000
The RC40 system is ready made to fit the original Cooper and Cooper ‘S’ exhaust manifold. This also applies when fitting an RC40 to the maniflow freeflow manifold C-STR816.
Classic Mini Car Covers
Created: December 12, 2013
Protect your classic Mini from the elements. Mini Mania offers you the largest selection of classic Mini parts in the United States!
Classic Mini Roof Racks and Towing
Created: December 12, 2013
While the classic Mini is remarkable in it's interior space it is not our of the ordinary to need or want that just little bit more. When you want a roof rack or a trailer hitch Mini Mania will be there for you.
Exterior Trim
Lesson in Basic Grille - Mini Grilles Over Time - Information
Created: January 19, 2012
  The following is a quick summary of the basic Mini grilles used on the English made cars and is focused on those grilles still available in reproduction form.
Created: August 18, 2010
Late Classic Mini Cooper Production Information. 1985 to 2000 year models
Created: December 22, 2006
British Motor Heritage will increase prices effective 1st January 2007. This increase results from increased costs to the business from raw materials and energy costs. The price of steel increased by 13.2% in October and we cannot absorb the impact any longer. Energy costs have also increased dramatically over the last year.
Created: March 17, 2006
AP Hydraulics, the well-known manufacturer of car brake parts based in Leamington Spa, became the latest to apply to the PPF to be bailed out.
Created: June 07, 2005
An Italian-American company is claiming rights over MG Rover's flagship model in a blow to attempts by the failed British carmaker's administrators to sell off its remaining assets. Qvale Automotive - based in Italy but owned by Bruce Qvale, a San Francisco millionaire, and his family - has told the administrators it was not paid in full for the underlying design of the MG SV supercar and its Italian manufacturing base and wants it back.
Created: April 16, 2005
For many, the demise of MG Rover did not begin last week, nor even last year, but more than 30 years ago, even before what was then the component parts of the UK car industry were nationalised under the British Leyland banner. After more than a decade of declining sales through the 1960s, characterised by outmoded production processes and old-fashioned management practices, Leyland, the conglomerate of world famous car brands such as Austin, Morris, Triumph and Rover, was nationalised in 1975. It soon became
Created: April 08, 2005
Created: March 20, 2002
Mini dealers hope to make their new baby a household name in America. With a base price of $16,850, dealers will get a decent 10 percent profit margin. But they still plan to make most of their money from accessory sales and merchandise.
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Created: June 12, 2001
BMW has announced record sales ahead of the official launch of the new Mini, which is being manufactured in Cowley. The German car maker sold almost
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Created: February 26, 2001
Created: February 06, 2001
The MINI dealer network begins to take shape this week with the signing of MINI dealership contracts by BMW (GB) Ltd. All BMW dealers were offered the opportunity to sell MINI as a distinct brand, separate to BMW cars, and all dealers took up the challenge. 95 per cent received the thumbs-up this week to progress with their building works, and the recruitment of over 300 new staff in the MINI outlets.
Created: January 04, 2001
This is what happens when you let designers off the leash! BMW has encouraged stylists on the new MINI project to let their pens run wild – and the results are so exciting they'll be considered for production
No Go For A Rover Mini
Created: November 08, 2000
MG Rover has ruled out building a new small car for at least five years. The firm's chief stylist, Peter Stevens, exclusively revealed his idea of what a replacement for the Mini should look like on the website two weeks ago. The high-roofed, bulbous-looking city runner he penned was a world away from the version of the original cult car that BMW will sell in Britain from next summer.
Created: October 24, 2000
The non-executive directors' uprising at MG Rover will explode this week when three board members unveil a plan to break up the group and attempt to take the famous MG marque away from John Towers, the group's chairman.
Created: October 11, 2000
Mini enthusiasts have reacted with anger to news that 70 per cent of the new model will come from abroad. As production of the old Mini ends after 41 years, we can reveal that its replacement is to be a hotpotch of parts made in SIX different countries.
Created: October 06, 2000
The last ever original Minis came off the production line at the MG Rover plant in Longbridge, Birmingham on October 4, 2000. The Classic Mini, originally designed on a napkin by engineer Alec Issigonis, notched up worldwide sales of 5.39 million cars and became the car of the stars in the 1960's. Here is a collection of pictures of the event that marked this momentous occasion.
BMW Reveals Mini Family
Created: October 06, 2000
The newly born Mini is set to expand into a family of models, including a cabriolet, an estate and even a pick-up. BMW, which retained ownership of the brand in the wake of the Rover crisis, is giving visitors to the Paris Motor Show a preview of how the new models could look by showing a computer-generated film of each of them.
Created: October 05, 2000
The Mini, a boxy pup of a car that wowed the Beatles and came to symbolize the swinging '60s, entered automotive history when the last of its 41-year pedigree -- No. 5,387,862 -- rolled off the production line Wednesday. Conceived as a thrifty "people's car" during a 1950s fuel crisis, the 10-foot-long Mini earned the devotion of legions of British baby boomers eager to flaunt their individuality.
Created: October 04, 2000
After 41 years of continuous production and more than five million cars built, the classic Mini has come to the end of the road. Production of the compact car finished on Wednesday at the MG Rover Group factory in Longbridge, Birmingham. There have been nearly 140 different models of the car since it was first introduced in 1959, as an economy vehicle in the wake of the Suez oil crisis.
Created: October 04, 2000
Sixties icon Lulu today drove the 5,387,862nd and final classic Mini off the production line, bringing to an end a milestone in British motoring history. After 41 years of continuous production, manufacturing of the car that symbolised the Swinging Sixties ended at the MG Rover Group plant at Longbridge, Birmingham.
Created: October 04, 2000
The last of the classic Minis will roll off the Rover assembly line at Longbridge near Birmingham, England today (October 4) after 41 years in production. But it doesn't hold the record for the longest UK assembly run. That title is likely to be retained by Morgan,
Created: October 04, 2000
Today MG Rover Group will build the last Classic Mini at its Longbridge factory, in Birmingham. The event marks the transition from an era that produced this great British icon, into the new millennium with the first Longbridge-built Rover 75,as transfer of the assembly operation from Oxford is completed.
Created: October 04, 2000
It was a classless icon of the swinging sixties that became one of the world's favourite little cars. The last classic Mini rolled off the production line at MG Rover Group's Longbridge factory at Birmingham in central England on Wednesday after notching up worldwide sales of 5.39 million over the past 41 years.
Created: October 04, 2000
More than 40 years of classic motoring history have ended today with the last Rover-built Mini coming off the production line.Over five million cars have been sold since the first £496 cars was sold in 1959, and there have been more than 130 different models.
Created: September 19, 2000
It has perhaps taken a little longer for the new Mini to make its appearance than most people expected. However, when you are replacing a motoring legend then you are perhaps permitted to take it slowly. Quite how it will be perceived when it eventually arrives on our roads is another matter entirely.
New MGs Caught On Film
Created: September 15, 2000
Rover will roar back into showrooms next year with a range of sporty MG saloons – and Auto Express has an exclusive sneak preview of what they'll offer. Detail shots were revealed to a top-secret gathering of staff, dealers and suppliers at the Longbridge plant in Birmingham.
Created: September 14, 2000
The new BMW reincarnation of the British Mini motoring icon which will debut at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September may not be British for very long. Reports are circulating that the New Mini will have as much as 70% of its components sourced from outside the UK. Its engine is being sourced from a BMW and DaimlerChrysler joint venture in Brazil.
Created: September 11, 2000
Production of the Longbridge Mini will cease on October 4, after 41 years continuous build, it has been announced. The last classic Mini will be built at Longbridge on Wednesday, October 4, 2000 at approximately 10.30am, with a cumulative total of 5,387,862 built.
Created: September 11, 2000
THE ROVER Group has decided on a new name for itself. MG Rover Group Limited is the new name to be introduced progressively over the next month, says the Birmingham company. Commenting on the decision, Kevin Howe, chief executive, said: "Given that we are establishing a new company,
Created: September 08, 2000
German luxury automaker BMW said on Thursday it has begun installing assembly equipment at its Oxford, England, plant for the Mini, the little car it inherited from Britain's Rover. BMW will spend $330 million on machinery, equipment and plant work to prepare for the expected Mini production launch in early summer of 2001, the company said in a statement released in the United States.
Created: August 30, 2000
For the first time since the Frankfurt preview in 1997, BMW has shown new Mini to the UK press. This was on 29 August at Camden in London and the car on display was a black Cooper with white roof.
Created: August 25, 2000
MG returns to the Le Mans 24 hour race next year for the first time since 1965 when British racing supremo Paddy Hopkirk's MGB took second place in his class. The new management of Britain's Rover Group, paid by Germany's BMW in May to take Rover, MG and other historic but lossmaking British car brands off its hands, also trumpeted a recovery in sales,
Created: August 22, 2000
University Motors Ltd of Ada, Michigan, one of two Heritage Approved Workshops in the United States, has announced the dates for the Year 2000 Trade Conference. An invitation is extended to all those in the MG parts and service community to share business and technical information in a two day conference.
Created: August 21, 2000
Unlike some other manufacturers, who have protected their own brands with a polite but firm phone call to trademark transgressors, this punitive approach is threatening to put some companies out of business.
Created: August 18, 2000
Jon Moulton, managing partner of Alchemy Partners, who narrowly lost the opportunity to take over the UK's Rover Cars Group from BMW earlier this year, has warned that the company will be facing a new financial crisis by next March at the latest.
Created: August 15, 2000
BMW is set to signal a tough new battle for buyers - by pitching the price of the new Mini at around £10,000. The new car, which was originally going to be built at Longbridge, had been rumoured to cost around £14,000 when BMW puts it on sale in September next year.
Created: August 09, 2000
JUST a month to go before production of the Mini ceases and sales are still climbing. Year-to-date figures show a 25% increase on last year. John Sanders, group marketing director, said: "Mini has been at the centre of small car culture for forty years and the car is a recognised icon of design and engineering, loved by generations of fans the world over."
Created: August 09, 2000
FROM next year all Rover dealers will be adding the MG franchise to their operations. The MG franchise network of around 120 dealerships will grow to around 300 as a consequence. James Daulton, Rover and MG franchise manager said:
Created: August 09, 2000
The car the world has been waiting for is less than eight weeks away – and the great news is it will only cost £10,000. BMW has said the wraps will come off the new Mini at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September. But more excitingly, a source at the German firm has told Auto Express prices will kick off at £10,000 – around the same as the outgoing classic Rover-owned car.
Created: August 03, 2000
Ford's eagerly anticipated involvement in the future of Mini Classic appears to have been curtailed. Last month it was confirmed by Ford Premier Automotive Group, BMW and British Motor Heritage that Ford would be taking over future production of the Classic shell at BMH Witney. Now it seems Ford's interest is more limited than that.
Created: July 27, 2000
With all of the back and forth over the new BMW sale of Rover Group not much has been said till now about the future of the Heritage Motor Centre and its world famous collection of vehicles and archives. According to "Classic & Sports Car" magazine, in its May issue, Ford will be the new nominal custodian of the British Motor Industry Heritage Centre.
Created: July 27, 2000
One of Britain's most legendary motoring marques could be brought out of mothballs in a bid to revitalise Rover. Austin, fondly remembered by few for Seventies models such as the Maestro, Allegro and Princess, is being tipped by industry insiders as the name the company will choose for a new supermini.
Created: July 27, 2000
Pre War (II) vintage race cars never go out of style! Some of the most avid vintage racers drive Bugattis, Maseratis, Alfas, Talbots, MGs, Lagondas, Bentleys, Fords, Millers, and other "vertical", very historic sports and race cars. Several vintage racing events have become traditional, large gatherings. The VARA British Extravaganza
Created: July 26, 2000
Traditional Mini repair and accessory shops in Britain are under siege from German giant BMW. The maker, which retained the rights to the marque's name after selling Rover to Phoenix, is threatening firms using the word Mini in their company title with legal action.
Created: July 26, 2000
The VSCDA Brian Redman International Challenge, July 21-23, at Road America attracted another large, stellar field of almost 450 vintage and historic racers. Featured was a Can-Am Thunder race topped by, whatelse,
Created: July 25, 2000
The Midget and Sprite Club Archivist, Terry Horler, is compiling a comprehensive International Midget & Sprite Register - do your bit now! All information will be added to the register, it will not go to any third party outside the Midget & Sprite Club.
Created: July 24, 2000
"By using the word Mini to market and sell your products and business, members of the public will be confused into believing that your good services are in some way connected or authorised by BMW when this is not the case. This constitutes passing off and is actionable."
Created: July 24, 2000
There could also be a rival to BMW's Mini. Peter Stevens, designer of the F1 McLaren supercar, has been recruited to design the sports car and to oversee the design of all Rover's future models. The new models will be dependent on an alliance with a large manufacturer, whose resources will be needed to build a new platform.
Created: July 19, 2000
There is growing speculation that Rover might want to build a small car aimed at the same sector as the new Mini. Rover is also wary of giving too much credence to suggestions that the Austin and Morris names could return. The indications are that in particular it would like to bring back the Austin Healey marque.
Created: July 17, 2000
THE new owner of Rover is drawing up ambitious plans to introduce three new models, including a rival to BMW's new Mini, to the ailing car marque within four years. BMW retained the right to produce the new Mini when it sold Rover to the Phoenix consortium in May.
Created: July 14, 2000
BMW has confirmed that the long-awaited new Mini range will include a high performance Cooper version. John Cooper, whose name has graced a succession of hot Minis over the years, believes that the Cooper name is central to the Mini brand.
Created: July 10, 2000
He will, however, be based at the firm's Longbridge plant near Birmingham. First prject may be to develop the group's own supercar the MG-Lola. He is one of the automotive world’s leading designers throughout the industry and I am sure his experience in working with some of the most prestigious motoring brands will provide the basis for a great future range of Rover and MG cars.
Created: July 06, 2000
Ford has bought the Gaydon Museum (BMIHT and BMIHC) and Research Centre Complex. BMW will keep British Motor Heritage including the Witney site. This means that, for now, once the Longbridge assembly line closes down, BMW will be in charge of producing original Mini bodyshells.
Created: July 03, 2000
When the 75 is installed at Longbridge, the 25, 45 and MG will come off the same production line. Rover denies it is planning to halt production of the 45, but under the new system it could reduce the numbers produced while maintaining overall output on the line.
Created: July 03, 2000
ROVER has confirmed that the green light has not been given to a supercharged MG. It has, however, confirmed it is on the cards. The race-derived 150-mph car is one of a number or products being considered by Kevin Howe to enhance the brand.
Created: June 28, 2000
VARAC's Annual Vintage Festival at Mosport Raceway in Canada June 30-July 2 always attracts the largest vintage auto racing field of any Canadian vintage race. This is the 21st annual Festival, the public is invited.
Created: June 28, 2000
He is a highly respected engineer throughout the industry and I am sure his experience in working with some of the most prestigious motoring brands will provide the basis for a great future range of Rover and MG cars."
Insider's Guide To Mini
Created: June 26, 2000
Among the key options which will whet the appetite of new Mini fans is a full-length glass roof, the front portion of which lifts and slides back over the rear section. Also on the cards is Steptronic transmission, Rover's CVT-based automatic gearbox which also delivers manual shifting – in the Mini's case via the gearlever.
Created: June 22, 2000
BMOC annual club show held at Aston Hall & Park in Birmingham, Show features Full Concours, Club Stands, Auto Jumble, Kids Games etc. All for just £1.00 entry Mini car Drivers And Passengers. Gates Open 10:00 am
Created: June 14, 2000
Phoenix bosses are committed to expanding on the success and values of the MG brand. It will be positioned as a builder of sports cars first and foremost, but the name will be used for hot Rovers. Meanwhile, Rover has announced price cuts of around 10 per cent on all cars, including the MG and Mini.
Created: June 12, 2000
The artist has offered a Mini emblazoned with his trademark multi-coloured spots to the London-based gallery for its 30th anniversary celebrations later this month. Visitors to the auction, which aims to raise money for the United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group,
Created: June 07, 2000
JOHN TOWERS has cut the price of Rover cars by 10 per cent in an effort to re-position the brand less than a month after his Phoenix consortium bought the car company from BMW for a nominal £10. The price cuts, which extend to Mini and MG cars, will initially be for June only, although the campaign is likely to last indefinitely.
Created: June 01, 2000
Range Rover changed the face of off-road motoring, bringing unheard of luxury to the four-wheel drive market. It spawned a whole industry in luxury off-road products, of which today's Range Rover is still the King. This celebration is happening exactly 30 years to the date of the original launch and will be a fine tribute to this classic vehicle.
Created: May 31, 2000
The DeLorean Motor Co., which collapsed more than 17 years ago amid charges of money laundering, is about to end its bankruptcy proceedings, and creditors may get 100 percent of what they are owed, the company's trustee said Tuesday.
Created: May 29, 2000
With the image of the Rover brand somewhat tarnished, the Phoenix Consortium is moving quickly after buying the group from BMW to develop a new model range that will carry the MG brand.
Created: May 26, 2000
Rover Cars, the U.K. automaker acquired by the Phoenix Consortium from BMW, wants to introduce a new line of MG-brand cars within two years, Co-Chief Executive Nick Stephenson said.
Created: May 25, 2000
The British Motor Industry Heritage Centre at Gaydon has been bought by a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. This includes current the Mini production line, although the life of the classic car is unlikely to be extended, and will end as planned in September 2000.
Created: May 25, 2000
Four eastern European countries are competing to attract a new BMW AG plant in which it will build a new small car [new Mini] in the wake of the sale of its Rover unit, BMW said on Thursday.
Created: May 25, 2000
Having now got rid of its loss-making Land Rover and Rover Cars subsidiaries in the UK, BMW's share price has strengthened in Germany and analysts regard the company as less vulnerable to a take-over bid. Milberg predicted that BMW would "grow profitably with the launch of a small BMW, the X family and with products under the Mini brand".
Created: May 24, 2000
The new owners of British carmaker Rover named a former Rover manager, Kevin Howe, as the loss-making outfit's new chief executive on Wednesday. The Phoenix consortium, which bought Rover's main Longbridge plant from Germany's BMW this month for a token 10 pounds ($14.75), said Howe would take up the post on June 1.
Created: May 24, 2000
German car maker BMW AG completed the pull-out from its loss-making British Rover subsidiary on Wednesday, selling Land Rover to Ford Motor Co and sweetening the deal by agreeing to take on the unit's debt.
Created: May 23, 2000
Plans envisaged a coupe version of the top of the range Rover 75 saloon, as well as a new engine purchase deal with former parent BMW AG and new production targets. Plans also included a new small car.
Created: May 22, 2000
Powertrain is a natural purchase for Phoenix, which needs the engines and transmissions for the cars it will make at Longbridge. Towers is also believed to have asked Bowes to mastermind a new sporting range of special-edition cars combining the Lola brand with Rover's MG marque. The Lola brand would be applied to limitededition MG sports cars and an MG-branded Le Mans car.
Created: May 22, 2000
The world's No. 2 automaker in March signed a memorandum of understanding to buy the Birmingham, England-based Land Rover, part of the struggling Rover group, from Germany's BMW for 3 billion euros.
Created: May 18, 2000
ROVER has pulled-out of the British International Motor Show in Birmingham, Autowired learned this morning. The cost-cutting move will save the company, now led by John Towers, millions of pounds of expenditure as the company battles to reverse losses.
Created: May 18, 2000
ROVER has re-introduced Friday working at Longbridge, which was stopped earlier this year by former owners BMW. The decision is a further boost to employees and will add more confidence to the dealer network.
Created: May 17, 2000
Rover's new boss is planning to cut prices in a bid to boost sales. The news came on the day that a report revealed one in five internet users is trying to buy a car on-line in protest at Britain's rip-off prices. According to newspaper reports, Phoenix boss John Towers wants to slash prices permanently for Rovers by up to 12 per cent.
Created: May 16, 2000
Fair enough, but MG was, and remains, a very marketable brand, especially in the US; in 1980, it desperately needed investment and dynamic management... as it does now. The closure of the Abingdon MG factory was chiefly a sacrificial warning
Created: May 16, 2000
He expects the newly planned sporty Mini car would become a collectors item and that the top end of the product line would be rounded off with a new model from BMW's Rolls Royce subsidiary.
Created: May 15, 2000
Nor did Towers gain rights to the brands he wanted. Triumph, a favourite of many in the Phoenix consortium, and Riley remain in Munich's hands. Phoenix has, however, acquired marques such as Austin-Healey, Wolseley and MG and will use them if it decides that Rover is a brand beyond repair.
Created: May 15, 2000
Officials of the consortium and Honda had met last week to discuss the deal, under which it said Honda would provide technological and design expertise in return for equity. "Despite Honda's denials, we have been in secret talks with them," it quoted the source as saying.
Created: May 15, 2000
Announcements are expected over the next few weeks about how BMW will restructure after getting rid of Rover - particularly how it plans to build up its volumes and expand its model range. Training builds have started at the Cowley plant in the UK of the new-generation Mini, which BMW is retaining with production targeted at as many as 125,000 units annually.
Created: May 12, 2000
Phoenix intends to have new sports cars and sports saloons on the road within a year. Towers believes it is possible to develop smaller volume cars using existing platforms for a fraction of what larger companies spend on development.
Created: May 12, 2000
German luxury car maker BMW AG said on Thursday it expected to seal an agreement to sell its Land Rover operations to Ford soon, possibly in the coming days.
Created: May 11, 2000
Phoenix will also make the Rover 25, 45, and MGF sports car. It will also make the Mini, but only until BMW starts building a new model at Cowley next year. Legendary Mini looks like surviving under the new management. Production will switch to Longbridge.
Created: May 11, 2000
Germany's Volkswagen is also known to be interested in what is going on at Rover and is believed to have evaluated the possibility of having some small car assembly carried out under contract at Longbridge.
Created: May 11, 2000
Phoenix is also eyeing other carmakers to help finance the cost of developing a new set of small and medium sized cars when the Rover 25 and 45 need to be replaced around 2003. The Rover 75, which it will also produce along with the Mini, is a new car which is expected to live another seven or eight years.
Created: May 10, 2000
Longbridge will now make the Rover 25, 45, 75, a new estate version of the 75 and the MGF. The company plans to build 200,000 cars a year, compared with Rover's output last year of 226,000. Production of the 75 is being transferred from BMW's Cowley plant in Oxford, which will still build the new Mini.
Created: May 10, 2000
It was evident from yesterday's press conference that changes of a serious nature will be made at Longbridge. Towers promised to strip out a lot of the 'overhead' and change the style and culture of the business.
Created: May 10, 2000
Britain's Phoenix consortium, which has agreed to take over loss-making carmaker Rover, said on Tuesday it would maintain production at Rover's main assembly line at around 200,000 cars a year.
Created: May 10, 2000
Britain's Phoenix consortium began the daunting task of restoring Rover to profitability on Wednesday, a day after securing the carmaker's immediate future by buying it from BMW for a symbolic 10 pounds.
Created: May 09, 2000
German luxury carmaker BMW AG handed over its Rover unit to Britain's Phoenix consortium on Tuesday, securing its exit from the loss-making business and saving the UK's biggest car plant from closure.
Created: May 09, 2000
The leader of a consortium that has agreed to acquire UK carmaker Rover said on Tuesday that just under 1,000 jobs would be lost from the firm's main plant. He also said he would be looking to link up with a major carmaker and named Japan's Honda <7267.T> as a possible partner.
Created: May 09, 2000
BMW has signed a contract for the sale of Rover to the Phoenix consortium for a 'symbolic' £10. The move means that Phoenix will take responsibility for the development, production and distribution of Rover cars.
Created: May 08, 2000
German car maker BMW AG will keep Rover as a brand, offering it under licence to any bidder that acquires its loss-making subsidiary Rover Cars and the Longbridge plant,
Created: May 08, 2000
Burdale Financial Ltd, a unit of U.S. bank First Union Corp , said on Monday it had offered 200 million pounds ($306 million) to Phoenix's bid for Rover, boosting the British consortium's chances of taking over BMW's ailing subsidiary.
Created: May 08, 2000
A British consortium seeking to take over BMW's struggling Rover car business has yet to provide assurances that it can provide sufficient financial backing, BMW said Friday. Talks are continuing.
Created: May 08, 2000
BMW is in exclusive negotiations with Phoenix over the sale of Rover, but has warned that it will shut down operations unless a buyer is found by the end of the month.
Created: May 05, 2000
Britain's Phoenix consortium has not made a formal request for state aid to back its bid for BMW's loss-making unit Rover, a government spokesman said on Friday.
Created: May 05, 2000
STEPHEN BYERS, the Trade and Industry Secretary, will today hold talks with John Towers, the former Rover chief executive who is leading the Phoenix bid for Rover.
Created: May 04, 2000
JOHN TOWERS, the former Rover chief executive leading the Phoenix bid for the car company, went to the Longbridge plant yesterday for the first time since he quit the company four years ago.
Created: May 04, 2000
Negotiations by the Phoenix consortium to take over Rover Cars from BMW are continuing in Munich today, but there are still no firm indications of how the British consortium intends to raise the necessary funds to make Rover viable.
Created: May 04, 2000
Britain's Phoenix consortium began poring over Rover Cars' financial details on Wednesday, amid the strongest signs yet that BMW AG would be willing to part with its loss-making unit to the group rather than shut it down.
Created: May 03, 2000
The Mini Clan will be organising a London to Brighton Run equivalent here in Scotland. Through the centre of Edinburgh, under the gaze of Edinburgh Castle, before crossing the river Forth, with it's magnificent bridges, en-route to the beautiful Kingdom of Fife where country highways and byways will speed you to St. Andrews, the Home of Golf, where a beachside show'n'shine and 'Mini' Highland Games will supplement all that St. Andrews has to offer.
Created: May 03, 2000
JOHN Towers said his Phoenix consortium had held "detailed and positive" talks at the London offices of BMW's solicitors, yesterday aimed at securing the future of Rover and that things were 'moving in the right direction'. Mr Towers said relatively few items had been identified for the two teams to work on in the next few days.
Created: May 03, 2000
The consortium's leader, former Rover chief executive John Towers, said after negotiations in London that the two sides had identified a few core issues to thrash out this week.
Created: May 03, 2000
A bid by Britain's Phoenix group to buy carmaker Rover from BMW is being thwarted by British banks' refusal to grant a 200 million pound ($312 million) overdraft, the Guardian newspaper said on Wednesday.
Created: May 03, 2000
Britain's Phoenix consortium was refining its plans for UK carmaker Rover on Wednesday, one day after holding its first talks with Germany's BMW AG , a Phoenix spokesman said.
Created: May 02, 2000
THE Phoenix consortium said it had received a detailed sale and purchase agreement for the loss-making Rover car factory from Germany's BMW AG and was carefully looking it over.
Created: May 02, 2000
THIS morning's Daily Telegraph is reporting that five un-named City institutions are to provide £200m backing for the Phoenix bid for Rover led by John Towers. And Tony Blair, last night, pledged to work 'night and day' to help save Rover jobs but indicated he was not prepared to bail-out the company with finance.
Created: May 02, 2000
British investment firm Alchemy Partners could reopen talks with German carmaker BMW AG over the future of Rover cars under certain conditions, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.
Created: May 02, 2000
Britain's Phoenix consortium voiced confidence on Tuesday that it could avert the closure of loss-making carmaker Rover and make Germany's BMW an offer it could not refuse.
Created: May 01, 2000
Phoenix, which was contacted no less than four times by BMW on Friday, has been guaranteed £500m from an American bank and is understood to have signed up Honda and Volkswagen to provide platforms for its planned operation at Longbridge. Ford is also understood to have shown interest.
Created: May 01, 2000
Britain's government faced pressure from unions on Monday to fund a consortium's bid to buy car maker Rover from Germany's BMW AG ahead of talks this week to avert closure of Rover's loss-making plant.
Created: May 01, 2000
The Phoenix Consortium, a U.K. group interested in buying Rover Cars from Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, said the German automaker has provided it for the first time with Rover's financial accounts.
Created: May 01, 2000
BMW said Saturday it was considering a deal to sell its troubled Rover Car operation to a British consortium headed by former Rover chief John Towers, after talks with another prospective buyer collapsed.
Created: April 28, 2000
German car maker BMW AG said on Friday that the UK Phoenix consortium had become the sole bidder for its loss-making British Rover subsidiary after a rival front runner pulled out of eleventh-hour takeover talks.
Created: April 28, 2000
German car maker BMW AG said on Friday that it would step up talks about the sale of its loss-making UK Rover subsidiary with the Phoenix consortium after a rival bidder pulled out of talks.
Created: April 28, 2000
British investment firm Alchemy Partners pulled out of talks to buy loss-making UK carmaker Rover from Germany's BMW on Friday, just a day after a deal appeared imminent. "Alchemy Partners and BMW have ceased negotiations as they were unable to agree upon certain contractual matters, some of which arose yesterday," an Alchemy spokesman said.
Created: April 25, 2000
According to a BMW executive, Ford would buy BMW and Rolls-Royce, then sell Rolls to VW, which already owns Bentley. But Ford and VW both want the Mini. John Towers is said to want to purchase another British brand such as Triumph or Austin Healey from BMW.
Created: April 25, 2000
Leaders of Britain's automotive unions will be meeting in Munich with BMW's management this week to try to persuade the company to allow more time for the Phoenix Project consortium to raise the funds to bid for Rover Cars.
Created: April 25, 2000
German car maker BMW AG said on Tuesday it could wrap up the sale of its loss-making British Rover subsidiary to venture capital group Alchemy this week, leaving a rival bid from the Phoenix consortium out in the cold.
Created: April 25, 2000
German car maker BMW AG said on Tuesday it wanted clarification from UK consortium Phoenix about financial support for its bid to win a race against venture capital group Alchemy to acquire its Rover subsidiary.
Created: April 24, 2000
STEPHEN BYERS, the Trade and Industry Secretary, will tomorrow urge BMW to halt the sale of Rover to the venture capital group Alchemy Partners in order to give a rival bid more time to get its financing complete.
Created: April 24, 2000
A bid by the former boss of troubled British carmaker Rover to snatch the company from the jaws of venture capital firm Alchemy Partners looks set to fail, British Sunday newspapers said.
Created: April 24, 2000
BMW AG said on Monday that Alchemy Partners was its first choice of partner to buy its loss-making Rover car unit, and that it expected to conclude negotiations soon with the private equity firm.
Created: April 23, 2000
ALCHEMY, the venture-capital group, looks set to secure Rover this week after its rival, the Phoenix consortium, failed to strike a deal to take over the ailing car maker in a secret meeting with BMW last week.
Created: April 21, 2000
BMW executives yesterday met members of the Towers consortium to clarify details of its rival bid for Rover. The move came as unions prepare for a last-ditch visit to Munich next week to press BMW to drop the bid by the venture capital group, Alchemy Partners, in favour of John Towers, who plans high volume car production.
Created: April 20, 2000
Sales of new Rover cars have shot through the roof since news broke of the BMW sale. Dealers across Britain have revealed showroom traffic is at its busiest for months, and some are even reporting record sales.
Created: April 20, 2000
The sale of British carmaker Rover by Germany's BMW AG will lead to the loss of up to 19,000 jobs, causing a "major shock" in England's West Midlands region, newspapers on Thursday quoted a government study as saying.
Created: April 20, 2000
German luxury car maker BMW AG said on Thursday it will retain 2,000 of the 8,500 workers it employs at its UK Rover subsidiary's Longbridge plant after selling off the loss-making division.
Created: April 19, 2000
PRESSURE was mounting on BMW last night to open full talks with the rival bidder for Rover as it emerged that the Towers plan could ensure production of up to 250,000 cars a year - compared with the 226,000 it made last year.
Created: April 19, 2000
FOLLOWING Jon Moulton's demand for equal treatment from the government for his bid for Rover as that offered to John Tower's bid, the DTI confirmed yesterday that Alchemy would receive a grant.
Created: April 18, 2000
ALCHEMY PARTNERS, the venture capital firm, is set to forge an alliance with Group Lotus, the sports car manufacturer, to bolster its bid to buy Rover from BMW. Lotus Engineering, a division of Lotus Cars, is considering a proposal to develop the new MG sports cars Alchemy intends to produce if it succeeds in buying Rover.
Created: April 18, 2000
The main thrust of the Alchemy Partners' business plan for Rover, released last evening, further highlights its persistence with sports cars. It is hoping to team-up with Lotus and drive hard for the US market which it says offers significant sales possibilities.
Created: April 17, 2000
JOHN TOWERS, the former Rover boss, who tabled his bid for the ailing British car group to BMW on Friday, claims his consortium would retain two-thirds of the Rover workforce at Longbridge.
Created: April 17, 2000
This could be a decisive week for the UK's Rover Group, with more details emerging of how BMW is reacting to a strong counter-bid for the company, and Alchemy Partners revealing its detailed plans for new models and distribution.
Created: April 17, 2000
Rejuvenated motoring marque Jensen could stand to benefit from the demise of Rover after owners of the British sports car stated an interest in using some of the now spare capacity at Longbridge.
Created: April 17, 2000
Alchemy Partners will ask the UK government on Monday for money to back its bid to buy Rover from BMW , the Daily Telegraph reported on Monday.
Created: April 14, 2000
German carmaker BMW AG received a rival bid for loss-making British subsidiary Rover on Friday, days before a London investment firm was due to drive away with the business.
Created: April 14, 2000
The latest is that Rolls-Royces could be made in Longbridge after the Rover factory has been turned into an operation dedicated to the production of Double-Rs.
Created: April 13, 2000
More than 5,000 Rover workers will be axed in one fell swoop when the car firm's expected new owners Alchemy Partners take over, Britain's top-selling Sun tabloid reported on Thursday. Alchemy's managing director John Moulton disclosed plans for a single huge redundancy scheme at Rover's Longbridge plant, the paper said. Longbridge employs just under 9,000 people. "We do not think it is fair to the workers to have lots of smaller redundancies because that only adds to the uncertainty," the Sun quoted Moulton as saying in an interview.
Created: April 13, 2000
An influential cross-party committee of British politicians slammed German car giant BMW on Thursday over its shock decision to drop Rover and called on it to consider rival bidders for its UK subsidiary. Parliament's Trade and Industry Committee gave Trade Secretary Stephen Byers a qualified clean bill of health, saying he could not have reasonably known that the car firm was on the point of pulling out of Rover much before it did.
Created: April 12, 2000
JOHN TOWERS, the former Rover chief executive who is plotting to buy the carmaker, wants to take the Cowley plant as well as the Longbridge operation, it has emerged. Mr Towers has told BMW that he wants to keep together the group in full, minus the Land Rover operation, which is going to Ford. Sources close to the bid, which is expected to be launched in the next few days, suggest that he is looking to offer about £800 million, though he still needs to seal some final financial backing.
Created: April 12, 2000
Former Rover Chief Executive John Towers, who is expected to make an offer for the British-based carmaker this week, wants BMW's Cowley plant as well as its Longbridge operation, the Times reported on Wednesday. It said Towers had told BMW that he wanted to keep the group in full apart from the Land Rover operation which was being sold to Ford .
Created: April 12, 2000
German car giant BMW has been accused of pressing ahead with the planned sale of Rover with "unseemly haste" after letters were sent to workers about the break-up of the group. Workers were told they would have to be allocated to one of the new business units within Rover by the next few days as part of the planned sale of most of Rover to venture capitalists Alchemy Partners.
Created: April 11, 2000
Former Rover Chief Executive John Towers is likely to present a formal counter-offer for BMW's struggling UK subsidiary by the end of the week, a senior union official said on Tuesday. Towers has been in talks with the German luxury carmaker over the last week in an attempt to thwart the controversial sale of Rover to British venture capital firm Alchemy.
Created: April 10, 2000
A REPORT in yesterday's Sunday Times that the Quandt family plans to sell its 48% stake in BMW has been dismissed as "absolute rubbish". Industry sources said it could not be ruled out that the rumour had been spread by Ford in the US, cited by the Sunday Times as being in talks with the Quandts along with Europe's biggest car maker Volkswagen.
Created: April 10, 2000
Mr Towers wants to build the new Mini at Longbridge and have the rights to produce the R30, which BMW designed as the new Rover mid-market car. BMW was led at yesterday's meeting by Werner Samann, the head of the company in the UK. BMW wants to keep the new Mini in its retained operations at Cowley.
Created: April 10, 2000
An eleventh-hour bid to save Rover's Longbridge as a mass production car plant may hinge on a new bidding consortium securing the right to build the new Mini and the R30, the Times newspaper reported on Monday. The bid being prepared by Rover's former chief executive John Towers included making the Mini and winning the intellectual property rights to the R30's design, it said.
Created: April 09, 2000
THE Quandt family is preparing to sell BMW and will seek a price of at least £20 billion for the company, say motor-industry insiders. They believe Ford and Volkswagen are likely to compete to buy the Munich-based business. However, one BMW executive has told The Sunday Times that he believes Ford is negotiating with VW to divide up the BMW group marques - with Ford buying BMW and VW taking Rolls-Royce. Both companies are believed to want Mini. The BMW executive said Ford could make the Mini at Dagenham, thereby saving the apparently doomed body and assembly plant at the east London site.
Created: April 09, 2000
VOLKSWAGEN, maker of the Beetle, is bidding to take over manufacture of the British Mini in a huge motor industry shake-up. The German car company has emerged as a favourite to take over BMW, which has been hit hard by its losses at Rover. If it does so, it would acquire both the Mini and the Rolls-Royce.
Created: April 07, 2000
BMW last night said it would consider the bid for Rover being put together by a former chief executive. John Towers met Werner Samann, the head of BMW in the UK, yesterday. Details of his bid, which is believed to have sound financial backing, will be made public next week. Mr Towers has already discussed his plans with Stephen Byers, the Trade and Industry Secretary. The Department of Trade and Industry said it will consider "appropriate assistance" when a bid is tabled.
Created: April 07, 2000
MINI has announced a new 3-model line-up for the UK market, known as the Mini Classic range. It comprises Mini Seven, Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper Sport. These derivatives will be the final versions of a car which laid down the rules of small-car motoring 41 years ago. Mini Seven reflects the car’s heritage, being influenced by the original 1959 model while the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper Sport further demonstrate Mini’s sportiness, agility and exciting driving abilities, says the company. In european and world markets, a further ‘luxury’ variant is offered called Mini Knightsbridge.
Created: April 06, 2000
German car maker BMW AG has been approached by another potential bidder for Rover, the troubled British car unit which it is selling to venture capital firm Alchemy Partners, industry sources said on Thursday.
Created: April 06, 2000
German car maker BMW AG said on Thursday it would still consider a ``serious'' rival offer for its UK Rover unit after a report that the British government was backing a challenge to a bid by venture capital group Alchemy.
Created: April 06, 2000
A new consortium planning to bid for BMW AG's troubled Rover unit has won backing from the British government and is expected to present a formal proposal to the German owners shortly, the Guardian reported on Thursday.
Created: April 05, 2000
German luxury carmaker BMW AG has seen its carefully constructed long-term strategy crash in flames, it has stumbled into a public relations disaster in its biggest export market in Europe, and investors are beside themselves with admiration. BMW has quickly shaken off huge negatives and transformed its outlook after breaking with Rover.
Created: April 05, 2000
The UK's car buyers are to blame for the Rover crisis, the chairman of BMW has claimed. Professor Joachim Milberg risked further outrage by accusing Brits of abandoning the firm. "Ultimately it's UK customers who, by purchasing Rovers, can secure jobs.
Created: April 04, 2000
Around 100,000 people in a column four miles long filed through Birmingham on Saturday to protest against BMW's sale of Rover. Police were forced to close the city centre - and were ordered to leave their BMW motorbikes at home and follow the march on foot.
Created: April 04, 2000
German car giant BMW wants to break up the Rover plant within weeks, union leaders have claimed. And Tories blamed the crisis on Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers. The Transport and General Workers Union reckon the splitting up of Rover could begin next month.
Created: April 04, 2000
A trade union chief has called on James Bond to abandon his German sports car and drive British. The decision by German carmaker BMW to sell off its British Rover business has sparked anger in Britain and prompted calls for a boycott of BMW cars. ``OO7 is an international symbol of British patriotism and it is inconceivable that he can carry on driving round in one of those cars,'' said Sir Ken Jackson of the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union.
Created: April 04, 2000
Britain's Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers said on Tuesday that notes on his talks with BMW AG executives should bolster his case that he did not know in advance about the company's shock selloff of Rover.
Created: April 03, 2000
BELEAGUERED Rover dealers were today welcoming the press and TV campaign which broke this weekend whilst privately admitting doubts as to whether it was sufficient to bring back buyers. The campaign urges motorists to 'Buy with Confidence' and supports the message with cashback offers, 0% finance deals or Select finance packages with guaranteed residual valuations.
Created: April 03, 2000
BMW has admitted that it tried to off-load Rover to Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen before making a deal with Alchemy Partners. None of the four motoring giants was interested in solely buying Rover, saying they would only be tempted if a possibility to acquire a stake in BMW was included in the deal. The revelation came after Werner Samann, chairman of Rover, was giving evidence at a House of Commons select committee.
Created: April 03, 2000
Over 50,000 people marched through Birmingham on Saturday to protest about BMW's sale of beleaguered car maker Rover to investors Alchemy.
Created: April 02, 2000
THE political future of Stephen Byers was thrown into further doubt last night after the chairman of BMW claimed he had warned the trade secretary last year that he might have to sell Rover. In his first interview since the crisis blew up, Joachim Milberg said he told Byers in December that Rover was in "serious trouble" and that a sell-off might have to be considered. He said Byers seemed to take the news calmly and was "unmoved".
Created: March 30, 2000
TONY BLAIR hinted that Stephen Byers's long-term future as Trade Secretary has been damaged by his handling of the Rover crisis. In fierce Commons exchanges yesterday, the Prime Minister said it was not true that Mr Byers had been told of BMW's threat to abandon Rover three months before it happened. But he declined an invitation from William Hague, the Conservative leader, to express his full confidence in Mr Byers, once one of Labour's rising stars.
Created: March 30, 2000
The Cowley factory near Oxford, which makes the Rover 75 and is where BMW plans to start producing its "new Mini" next year, employs 3,500 people. Disposing of Cowley would have cut BMW's 27,000-strong workforce by a further 13pc, on top of the two thirds whose future passes to Ford and Alchemy as part of Rover's break-up.
Created: March 30, 2000
Troubled Rover is launching an ad campaign in a bid to boost flagging sales. The campaign, launched this weekend, aims to assure customers and enhance sales after several months of falling business.
Created: March 30, 2000
Mr Byers authorised officials from his Department of Trade and Industry to go public on the talks six days before the sale of Rover was announced, in an attempt to show that he could not have forseen the decision. He had promised to lay the details before the Trade and Industry Select Committee next week, and his decision to go public earlier was seized on by the Tories as evidence of his nervousness. He won room for manoeuvre when BMW admitted that it had not warned Mr Byers that Rover's future was in jeopardy, despite the firm's earlier insistence that it had.
Created: March 30, 2000
Not so at Rover where, sometime this week, the embattled car company's would-be saviour, Alchemy's Jon Moulton, will meet its agency of just a few months, M&C Saatchi. While it is a statement of the obvious to say that Alchemy has a number of huge and pressing problems to grapple with, advertising and marketing will certainly be high up on the list too.
Created: March 30, 2000
BMW considered selling its loss-making Rover arm for a year before finally deciding to rid itself of the "English patient". The decison was prompted by dwindling February sales and a European Commission inquiry, it emerged at the German car makers' annual results meeting yesterday.
Created: March 30, 2000
German car maker BMW AG said on Tuesday it should complete its pullout from loss-making British subsidiary Rover within eight weeks after ploughing nearly $4.5 billion into it over the last six years. BMW said this month's preliminary agreement to transfer Rover Cars to UK venture capital group Alchemy Partners remained the only deal on the table despite hopes in Britain of a rescue by an established car company.
Created: March 30, 2000
THE sale by BMW of Rover to Alchemy, the venture capital firm, could be delayed by up to a month while the German carmaker completes the sale of Land Rover to Ford. Sources close to Alchemy said last night that BMW's £1.85 billion sale of Land Rover to Ford, the American car company, is causing "great difficulties" at BMW, which could lead to the Rover deal dragging on significantly.
Created: March 30, 2000
A big rally by British unions is being planned in Birmingham on Saturday (April 1) to protest BMW's plans to sell Rover unit to the venture capital company Alchemy Partners.
Created: March 30, 2000
It's midafternoon at Britain's largest car manufacturing plant, and a new Rover engine -- probably one of a dying breed -- lies unattended on an assembly line while five brooding workers hover around the radio news.
Created: March 30, 2000
BMW has admitted in the fall-out over the Rover affair that it tried to off-load the ailing British car maker to Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen before making a deal with Alchemy Partners.
Created: March 30, 2000
BMW bosses said on Wednesday they did not expect any potential bidders, other than venture capital firm Alchemy, to come forward for Rover. Apparently dashing union calls for the German car giant to work with the British government to find another buyer to keep Rover going as a middle of the range car producer, the chief executive of Rover Group said he would listen to other offers.
Created: March 30, 2000
The company has just reported financial results for 1999 which show a large loss and indications of sales problems with some of its models, and a spate of reliability issues with Land Rovers.
Created: March 29, 2000
BMW, the German carmaker, blames British consumers for the collapse of Rover, claiming that the lack of support from car buyers in its home market was a key reason for the company's decline. Joachim Milberg, the BMW chairman, delivered the stinging attack with BMW's annual results in Munich. He also renewed his attack on the British Government with claims that the high value of sterling made the German company's presence in Britain untenable.
Created: March 29, 2000
What seemed like a done deal has been thrown into fresh doubt after a counter bid for Rover. The move puts a Midlands entrepreneur head-to-head with Alchemy Partners. Computer millionaire John Hemmings claimed he had support from backers willing to save Longbridge. BMW has said it will consider other offers, but the move has only added to the uncertainty facing Rover.
Created: March 28, 2000
Alchemy Partners, Rover’s potential new owners have named the intended Chief Executive set to take over the troubled car manufactures. Chris Woodwark the former boss of Rolls Royce is poised for the position.
Created: March 28, 2000
German luxury car maker BMW AG said on Tuesday it plans to complete the sale of its loss-making U.K. Rover Cars subsidiary to British venture capital group Alchemy Partners within the next six to eight weeks.
Created: March 28, 2000
British trade union officials plan to meet BMW AG this week to again lobby the German car maker to rethink its decision to ditch loss-making UK subsidiary Rover.
Created: March 28, 2000
UNION LEADERS, local councils and Rover suppliers will today outline to MPs their fears for the future of the West Midlands in the wake of Rover's sale to Alchemy Partners.
Created: March 27, 2000
A HANDFUL of enterprising Rover car dealers hoisted the Union flag outside their showrooms last week in a bid to capitalise on the jingoism aroused by the crisis at the British motor manufacturer. The dealers were hoping that resentment of BMW, Rover's German owner for the past six years, could result in customers showing loyalty by buying the British-made car. Anecdotal evidence suggests the marketing gimmick had some impact on sales, and a number of big fleet clients have also reaffirmed their commitment to Rover.
Created: March 27, 2000
AT LEAST 50,000 people are expected to join a protest march in Birmingham on Saturday to campaign against BMW's sale of Rover. Some industry experts believe that the number could be as high as 100,000. They claim there is a growing wave of public hostility towards BMW and they say that unless the German carmaker offers a better deal for its British workers, the company will suffer a backlash that will hit sales.
Created: March 27, 2000
A ROW has broken out between Chris Woodwark, the newly appointed chief executive of MG Cars, and troubled conglomerate Staveley Industries, which could threaten Alchemy Partners' plans for Rover. Mr Woodwark, who is Staveley's chief executive, has started working part-time for MG Cars, set up by venture capitalists Alchemy to take over what remains of Rover from BMW. Jon Moulton, Alchemy managing partner, said yesterday: "He is already doing bits and bobs for us, and he will do more."
Created: March 27, 2000
Key BMW AG shareholders the Quandt family rejected as ``absolute nonsense'' a report on Sunday that they planned to sell their stake in the German carmaker in 2001.
Created: March 27, 2000
Car giant Ford is believed to have made a formal offer to buy BMW for £10 billion, according to reports from insiders working at the German manufacturer.
Created: March 23, 2000
Ford is being linked in Britain with still unconfirmed reports that there is a secret deal which explains the inexplicable decision by BMW to sell off its ailing Rover Group at a knock-down price to a group of venture capitalists with no experience in the motor industry.
Created: March 23, 2000
British Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers said on Thursday that the Ford Motor Co was in a prime position to take over Rover's research and development centre from German car maker BMW AG.
Created: March 23, 2000
Rover's prospective new owner, Alchemy Partners, named a former boss of Rolls Royce Motor Cars to head the loss-making car maker on Thursday -- but the UK government said there was still time for rival bids.
Created: March 22, 2000
The UK's Retail Motor Industry Federation is making representations on behalf of some 300 car dealers for BMW to pay compensation for the losses the dealers expect to suffer as a result of BMW selling its loss-making Rover subsidiary.
Created: March 22, 2000
The British car is dead. Long live the British car. Rover's demise as a large manufacturer should finally lay the awful ghost of Leyland to rest. But what next? The future could be bright - and a world away from the walnut-and-leather dead end that has dogged home-owned mass-production carmaking.
Created: March 22, 2000
THE last of the original Minis will roll off the Longbridge production line this year, after a tradition lasting more than 40 years. Alchemy Partners, which plans to take over the Longbridge plant, announced yesterday that production of the Mini would cease before the appearance of the version to be produced by BMW at the Cowley plant in Oxford from summer 2001. Jon Moulton, head of Alchemy Partners, said: "We will wind down the production of the old Mini by the autumn and phase it out by the end of the year."
Created: March 22, 2000
JON MOULTON faced the world with a smile yesterday when he was asked how his company Alchemy would turn the base metal of Britain's motor industry into gold. Everyone was fearing a slick City spiv generally spreading gloom in the name of profit. Instead, the balding man who emerged from the modest Covent Garden offices of his venture-capital firm was more than mildly eccentric and took on the baying crowds like one of the best stand-up performers in front of an audience of hecklers.
Created: March 22, 2000
Alchemy Partners says it will continue to build the old Mini, which was to end production this fall after 41 years While the old Mini will soldier on well past its expiration date, BMW's new Mini brand is delayed. It probably will take some time to re-nameplate the cars, but to what?
Created: March 22, 2000
"I thought: 'Why must we suffer this destruction? There must be an alternative to Alchemy. I am looking for people who have the financial backing and motor industry experience. I have talked to several people since Sunday," he told Reuters.
Created: March 22, 2000
BMW shares rose Tuesday on speculation that the German automaker may have sold its Rover holdings to make itself a more attractive takeover candidate. But its controlling shareholder denied BMW was for sale.
Created: March 21, 2000
British millionaire businessman John Hemming said on Tuesday he hoped to put together a consortium to launch an alternative bid for BMW AG's loss-making Rover car unit.
Created: March 20, 2000
Trade unions representing Rover employees voted unanimously on Monday to block the sale of the nation's last home-grown car maker by BMW AG, saying demonstrations, a boycott and strike action were all options.
Created: March 20, 2000
BMW AG's sell off of ailing British carmaker Rover to venture capital group Alchemy Partners, sparked growing anger on Sunday in London and speculation that the German luxury carmaker could itself become a takeover target.
Created: March 20, 2000
Ford is interested in taking over German luxury car maker BMW AG (BMWG.DE), although talks to that end have not taken place at the management board level, Welt am Sonntag said.
Created: March 20, 2000
Ford Motor Company has set up a series of crucial high level management meetings over the next three weeks at which decisions will be taken that will have widespread repercussions throughout the global motor industry.
Created: March 20, 2000
The British motor industry trade unions are starting a series of meetings today (March 20) to discuss strike action aimed at hurting BMW as anger mounts over the German company's decision to sell off most of the Rover group.
Created: March 19, 2000
As Jon Moulton was ushered into the executive suite at BMW's "Four-Cylinder" headquarters near the Olympic stadium in Munich last October, he knew the meeting he was about to attend with Helmut Panke, its chief financial officer, might be a brief one.
Created: March 19, 2000
I FIRST set foot more than 20 years ago in what was then BL Cars. It was clear the company, which had been loss-making from inception, lacked the intellectual horsepower to meet the looming challenges of technological change and customer expectations.
Created: March 18, 2000
BMW blamed its decision to sell Rover on Britain's failure to join the single European currency.
Created: March 17, 2000
Workers at the Rover plant in central England, the largest car factory in the country, braced themselves on Friday for heavy job losses as its new owner said it planned to slash production.
Created: March 17, 2000
British Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers said on Friday that Germany's BMW AG would be prepared to entertain other offers for its loss-making Rover business.
Created: March 17, 2000
Rover's new owner said on Friday it would shrink production at the struggling British car maker to less than 100,000 cars a year and cut a large number of jobs as it seeks to return to profitability over the next two years.
Created: March 17, 2000
Rover's ambitious new owner said on Friday that it would halve production at the struggling British carmaker and cut an unspecified large number of jobs as it tries to restore profitability over the next two years.
Created: March 17, 2000
THE long-term future of the Longbridge car plant and its 50,000 associated jobs was uncertain last night after BMW confirmed that it was splitting up its loss-making Rover subsidiary and selling the Birmingham factory to Alchemy, a venture capital firm.
Company is a history of British marques
Created: March 17, 2000
Rover today is the culmination of a long process of mergers and takeovers within the British motor industry since the Second World War. Its history is also the history of the demise of some of Britain's best known car makes: Wolseley, Riley, Austin and Morris.
Created: March 16, 2000
It has been coming for forty years, ever since the old British Leyland did all its sums wrong on the Mini. The company had a world beating revolutionary car on its hands and, not to put to fine a point on it, they cocked it up in Rolls Royce style.
Created: March 16, 2000
The European Commission on Thursday denied that its determination to probe British subsidies to BMW's Rover subsidiary was a factor in the German carmaker's plan to sell Rover to a venture capital fund.
Created: March 16, 2000
The new company will continue with Rover's current model range of the 25, 45, 75, Old Mini and MGF will provide ongoing service to Rover's customers.
Created: March 16, 2000
As BMW counted the economic cost of Rover and prepared to have it towed away, Britain faced the political cost of 50,000 potential job losses as it gears up for an election.
Created: March 16, 2000
British unions fearfully braced for a decision by German carmaker BMW AG to sell its loss-making Rover to a venture capital firm on Thursday, saying they would bitterly oppose a decision to split up the division.
Created: March 16, 2000
The disposal of Rover to Alchemy will exclude Land Rover and the new Mini, which are to be retained by BMW.
Created: March 16, 2000
British investment group Alchemy would take control of current Mini production at Longbridge, but plans to cease manufacture of the Mini later this year would remain. Alchemy will become responsible for supplying parts for the current Mini.
MG: Reviving the brand
Created: March 16, 2000
MG was considered the poor man's Jaguar, a sporty model that was in the reach of the ordinary man.
Created: March 16, 2000
British private equity group Alchemy Partners said on Thursday it had reached an outline agreement with BMW AG to acquire most of the German car maker's loss-making Rover operations.
Created: March 16, 2000
German car maker BMW is to split up its Rover subsidiary and sell the Rover Cars business to UK venture capital firm Alchemy Partners.
Created: March 15, 2000
BMW SHARES in German soared today after signals that the manufacturers was planning to rid itself of loss-making Rover in the UK. Shares soared over 8% to 29.80 euros. No further announcement is expected on the German company's decision about Rover until a press conference on Friday.
Created: March 15, 2000
THE CLEAREST sign yet that BMW no longer has the spirit - and possibly the reserves - to battle with its Rover subsidiary came yesterday. The German owners refused to deny a report in Sud-deutsche Zeitung that it is to sell factories including, Longbridge.
Created: March 15, 2000
Responding to a German media report on Tuesday that BMW Chief Executive Joachim Milberg would inform the firm's supervisory board of management's plan to sell the unit, BMW said that a sale of the car production unit was one possibility among several.
Created: March 15, 2000
U.S. car makers Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. are widely believed by industry experts to be interested in taking over BMW itself.
Created: March 15, 2000
British unions on Wednesday called on managers at BMW AG to ``keep their nerve'' on the German group's loss-making Rover Cars subsidiary, arguing it's sale was not in the interest of Britain or BMW itself.
Created: March 15, 2000
Britain has contacted BMW AG to stress the importance of Rover Group to the UK economy, as the German car giant decides whether to sell off its ailing car unit, a government statement said on Wednesday
Created: March 15, 2000
He added it was hard to see who would want to buy Rover, stripped of its profitable 4x4 business and the Mini, in an industry struggling with chronic overcapacity.
Created: March 15, 2000
German luxury car maker BMW AG said on Tuesday there are parties interested in purchasing activities in its loss-making British subsidiary Rover that may be sold off.
Created: March 15, 2000
Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair made a direct appeal to Germany's BMW on Wednesday not to sell its loss-making Rover arm in a bid to safeguard 50,000 British jobs.
Created: March 15, 2000
German car maker BMW AG could propose closing its UK Rover group's Longbridge plant rather than sell-off the unit, an industry source told Reuters late on Tuesday.
Created: March 15, 2000
British unions on Tuesday voiced dismay at news that BMW AG was considering selling off its loss-making Rover subsidiary, urging the company to make its intentions clear.
Created: March 11, 2000
BMW's loss-making British Rover subsidiary has weighed heavily on the Munich-based carmaker's earnings. BMW expects Rover to break even in 2002.
Created: March 10, 2000
These two recall campaigns for the BMW-owned British brands come at the same time as there are renewed fears that the European Commission will block the British government giving subsidies worth over $222 million to encourage BMW to invest in making Rover's Longbridge plant viable.
Created: March 09, 2000
THE Government was yesterday attempting to head off an EU veto on the £152m aid package for BMW to redevelop the Rover plant at Longbridge.
Created: March 08, 2000
New doubts over a £152 million grant for Rover's troubled Longbridge plant have arisen after European Commissioners questioned whether BMW was ever serious about threatening to move production to Hungary to slash costs.
Created: March 06, 2000
THE euro's slide against the pound sterling has increased the pressure on BMW to reduce the costs of it money-losing British subsidiary, Rover, a senior BMW official says.
Created: March 06, 2000
The Munich manufacturer wants sites selling up to 1,500 vehicles a year with the Mini, MG, Rover, Land Rover and BMW marques all on offer under one roof.
Created: March 05, 2000
AS HE prepared for last week's Geneva motor show, Rick Wagoner, chief executive-designate of General Motors, spotted a British newspaper headline about GM.
Created: March 03, 2000
IN A meeting with trade secretary, Stephen Byers yesterday,EU competition commissioner, Mario Monti, said he would try to speed-up a decision on whether to back state aid to Rover.
Created: March 03, 2000
The UK's Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers meet the European Union Competition Commissioner, Mario Monti, on Thursday to try speed up the investigation into the planned government grant of £151m to BMW towards the development of Rover's Longbridge site in Birmingham.
Created: March 02, 2000
THE FORMER Lucas automotive component factory in Burnley, Lancs
Created: February 29, 2000
BMW is holding talks with German rival Volkswagen about runningloss-making Rover as a joing venture, according to reports. But BMW has strongly denied the claims.
Created: February 29, 2000
BMW is reporting that new vehicle deliveries rose more than 8% in the first 2-months of 2000 to almost 170,000 vehicles, with Rover sales rising more than 2%.
Limited Edition Minis Cheaper on the Continent
Created: February 25, 2000
If you were to do some window shopping in mainland Europe you would find that the new limited edition Minis are as much as US$3,200 cheaper there than in the UK.
Limited Edition Minis Unveiled
Created: February 24, 2000
Specifications of the LE 'final edition' Minis has been released by Rover
Created: February 24, 2000
German car maker BMW AG warned on Wednesday that future investment in its loss-making British Rover subsidiary could be put in jeopardy if a strong pound continued to hamper efforts to turn Rover around.
Now GM wants Land Rover - and BMW
Created: February 20, 2000
THE world's biggest carmaker wants to take over the world's best 4x4xFar. General Motors, which is courting Rover's owner BMW, is keen to acquire Land Rover along with the Munich brand. GM's interest
Created: February 19, 2000
Seems that the lower prices for limited edition Minis on the mainland is not the end of the story. Motor manufacturers are pushing up car prices on the continent to stop British buyers from snapping up cheap imports.
Four special edition Minis to mark the end of productuion
Created: February 18, 2000
Later this year Rover will produce four speical 'final edition' Minis: the Knightsbridge, Seven, Cooper, and Cooper S.
Created: February 16, 2000
According to a source in association with Rover, it is no longer possible for UK dealers to order UK-specification Minis
Created: February 14, 2000
Despite denials from the company, many see an approach from VW as the only credible solution to Rover's problems
Created: February 14, 2000
By the end of this year, Land Rover North America Inc. will move from a nearly new headquarters in Lanham, Md., to BMW of North America Inc.'s headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, N.J.
Created: February 08, 2000
BMW, Rover's parent company, expressed surprise yesterday that its fellow German carmaker, Porsche, is to challenge BMW's £152m government subsidy to rebuild the Longbridge plant.
Created: February 07, 2000
There are rumors floating about that an official party will be held this summer
Created: February 03, 2000
Last month it was revealed that the group is expected to announce massive loses for last year.
Created: February 01, 2000
Rover has confirmed that in September 2000 production of Mini 'Classics' will cease.
Created: February 01, 2000
BMW, the German car maker, insisted yesterday that it remained "committed" to Rover despite a 25% fall in sales last year and widening losses from its offshoot.
Created: January 30, 2000
BMW said that model changes and slow sales at its UK subsidiary Rover were the main reasons for a 26.8% fall in profits
Created: January 30, 2000
UK car manufacturer Rover is in trouble, hit by low productivity, falling sales and mounting losses. Its parent company, BMW of Germany, has cut costs and embarked on a massive investment programme. But will it work? BBC News Online examines Rover's problems.
Created: February 09, 1999
Movie-goers knew that Americans drove cars as big as whales - and in that post-war era, the American lifestyle represented progress. In Britain, however, rationing was still in effect - and then the Suez crisis of 1956 threatened to stem supplies of oil.
Created: June 20, 1998
THEY'RE working on a new one and it had better be pretty good, for this is the car that hit the streets and never looked back, never went out of fashion. The Mini, breaker of social barriers, made it smart and trendy to turn up in a small car anywhere, at the steps of the Dorchester or at Ascot.
Farewell to Metroland
Created: January 17, 1998
The entire future of British Leyland rode on the perky tin box with its spacious cabin and luggage-devouring hatchback - even though the organisation installed engines and subframes from the 21-year-old Mini because it was too broke to develop new ones.
Created: February 12, 1996
ROVER engineers are studying a design for a new Mini which would incorporate two engines and make it almost as revolutionary as the original, now 36 years old and still going strong.
The Marina In North America
Created: April 04, 1994
Production of the Morris Marina got under way at Cowley, near Oxford, in 1971 and what was - in effect - the British Leyland Motor Corporation's first new car, was unveiled to the public in April of that year. Its appearances had been eagerly awaited since formation of the corporation in 1968 and what finally emerged after almost three years of deliberation was very much an amalgam of already-dated components from various parts of the Leyland empire (in the main of Morris and Triumph origin.)
What does NPT, BSP etc mean?
Created: September 21, 2010
NPT stands for National Pipe Taper, and is the most common U.S. standard for pipe fittings. NPT fittings are measured on the internal diameter of the fitting.
Fuel Systems
Created: March 28, 2014
Rebuilding the original 1.25-inch SU carbs.
Created: February 11, 2014
Carburation and Interchanges , What is the correct carburation that you should use on a Mini? Many options can be used, from SU, single, duel, and Weber.
Tuning your WEBER DCOE-Style Carburetor
Created: February 04, 2011
So you have a nifty Weber DCOE or S&K Racing sidedraft carb setup for your vehicle. You're ready to chew gum and kick butt, and you've run out of gum. You bolted on the carb in place of your SUs or Zenith-Stromberg and voila! You have worse gas mileage, and the power gain is slight enough to be psychological.
How to Improve your Mini MPG
Created: May 12, 2008
In today’s’ world of sky high gas prices with no end in sight it is not uncommon for owners to be saying to themselves that it is time to drive the Mini daily to save a little money on fuel cost. When was the last time you checked your gas mileage?
 Keep Your Engine Properly Tuned for Better Fuel Economy
Created: December 28, 2007
Fixing a serious maintenance problem, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, can improve your mileage by as much as 40 percent
The Carb Shop
Created: August 16, 2007
Mini Mania is proud to announce the opening of the Carb Shop. We now offer in house carburetor rebuilding, specializing in HS & HIF, SU models.
Created: January 19, 2006
For any rebuildable carbeurator or core. Amount determined by type and condition. Call today and learn how to turn that old carb into fast cash!
WTCC Carburetor
Created: November 09, 2005
Weber wtcc carburetor pictures and diagrams
Needle codes for SU carbs
Created: May 21, 2005
Here are a selection of needles codes and the vehicle specs that they were used in...
Carburetors: Conversion from Injection to Carburetors
Created: April 15, 2005
In the history of the Mini the drive to keep the product alive and marketable meant the factory decided to modernize the fuel system of the Mini from Carb to Fuel Injection. Thus in 1991 the first FI was installed on the Mini. Know as Single Point Injected or SPI for short, the system also incorporated its first ECU into the car. This version of the Mini was produced until late ’97 when it was changed to the Twin Point injected version (also know as a MPI Mini.
Injection Cars - Tuning up-date
Created: December 26, 2002
And how 'real' are those claims likely to be? Only witnessing such an engine producing such power would be definite confirmation, so then it's down to 'scruples' I guess. How to judge? The company illustrated above claims in it's advert that they are getting this 135bhp and 122lb ft torque from their stage 3, 1380cc, Kent 276 profiled cam, injected engine - not the 286, stage 4 headed detailed above when in the CCC article the figures given for the stage 3, 276 cammed motor is only a claimed 115bhp/100lb ft torque. Some wool-pulling there or what? As this advert has been run like this for many months - I really can't see it as a genuine mis-print!
FUEL SYSTEMS - The History of SU Carbs
Created: December 12, 2002
Injection cars - SPi-TPi tuning, basic information
Created: May 25, 2002
Injection cars - SPi-TPi tuning, basic information I've been getting a lot - well even more than normal - of questions concerning tuning the injection engined-cars of late as more and more folk are looking to tune their modern Minis. Many are frustrated by the lack of product availability to achieve what they want, some are experiencing problems with the standard ECU and others are plain hacked-off at the lacked of useful information on how to go about tuning the injected cars.
Air filtration - K&N Air cleaner test
Created: September 19, 2001
In improving the over-all breathing capability of the very asthmatic A-series, the air filter set-up gets priority attention. A frequent question is "which is best - element in standard case or cone/pancake type?" To satisfy some folk's desire, I did a test on a small-bore unit.
Carburation - Initial Considerations and Manifolds
Created: March 22, 2001
When trying to improve your Mini’s breathing efficiency, carburation and inlet manifolds are open to as much speculation as other ‘performance enhancing’ components. A great deal of which falls into the b*llsh*t category. As is my wont, I’ll try and outline some basic guidelines.
SU CARBS - Dashpot oil.
Created: September 29, 2000
This subject is a regular message-board poser. Many of us have touted our preferences and discoveries whilst playing about over the years. One problem with trying to deal with it on the message board is the sheer volume of information offered and available against the time available to post it.
FUEL - Leaded/unleaded fuel and the alternatives.
Created: September 29, 2000
The fuel situation seems to be worsening at a great pace these days. And as is exhibited by the questions that appear on the message board many folk are confused by what they can and can’t do, and what is best to do as far as race engines go. Many have posted (particularly from the States) that nothing need be done - just run on unleaded.
SU CARBS - Connection, HIF type - Classic Mini Cooper
Created: September 21, 2000
Although there are a number of different versions of the HIF type carb, they all essentially share the same type of connection layout. The diagram below depicts the most common type - the connections can be on either the right hand side (as illustrated below) or the left hand side.
SU Carbs - Quick reference needle selection
Created: September 08, 2000
Being an oft-voiced question on the message board, I thought I'd share it with you. Since there is already a very good source of starting points/applications for fixed needle carbs, this is for those floundering about in the wilderness that is the biased (swinging) needle example of the breed.
SU Carbs - HIF, a more finely honed instrument.
Created: September 06, 2000
The basic SU design has maintained the same basic format since it's inception. But modern technology continually sweeps its ever-growing arm across all manufactured products and the SU was no exception.
Created: September 01, 2000
Even though the SU carburetter (carb) is a very basic yet precise instrument, some fundamental understanding on just how it works is needed to be able to deal with common problems and tuning. Following is as basic a description of what's going on that I can manage!
A Basic Guide to Electronic Fuel Injection for Minis
Created: February 16, 2000
If done properly, converting your Mini to EFI can have many benefits. The EFI Engine Control Unit (ECU) can control all aspects of the combustion of the air/fuel ratio under all conditions. For each and every load point throughout the rev range that the engine may experience, the EFI ECU can calculate the optimum timing and delivery of fuel as well as precisely when ignition will take place by supplying spark at exactly the right time in order to maximise power and torque.
SU Fuel pump, FUL117
Created: January 30, 2000
If your pump came to you with a warning label advising that Correct Polarity be observed, this sheet is for you.If you have converted your car to negative ground, and if you have a pump marked as above, you must also modify the pump to work properly with your electrical system.
Weber carb information and part no.
Created: January 30, 2000
One of the common problems where sidedraft carbs are involved is the choice of carb size in the first place and choke size in the second. The trick with carb sizing and choke selection is basically one of choosing a size which provides the engine with the airflow it needs without going over the top.
Inlet Manifolds
Created: January 30, 2000
Recent development has recently encompassed a detailed look at the manifolds available for side draught carbs. The steel inlet manifolds available have long been acclaimed the very best, out-performing all the alloy types by far.
Synchronization of Twin SU HS-type Carburetors
Created: January 29, 2000
Before proceeding to synchronize your carburetors and for best results, some preparation is in order. Your carburetors should be in peak condition with no play in the throttle shaft bushings. If these bushings are worn, synchronization is difficult or impossible to achieve since there will be a vacuum leak past the bushings. Additionally, the jet needles should be identical and correct for the application; adjusted to equal and correct seating in the piston and centered in their jet bores (if not centered, you will feel a bind when moving the piston up and down).
Carburetors Installation of HIF-6 or HIF-44 Carburetors
Created: January 29, 2000
The HIF-series carburetor differs from the HF-series primarily in: 1) The design and location of the float chamber, which has been incorporated in the body of the carburetor, and 2) The introduction of temperature-sensitive mixture control (a bi-metallic strip fitted to the jet adjusting screw mechanism) to compensate for varying fuel densities resulting from changes in fuel temperature.
Fun Things
Tell a Joke week! Tell us your Jokes - Mini Mania
Created: August 08, 2012
A good laugh is the best stress buster that one can think of. So it is not surprising that among all the special days in the annual calendar, there is a National Joke Week.
MINI and thier Olympic Contribution
Created: August 07, 2012
British automaker MINI has unleashed a fleet of MiniMINIs onto the field at London’s Olympic Stadium to fetch thrown objects; in this case of the Javelin, Discus, Shot and Hammer variety.
Heritage Motor Centre Certificates & Archive Services
Created: February 16, 2012
A Heritage Certificate is a certified copy of the entry against the chassis number in the authentic factory ledgers.Discover the original numbers and colour scheme, dates of build and despatch, and where available, the details of factory fitted equipment.
Created: February 15, 2012
No excuses! Simply take 10% off the next 72 hours and we will donate another 5% to United Way http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/
Meet the MINI Countryman’s Classic Cousin, Mini MAX !
Created: March 04, 2011
The Mini MAX is undoubtedly purpose-built, but sensible given Mila's activities, which include publishing his Czech-language publication "OffRoad 4x4 Magazine" blitzing sand dunes in sub-Saharan Africa; and barreling over glacial tundra in Iceland.
BMC Mini Original Commercial!
Created: February 01, 2011
Check out this classic BMC video!
Best Vintage Car Racing Photo of 2010
Created: January 27, 2011
Best Photo Of 2010 Photo Contest - The Mini has a chance to win it! Vote NOW!
eBay watch: 1988 Austin Mini Designer Mary Quant Edition
Created: January 24, 2011
We have featured one of these in the past, but as they come up so infrequently - and we think they're a collectible of tomorrow - we're flagging up another Austin Mini Designer Mary Quant Edition.
Created: March 08, 2010
The Mini at 50: why we'll never tire of these wheels
Created: January 19, 2009
The Mini was invented in 1959. And thank heavens for that, for without it the Sixties would surely not have been possible. How would Twiggy have got around? And never mind who your favourite Beatle was: which was your favourite Beatle's Mini? Paul's green 1965 Cooper S? John's GT? Or George's psychedelic Mini? Or Ringo's high-spec Radford Mini?
Created: March 30, 2007
Created: March 07, 2007
Welcome to the 1959 Mini Register.The Register is free to join and is for owners of 1959 Minis.Our aim is to help preserve these unique British Motoring icons.You can contact me via email at bill@1959miniregister.com
Created: February 14, 2007
Created: February 14, 2007
Created: November 07, 2005
The Phil Wicks Ultimate Mini Driving Academy will be at Laguna Seca on Wednesday, December 14. The activities will begin on Tuesday, December 13, at the Embassy Suites on Monterey Bay with pre-registration and opening reception.
Created: August 02, 2005
Check out the sweet rides from Mini Meet West 2005, along with an article printed in the Contra Costa Times.
Created: March 03, 2003
Created: December 09, 2002
Created: September 09, 2002
I drove it around for the first time and it put a grin on my face a mile wide!
Created: September 09, 2002
I went to the Vintage Festival at Lime Rock Race track in Connecticut, on Monday. I was invited, by BMW, and the New Jersey Mini Owners Club, and had VIP accomodations. We had a whole Mini parking lot--VIP tent Food ect. The car received, tremendous, acclaim.
Created: August 28, 2002
Created: July 01, 2002
Mini Meet East Pictures
Created: June 10, 2002
These days, it would appear that people have flat out lost their collective minds.  Wouldn't it?  After all, each morning after a brief flurry of activity in the home, and a much too short period of warming up the wee beastie, I head out of my Metropolitan apartment complex and attempt to scoot out into traffic (ahhh city life).
Created: May 02, 2002
Larry Newberry took a chance and drove 500 miles to see a rare Mini Jem racer ... and was glad he did! Click here for photos and more info
Created: April 29, 2002
Gray skies and drizzle didn't deter the determined Mini and MINI drivers from having a great time during for the 2nd Annual "Mini" Miglia Fun Run
Created: March 25, 2002
Stand up and be counted! List your Classic Mini or variant with the American Mini Registry and be a part of a permanent census of Minis in the US.
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Created: February 27, 2002
Mini Meets in Mexico are much like those in the US and UK ... except maybe for the cows. View some snaps from a recent meet in Morelia, sent by our friends to the south.
Created: February 27, 2002
Not much headroom, but the world's lowest car can be yours for a mere £30,000.
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Created: February 27, 2002
Created: February 12, 2002
When you're young and not thinking clearly, anything's possible. Even driving a Mini shell across town ... on TOP of your Mini! Rachel Nelson of Victoria, BC, sent photos and the whole story
Created: February 11, 2002
That's right! Get ready for Spring Thing, your next race, or just beat the winter blues with Mini Mania's 15%-Off Sale!
Created: November 20, 2001
Minis, of course, are fantastically manoeuvrable, but that applies only when a sufficient number of wheels are on some kind of surface. It does not apply when they're all up in the air.
Created: August 17, 2001
It is inevitable that when good ideas come up, they will come up at inopportune times. This was one such time and Mini Run 2001 was such an idea. Read the first of many Mini episodes ...
Created: August 13, 2001
MPG movies and a TON of pictures from Florence, OR, for those who couldn't join in the fun (or just can't remember)
Created: July 13, 2001
WHEN the chef Antony Worrall Thompson was aged 20, he was well known to the local police. His souped-up Mini Cooper S looked highly suspect, with its
Created: July 06, 2001
We came back from New Jersey with lots of pictures of LOTS of Minis!
Created: May 02, 2001
I decided to drive my Mini more than 200 miles to California's Gold Country to attend Nevada City Adventure at Mini Mania's new location....
Created: April 12, 2001
Congratulations to our first Mini Mania contest winner, Bob Beauchemin! Find out more about Bob and his gorgeous Mini.
Created: April 06, 2001
For the past four years, Neil Preston has been working on this project: a twin engined Cooper S.
Created: April 05, 2001
Changeover period should mean fun driving for MINI owners.
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Created: February 16, 2001
On February 11th the Oregon mini Society headed for Vancouver Washington's indoor go-cart track, called Hot Tracks, to try out their driving skills behind the wheel. Talk about a lot of fun, these 160cc carts can go an amazing 30 miles an hour with their Honda 5.5hp engines!
Created: February 08, 2001
In 1992 I brought together a few friends to form what was soon called "The Alberni Valley Autosports Club" (AVAC). We had about 4 of us with one Austin Healy Bug Eyed Sprite, a Mini 1000 ("The No Brakes Mini), a Toyota Corolla and one rather worn out Datsun F10.
Created: February 07, 2001
A MINI fanatic has received particular mention in Britains best-recognised awards scheme for small businesses, it was announced today. Judges were so impressed with the Mini specialist that they created a special award to recognise the firms outstanding achievement.
Created: February 07, 2001
Created: February 07, 2001
The Austin Mini1000 makes for a great slalom car, assuming you prepare it well. However, for those of us trying to prove we are related to Mario Andretti or some other famous (or less so) racer, and without the budget to prepare a killer mini, the less prepared mini 1000 will have to do and certainly fits the description of "low budget slalom car".
Created: February 07, 2001
Following a visit to my Godfathers back in the winter of ’95 the idea was born. Gerry Hawkridge, the owner of Transformer Cars, was in the midst of building a mini sprint!
Created: February 02, 2001
I recently discovered a way to race a Mini Cooper S 1.3I all over the world, without paying a dime
Created: January 25, 2001
It was at Knox Mountain Hillclimb in mid May of 1974, the sky was blue the air was warm and all was well in the world for this nine year old boy -- at least I was nine then! I was wide eyed and very impressionable -- some say little has changed-- and everything was bright and colorful (specifically the cars)! Of course, way back then, Knox Mountain was sort of a Mecca for British Columbia drivers like my dad (Ken McVay) who had visions of tromping Triumphs and Datsuns alike with his highly prepared MG despite the fact that it lacked one important ingredient: Goodyear Bluesteaks!
How low can you go?
Created: January 19, 2001
MINI owners in Buckinghamshire who found a man with a tape measure taking their cars' vital statistics might like to know that this apparently peculiar activity got him into the Guinness Book of Records.
Created: January 17, 2001
Mini Owner Alex Best from Haselmere in Surrey won a Slogan competition held by Herts Insurance Consultants.
Created: January 12, 2001
Over 70 celebrities signed the team 107 Mini which took part in the 10th annual Italian Job run.
Mini Memoirs: Bruce's Cooper
Created: November 08, 2000
Although I have lived in the Caribbean for the past 28 years I keep a car or two in NJ where my vacations are for car shows. The Mini is my driver. The truck is not mine. I have had more fun driving this and people love seeing it more than many other more exotic cars I have owned.
Created: October 16, 2000
The morning of Monday, September 4, 2000, dawned cloudy and damp. It wasn't raining, but had been and, as Dorothea and I made ready to continue along the Lewis and Clark Trail, it was easy to envision what the Corps of Discovery had faced in November 1805. Envision it we did, but that didn't stop us from having a hot breakfast and setting off from Portland, Oregon, in a warm and dry car.
Created: October 16, 2000
The following is a summary of the boring bits from the Wolseley Across America trip. If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at Cheleker@aol.com
Created: October 05, 2000
The Mini is as youthful as the day that Sir Alec Issigonis first sketched its simple lines on a restaurant table cloth. In four decades it has become an icon and is destined to live on as one of the great legends of the world motor industry. The modern motor car was born on 26 August 1959.
Created: October 04, 2000
Portland. This Portland is in Oregon. Oregon is the 18th State of the trip. It is also the 2nd biggest at 97,073 square miles (rank 10 in the US), only surpassed by Montana. With a population of 3.2 million (ranking 11th out of our 18) the population density is only 33 people per square mile.
Created: October 03, 2000
n Kennewick on the evening of August 31st, EG and I are almost a week ahead of the Corps of Discovery. The Corps camped at the meeting of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers near present day Lewiston, Idaho, on October 10th. They dined on what they purchased from the Indians: dried roots, salmon and dog.
Created: September 29, 2000
Wednesday night, August 30, 2000, EG and I spent the night in Missoula, Montana. September 10, 1805, the Corps of Discovery spent the night in what is now Lolo, Montana, just south of present day Missoula. The next day we both headed west.
Created: September 27, 2000
I need to back up a bit. Although I-15 between Great Falls and Helena in itself is just another freeway, the country through which it passes can hold one's interest - what could be seen of it because of the smoke. The road follows the Missouri River and even crosses it several times. It is easy to use your imagination and see the Corps of Discovery trying to maneuver the heavy canoes against the river's flow.
Created: September 25, 2000
Monday night the 28th left me in glenDIVE, Montana (having traveled from Pierre, South Dakota that day) about to poke into EG's dropping gas mileage. PART 20 also left Lewis and Clark leaving the current-day Pierre area heading out away from the Teton Sioux.
Created: September 20, 2000
Once dinner the 27th was out of the way it was time to dive into EG to see why she was running a bit "off," and, while I was at it, it was time to change the tarp. It had flapped around for 3,900 miles since leaving Miami and had worn through in a few spots. I was heading for the Northwest. It might rain.
Created: September 19, 2000
This past weekend saw the Colorado English Conclave, nearly five hundred entrants, the largest gathering in Colorado this year. Here are some pictures of the weekend's activity.
Created: September 15, 2000
It was Sunday the 27th. I was two days out of St. Louis and had easily covered over 500 miles. Lewis and Clark took well over two months to cover the same distance. They spent four days in this area south of present day Omaha, and continued to marvel at the vast prairie devoid of trees. By July 27/28 they passed through the area now known as Omaha and shortly after encountered a lone Indian. Through him they arranged their first formal meeting with Indians for August 3rd at the area that became Fort Atkinson. Their thoughts on the Omaha area? Clark wrote,
Created: September 14, 2000
Saturday the 26th was to be a short drive, but I still got an early start. I had to get around Kansas City (and Kansas City, there's one in Kansas, too) before the Saturday working corporate drones clogged the freeways. The day's route would take me from Missouri to Kansas (briefly), back to Missouri to Iowa and finally into Nebraska outside of Omaha. I was still on the trail of Lewis and Clark following the Missouri River and heading for a meeting with Mini owner Frank Grover.
Created: September 13, 2000
Something tells me these have been used for a rallye or two in the past. Eventually, Karl led me to Highway 94 just on the north side of the Missouri River where he let me lead for a while until he had to turn off and head back. Horn honk, lights flash, and a wave and EG and I were off to cross Missouri and get to Lees Summit just outside of Kansas City.
Created: September 12, 2000
The 24th I got an early start. I wanted to get to St. Louis to connect up with the MADMEN before the afternoon traffic crunch started and all the corporate drones hit the road. Most of the planned route was on freeways, so, for the most part, the drive was going to be hot, humid and boring. EG decided to make it just a bit more exciting for me. More of that later.
Created: September 11, 2000
Knoxville, Tennessee. I arrived the afternoon of the 22nd to the west of Knoxville near the junction of boring I-75 and equally boring I-140 and checked into a motel for the night. Before I broke out the computer to makes some notes about the day's drive, I called Hugh Cannon. Hugh's not only a Mini owner in the area, but I was to find out that he owns two of my favorite Minis: Mokes (just don't tell EG!).
September Italian Job Celeb Special
Created: September 07, 2000
The Italian Job Team number 107 Mini was recently invited to the Sir John Mills Celebrity Golf Classic where 21 famous personalities added their autographs to the Miniís bodywork. This brings the total number of celebrities to have signed the car to over 40.
Created: September 07, 2000
We left EG and me all but coasting into Asheville just off the Blue Ridge Parkway desperately looking for a gas station and seeing a sign indicating Asheville was 5 more miles. I turned the corner, and there was a gas station! Sort of makes up for driving up Mount Mitchell to see the sights and only seeing clouds.
Created: September 05, 2000
Sunday the 20th promised to be a great day. That is the day I started down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Up until a couple of months ago, I'd never heard of it. It's certainly no secret to anyone who lives within 500 miles of it, but, hey, I'm a Left Coaster.
Wolseley Across America 12: MORE VIRGINIA
Created: September 01, 2000
Every State visited by EG and me has much to offer, more than could be seen in a short period of time. Virginia certainly fits in that category. The plan, as you'll recall, was to spend Friday the 18th playing tourist. One small area around Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg could occupy a week. I stretched the trip to give it a day. Just a taste, but probably enough to entice me back someday.
Created: August 31, 2000
Just to put North Carolina in perspective with the other three states (and you thought I was going to forget about demographics and history, didn't you?) its population of about 7.5 million puts it just less than double its neighbor to the south, South Carolina, and about the same as Georgia.
Created: August 28, 2000
I've been asked to comment about how EG has been performing to date, so this article will put the trip out of Charleston on hold long enough to recap how the South African Wolseley is performing north of the equator.
Created: August 28, 2000
Wednesday the 16th saw me turning my back on Charleston, with some regret, and heading north along 17 with the ultimate destination for the day of somewhere in the Outer Banks. Well planned, as usual, you can see. Highway 17 runs near the Atlantic through a national forest for a while, although you'd never know it -- the ocean being near, that is. The forest is obvious.
Created: August 24, 2000
If I’ve counted correctly, this is Part 8 of the Wolseley Across America saga. It only took me this long to figure out that I’d better number these things or it is hard to figure out which ones to read in which order. Sorry for the brain fade.
Created: August 21, 2000
We are just about out of Florida, but before we go, how about a few more Florida facts? Tough. You're going to get them anyway!
Created: August 21, 2000
While waiting for the Mini to arrive I took a few drives and played tourist. Museums, beaches, everglades. All the usual stuff. Do it if you ever get the chance. Here's a challenge for you though. Every chance you get ask whomever you are talking to if they are native Floridians. You won't find many!
Created: August 21, 2000
Before we get back to Florida, I dug up some more detailed information about this unusual car. Ryno Verster of South Africa (and from whom I bought the car) has been digging around trying to come up with a history of the cars.
Created: August 21, 2000
When I last left off I was heading up boring old I-95 towards Satch's. It was late afternoon when I arrived. Like the other places I've visited, Satch's was easy to find by the Minis in the driveway.
Created: August 21, 2000
Unlike Sherman, I drifted quietly into Georgia on Sunday the 13th, and headed up the quickest route towards Savannah. (Sherman wasn't so quiet, but he, too, headed for Savannah.) Unfortunately, that was I-95, and for the most part this was the worst section. But, I had one stop I wanted to make and I wanted to make sure I got all the way to Savannah so I could spend time there the next morning.
Created: August 18, 2000
What can I say about Florida; except, it is everything you've ever seen or read about it. It is almost a cliche of itself. Think of LA with humidity, bugs, alligators and the worst drivers in the US. Here's a tip for car makers. You could save a lot of money on Florida bound cars. Well, not a lot per car, but by leaving out the turn signal bulbs on each car it would add up. Nobody uses them anyway. OK, that is not entirely true. Occasionally, I'd see someone driving down the freeway with the left turn signal on, and on, and on... I finally figured it out. It is a handy place to hang the cell phone on those few times when it is not being used.
Created: August 15, 2000
This is about driving a Mini across America. It is about what happens along the way and about the Mini owners I am fortunate enough to meet. Some travel commentary may sneak in now and then, but Minis are the main theme. As long as all the new technology holds up (laptop, digital camera, Internet access) and all the old technology holds up (in the form of one Wolseley  1000...and driver), dialogue and photos will get posted as we make our way across the US.
Created: July 11, 2000
It was a beautiful day in Quebec on the weekend on Mini Meet East 2000. Minis as far as the eye can see. But what's this? A German infiltrator? We'll have to take care of that!
Created: July 03, 2000
Mini Meet West was a success! Minis from all over, bright blue skies (well it is Arizona isn't it) and great people. What more could you ask for? Well a few more pictures to share would be nice. If you were present and have some pictures you would like to share, send them on over to hugo@minimania.com or contact us by post.
Burnin' Mini
Created: June 19, 2000
Check out this Mini. So much for tires! This crazy boy is Russ Swift from the MiniSpares display team, I don't know who the biker is but the way they're going no one's going anywhere.
Created: May 22, 2000
Every inch of all the rear windows had a child's face in it,I could just about hear the bus driver yelling at all the kids to get back in their seats. As I passed it was like the wave at sporting events; the little faces just followed me down the side.
Blowing bubbles
Created: April 18, 2000
After the Mini's debut in 1959, the bubble bubble began to deflate, if not actually burst. Fuel rationing was over, we'd never had it so good and the Sixties were about to swing.
Created: April 14, 2000
Almost instantly we heard the rumbling of engines coming up from behind us. Looking in the rear view mirror I saw the most bizarre sight. It was a bozozoku gang. Near terrorist motor gangs that zip around Tokyo with battle flags, crazy outfits, and a complete disregard for cops.
Created: April 13, 2000
Two years later, after numerous visits to the police, calls downtown, meetings with a lawyer, and searching for information about our car, it was miraculously released by the Italian government. It had spent those two years outside at a tow lot, with another car parked on top of it!!!
Created: April 07, 2000
In 1969 I was a 19-year-old sports car fanatic with a 1964 Austin 850 Mini, my first car. The glory years of the Monte Carlo rally minis were just over and I was sure that my red shoebox was the ticket to motorsports fame.
Created: April 07, 2000
When I was coming out of the store at my last stop, I saw an elderly gentleman walking very slowly around my Sprite. He told me what a nice car it was and that you just don't see that many on the road anymore.
Created: March 17, 2000
I've just bought a mini. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it at the garage. He is a white mini austin, an R and L special, with a special paint job making him look like a mini cooper. His roof is turqouise and so are the stripes down his bonnet.
A class of its own
Created: March 13, 2000
Jaguar's F-type concept car has had tongues wagging and jaws sagging in admiration at Detroit and Geneva but, whatever its fate, it will never eclipse the original E-type. The F-type has evolved through the XK180 and is based, like it, around the XKR. At the F-type's unveiling, Jonathan Browning, Jaguar's managing director, said: "The F-type concept is a clear signal of Jaguar's intent to return to the true sports car market in which we were so successful in the 1950s and 60s."
Created: March 13, 2000
Lots include the red MGB roadster which she bought with her first royalty cheque. Beatles fans can also bid for Ringo Starr's 1966 Mini Cooper, fully restored and on sale for £30,000.
Created: March 08, 2000
I was not very successful due to the fact during the rainy season in Northern California whilst driving on rain slickened roads in the winter the water would seep in and collect on the floorboards. Since the MK.1 Mini had an extremely efficient heater system it provided a nice spa for my feet hence my continual operation of the car in my bare feet!
Created: March 07, 2000
I went to look the car over during the day and it immediately became an emotional, irrational thing. There was no bargaining and no negotiations. I had to have the little maroon Mini 850, like now!
Created: March 07, 2000
More then once those magic words CALIFORNIA CAR leap from the page with the smells of sun block leather seat preservative, undercarriage bolts that can be removed without an acetylene torch and that perfect, rust free body. There is truth to the concept of the CALIFORNIA CAR. However, there are some traps that can dispel the myth.
Best of British
Created: March 05, 2000
It is a tradition that goes back to the introduction of the Jaguar E-type in 1961. The British make the stars of the Geneva motor show.
Created: February 25, 2000
My boyfriend Henry and I bought a Mk2 Cooper in Torquay. It was a private sale, although the seller also appeared to have various other cars and parts for sale. The car looked quite nice, had a new MOT, a few pictures of the rebuild etc. So after thinking about for a day or so we agreed to buy it.
Created: February 24, 2000
The Mini is one of 500 cars you can take for a spin on the track or off road in Gran Turismo 2
Created: February 22, 2000
The most popular city among Mini enthusiasts of Colombia is Medellin. Medellin is home to the largest group of Mini Cords in all Colombia, and has some great shops, such as Repuestos 323
Created: February 21, 2000
In a section where two lanes merged into one, we were swept off the road by a marauding Grand Torino. My poor car was demolished. We were frightened, but unharmed. What a marvelous, mad little steel box it was. I miss it.
Created: February 17, 2000
Too Fast, Too Old and British I have owned more than fifty British cars over the past 38 years. Many would say it was a flaw in my character. I currently own just four. My first car ever was a fairly new 1959 Morris Minor convertible, black, red interior and a white top.
Created: February 16, 2000
I inspected the car myself and offered him 15 pounds for it. Damage was mostly to the right fender and with the help of a few pop rivets and some aluMinium sheet I was soon driving around in my Mini.
Created: February 16, 2000
I was in Paris ten years ago. I used a friend's Mini to get around town - and much to my delight, was allowed to park it on the sidewalk without the risk of getting a ticket or having it towed away! That was something I always wished I could get away with here in Los Angeles.
Created: February 16, 2000
How I laugh when I see the owners of those large cars driving past Mini sized spaces on the side of the road and how they glare when my pocket sized car glides easily into the smallest of gaps!
Created: February 16, 2000
On my lap was a motoring magazine, either "Motor" or "Autocar", with a photo of the Mini on the front cover. Pointing to the photo, then tapping his steering wheel, he remarked knowingly, "It'll never last as long as this."
Created: February 16, 2000
To everyone's amazement I received a letter back saying that a white Mini was waiting for me at a garage in Croydon. I was absolutely thrilled. Later that year five of us travelled from London to Spain in a Mini
Created: February 16, 2000
When I was a little girl, my mum had a fantastic red mini. I loved it so much that I told mum I wanted her to keep it for me to drive when I turned 16 (I was about five years old at the time). I was shattered when she sold my Mini and bought a VW Golf when I was about 12.
Created: February 16, 2000
But perhaps the very best memory is just putting around the shores and hills of Seattle, my young son strapped into his car seat, watching in the rearview mirror as he became hooked on this most personable of small cars, looking forward to the fun we'll have working together to keep this old wonderful crate running.....
Created: February 16, 2000
My Mini sped onwards past the hard shoulders, emitting a steady stream of cigarette smoke and mono amplified indie pop.
Created: February 16, 2000
Only thing was that the engine was from an Allegro and geared for 12 or 13" wheels - the result of this was that I rocketed from 0-50 in about three seconds with a top speed of 53! Never have I had so much fun driving. Going to miss you!
Created: February 16, 2000
My Uncle Roland took me for my first ride in a green Mini with a black top back in the mid 1960s and it was the most exhilerating ride I've ever been on. I'm sure we weren't going any faster than 40mph but it felt as though it was 120mph!
Created: February 16, 2000
I was also involved in an accident in this car near Liverpool in 1978, I braodsided a car that ran a red light. The little car was amazingly resilient and I walked away with only very slight injuries.
Created: February 16, 2000
From super-minis to diesel turbo-estates nothing I have driven has given me the same buzz as driving a genuine Mini (I've had three) despite the rumours, they are the easiest car to maintain that I've come across and get no worse with age than many other marques I could mention!
Created: February 16, 2000
When I finally got home, at about 5 mph, I discovered that THE bolt that secured the motor had snapped and that the dreadful noise was the motor rocking back and forth as I navigated the hills of Wales!
Created: February 16, 2000
It was loads of fun. No frills, no flashy electronics just good motoring. Many a time did I 'rip off' a Porsche at the traffic lights. An angel with four wheels.
Created: February 16, 2000
Life for Mini has just begun...40 and still itchy! Ask Mr Bean, he'll tell you why.
Created: February 16, 2000
The mini is in my genes! My Grandad owned one, My Dad owned one. And for my first car - a beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder!) Mini Mayfair named (as all mini's have to be!) Oscar. I spent an intimate and deeply loving year with Oscar until being out of work and out of money meant we had to say Goodbye -
Created: February 16, 2000
Who can forget the moment when we gave the Italians a jolly good routing with three of England's classiest motors? Long live the Mini!!!!
Created: February 16, 2000
The interior space was amazing, apart from our child, dog, cat, drunken husband and friends, I even managed a treadle sewing machine and large assortment of greenery for the garden.
Created: February 16, 2000
The world congress of Jaycees was being held and we hosted 3 Japanese to our home one night. I can still see them sitting in the car, all grinning, saying 'ah, Mini Cooper', which it wasn't, of course. Obviously the Mini was well known to the Japanese even then.
Created: February 16, 2000
The Mini, oh yeah!!!
Created: February 16, 2000
We also had a mini station wagon in Salisbury which we re-upholstered in white leather with purple carpets and drove with two great big alsatians hanging out of the side windows.
Created: February 16, 2000
I love the attention it gets (great for pulling blokes!) and have even had tourists taking its picture. The camaraderie between mini drivers has to be unique (you never see Ford drivers waving at each other). It may not be the safest car on the road, but if you're going to be in an accident you might as well do it in style!
Created: February 16, 2000
After 30,000 miles I had very little trouble with the car and sold it for $3,375.00. Upon seeing the new owner drive away I could not help but feel a tear running down my cheek.
Created: February 16, 2000
The front-wheel drive Mini Coopers would trounce the elephantine Jags and Fords as the latter slithered around the track.
Created: February 16, 2000
He pointed out a bird rising but by the time he stopped and I got out to shoot, and cocked the gun, the bird was gone. Disappointed, I sat down into the Mini and my gun went off hitting the window frame of the Mini. This is known as the day I shot a Mini. Love that car.
Created: February 16, 2000
My fondest memory of it is driving home in company with another couple of souped-up Minis after watching the Italian Job. I can still remember its number plate - MPV 618 if its still out there. Eventually I swapped it for another car. I wish I still had it
Created: February 16, 2000
When my third son (Robin) was married in 1987 the wedding party was transported in a small convoy of Minis -- six of them. No stretched limo for the bride. The groom's wedding gift to her was a Mini painted a beautiful candy pink!
Created: February 16, 2000
I bought my first one for a hundred quid! It was a great car! My best mate also had one, and the two of us would be bouncing along having a great old time. I live in San Francisco, and they would be the ideal car for this city!
Created: February 16, 2000
Being used to the larger American cars we grew up with it was a shock for us at first, but we grew to love driving in the little thing all around London and the countryside. Still have a picture of it on my office wall, but wish I still had it in the garage!
Rover Auctions Celebrety Minis
Created: February 11, 2000
Rover will auction off a unique mini dressed in the fancy of British Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.
Created: February 10, 2000
'PULL over there, where there won't be any interruptions," said Tony. "We're due out in 35 minutes, and I've got to mark up the maps . . . Parking the Triumph in a quiet corner of the Aire de Beausoleil, a service station alongside the A8 just short of the Italian border,
Created: February 10, 2000
THE ride is harder than a concrete floor, the exhaust makes a noise like a food mixer stirring six-inch nails and mysteriously - scarily, even - the steering wheel is bent out of shape. (What kind of intriguingly bold opposite-lock moment could cause that to happen? Best not to think about it.)
2000 British Historic Rally Championsip
Created: February 10, 2000
Having been a Ford man through and through, the soaring expense of maintaining my MK1 Lotus Cortina has led to a rethink of future rally plans, and a MK1 Cooper 'S' seemed the obvious choice...
Created: February 07, 2000
Rover has provided a mini at the request of members of the cast of 'Friends', which may be featured in an episode of the popular television show
Created: February 04, 2000
In an unofficial annuncement, a representative of BMW said there was "no way" a VW Beetle would appear in
Created: January 30, 2000
Here's some sound advice for anybody with a hankering to invest in a classic car: don't. It's not the cars that are to blame. There's a delicious delinquent appeal in tooling around in an old car that's thwarted the scrapyard and defied the cynical planned obsolescence of the manufacturer.
Created: January 30, 2000
You used to drive a Mini850 then you dropped in a 1275. "Ahh, much faster!" you though. Then you went for a ride in your friends 1380. It took week to get the smile off your face. The next day you pulled your 1275 and started taking it apart. When you saw
Created: May 01, 1998
When I acquired the car as a serious MOT failure seven years ago it was sprayed black (Very Badly) had a hotchpotch of different coloured seats, was as rusty as a horse shoe, and had been standing around doing nothing for years so I didn't feel too badly about my plan to change it into a convertible.
The Secret History of the British Motor Car:  Part 1
Created: February 20, 1996
ONE OF the lessons that 20 years in the motor industry taught me is that there is no fate more uncertain that that of the heir-apparent whose route to the top seems assured. He faces no apparent rivals, his subordinates jockey for his patronage and then . . . just as the final bend comes in sight, the wheel of fate suddenly jumps a cog and the man who would have been king trips, stumbles and falls - or is pushed - from favour.
Created: February 15, 1996
IT WAS A far-fetched plot that would have delighted the editor of the Wizard: noted Harley Street bacteriologist and amateur racing driver enters his extremely second-hand sports car for the Le Mans 24-hour race. His co-driver, a pipe-smoking journalist with a talent for cartooning, rams into a pile of crashed cars in the small hours,
Created: February 06, 1996
CHAIN-SMOKING ex-cycle mechanic William Morris, who lived to be 85, was an incurable hypochondriac. In later life, even though he had become a lord and one of the richest men in England - and given millions to medical research - he continued to embarrass his executives by testing his urine samples for imagined diabetes symptoms in his threadbare office in the old Military College in the Oxford suburb of Cowley, across the road from his mighty motor works.
The Secret History of the British Motor Car:  Part 2 - The high road to Scotland
Created: January 30, 1996
EARLY IN 1900 a young Scottish engineer, resplendent in tall silk hat and frock coat, walked into the grandly named Automobile Palace on London's Holborn Viaduct, a few doors from where the notorious Harry Lawson's company was still trying vainly to assert its patents monopoly over the motor industry.
Mini Memoirs: An American's Experience with the Austin Marina
Created: February 06, 1994
I guess I like to support the underdog. Not that I'd call my latest restoration project a dog, it's just different. It's a car you won't see on every corner, or any corner for the most part. My car is a 1973 Austin Marina. No, it's not a "HEALEY," as most people ask when I mention the word Austin.
Created: February 18, 2000
Summer is with us once more and the Mini overheating is on everybody's mind, while the temperature gauge won't keep your engine cool at least it will let you know what is happening. To check that it is working correctly With a capillary type gauge (mechanical) Remove the sender unit from the head .Fill a small pot with water and bring to a rapid boil using
Tachometer Conversion
Created: January 30, 2000
Positive to Negative Ground Conversion In addition to the tools required to remove the tachometer from the dash, you will need the following: 1) soldering iron & solder (keep in mind that electronics are heat sensitive, so be careful to use a low-wattage iron or use heat sinks to localize the heat.)
Synchromesh Transmissions vs Dog engagement
Created: April 25, 2014
Dog engagement is typically limited to racing applications where fast, precise shifting is needed. Dog gear engagement works by having numerous large teeth or ‘dogs’ that mate into matching openings machined into the opposite surface of the drive gear. Unlike the synchro engagement, there is no synchronizing mechanism to assist in equalizing speed.
Created: March 14, 2014
Putting Our Mini's Transmission Back Together
Created: March 14, 2014
Rebuilding the Shifter Mechanism
Created: February 06, 2014
Evo (Trannex) 1950s design with 1990s engineering and technology - originally done by the inimitable Davc Hirons at Trannex, now under the EVO banner at Mini Spares Centre following their buy-out of all the Mini/Sprite Trannex products some years back now. The only real similarity to the old Sali...
How do I know which transmission my Mini has?
Created: January 20, 2014
It’s really quite easy to tell which generation of gearbox, shift linkage, and axles your Mini has. Let’s say you want to order a replacement but terms like “remote”, “rod-change”, or “pot-joints” have you a little befuddled about just what the heck to order! Let’s very simply describe the three styles of transmissions and axles used in the production of the Classic Mini.
Classic Mini Gearbox Rebuild - Mini Mania Video
Created: March 11, 2011
Classic Mini Gearbox Rebuild - Part 1 Gearboxes may seem complicated but they are very simple in their construction, and surprisingly easy to put together. The main issues are having the right tools to do the job.
Created: June 19, 2008
Gear Box Rebuild Written By GuessWorks Gearboxes may seem complicated but they are very simple in their construction, and surprisingly easy to put together. The main issues are having the right tools to do the job. So here's a list of what you will need. SEE VIDEO HERE Torque Wrench with a...
Quaife Limited Slip Differentials - Classic Mini Cooper
Created: January 26, 2006
The Quaife Differential powers both drive wheels under nearly all conditions, instead of just one. With an ordinary open differential, standard on most cars, a lot of precious power is wasted during wheelspin under acceleration. This happens because the open differential shifts power to the wheel with less grip (along the path of least resistance). The Quaife, however, does just the opposite. It senses which wheel has the better grip, and biases the power to that wheel. It does this smoothly and constantly, and without ever completely removing power from the other wheel.
Created: April 15, 2005
Replacing the bushing and machining the bearing surface to give the correct bearing to crank clearance will often not resolve the problem since it is likely the journal itself will be damaged/become over-sized.
Created: February 10, 2003
Whether you've just ordered yours, or would like to see how to install one if you DID order one ... here are instructions with step-by-step photos
Gearbox - Common sources of problems
Created: October 28, 2002
A gearbox needs careful and proper attention when building it up. It's the knowledge of what to look for prior to and during the build that sets the 'professional' builders apart.
Created: December 04, 2001
A fairly crucial part of how the idler gear operates is its tolerances and running clearances. End float is a continual problem as folk often ignore it, and because many units left Rover with incorrect (usually too big) clearances.
Created: April 13, 2001
With the cost of new primary gears spiralling ever upwards, and the availability of good, serviceable used ones, fitting new bushes to existing gears is becoming a more common solution.
Created: December 01, 2000
Although not of immediate interest to many road-runners/street-burners, mainly accorded to the racing scene, it seems to be a perplexing problem to a very large number of folk around the world, and has burned up plenty of telephone time.
ENGINE TRANSPLANTS - gearbox information
Created: November 01, 2000
Selecting the right final drive ration is a subject worthy of an entire book to explain the whys and wherefores, and also causes much consternation on the part of the transplanter. Much confusion’s spread over which gearbox has the best ratios, is best to use, and with which FD. For a detailed account on this and covering all gearboxes fitted as standard to the Mini, see the relevant separate articles 'Gearbox - Standard production gearbox types'.
Created: October 31, 2000
The standard drop gears are fine for practically all road use - almost irrespective of power output. Despite what many folk believe - they are more than strong enough, and will perform perfectly well if correctly set up. That means getting the idler and primary gear end floats right, and using new bearings for the idler gear at each re-build.
Created: October 30, 2000
Elsewhere we've considered what alternative standard production ratios are available - but that still leaves you with the power-consuming and limited-ratio alternatives helical tooth type gears. Not desirable in a competition orientated car. The solution to this comes in the form of several types of straight-cut gear sets
Created: October 30, 2000
The standard diff unit’s componentry falls well short in the performance stakes. As an absolute minimum you should fit an up-rated diff-pin - whether this is because your racing regs don’t allow alternatives, or merely for the road - along with new planet-wheels and thrust washers.
Created: October 26, 2000
The final drive gears are ultimately responsible for the way your Mini goes after engine, gearbox, and under carriage tweaking has been applied. The aforementioned and the degree to which it has been done will affect the decision as to what Final Drive is required. They’re also responsible for much discussion between many tuning freaks, and confusion to the less informed.
Created: October 26, 2000
As outlined in the 'Gearbox - standard production gearbox types' article, it is entirely possible to change the common 4-syncro gearboxes to the helical close-ratio set-up as used in the Cooper S, 1275GT, 1300GT, and some early MG Metros providing the right parts can be sourced. And you don't already un-knowingly have the close-ratio kit fitted! Part numbers are detailed at the end.
GEARBOX - Close-Ratio Conversion Pre-A+ gearbox
Created: October 26, 2000
It is entirely possible to change the common 4-syncro gearboxes to the helical close-ratio set-up as used in the Cooper S, 1275GT, 1300GT, and some early MG Metros providing the right parts can be sourced.
GEARBOX - How they work
Created: October 25, 2000
Having decided on or even implemented a course of action to bolster the performance of your Mini’s engine, maximising it’s potential should encompass a good look at the gearbox. It rarely does, as most folk take one look at those seemingly formidable teeth and decide it's not for them and stay well clear.
Created: October 24, 2000
Mathematical formula for determining final drive ration when tire size and engine speed are a factor. These are for common tire types, and accurate enough for assessment - a combination of using industry standard for theoretical calculation, actually measured assortment of wheels/tires, and calculated averages! Applying the formula to a modern Mini with 12” wheels gives the following
GEARBOX - standard production gearbox types
Created: October 24, 2000
I’m sure we’re all aware of Sir Alec Issigonis’ brilliant solution to the gearbox location in the Mini - just fold it up underneath the engine, simple. Following is a résumé of the production gearboxes to date. The first Minis rolled off the production line with a three-syncro gearbox,
Created: October 17, 2000
‘Salisbury’ is the word banded about by most un-enlightened folk when discussing LSDs for Minis, mistakenly believing the word covers all Mini orientated LSDs. This is grossly incorrect. The ‘Salisbury’ was designed in the ‘50s at a time when racecars were a good deal less sophisticated than today. Tyres were usually cross-ply with severely limited grip due to poor compounds developed ostensibly for rear-wheel-drive cars; the front wheel drive of the Mini being a rarity.
Created: October 16, 2000
Modified engines producing more power generally induce owners to drive with greater verve, particularly when competing in one of the many motorsport disciplines. In fact this isn’t isolated to modified Minis. Owners of relatively standard machinery competing in a discipline or merely out on a country lane blast are subject to the same determination.
Created: October 16, 2000
Fitting an LSD isn't as simple as replacing the diff cage unit. In all cases a certain degree of diff housing modifications is needed - material needing to be ground/filed away to provide clearance for larger diff housing cases and crown wheel bolts. Although it has to be said the Quaife diff is supposed to fit without these mods. I've never found that.
New design of C-AHT54 Central-oil pick-up pipe - the reasons why.
Created: September 28, 2000
For years there’s only been one type of COPUP commercially available, but recently Mini Spares has seen fit to produce a new and much improved version. This initially caused much apprehension as it was a far cry from the original Abingdon 'ST' design Perhaps the most voiced question was 'Why?
Magnetic oil trap, C-2A3637
Created: January 30, 2000
Installation of this kit involves opening and re-sealing the oil suction passage. Improper sealing can result in low (or no) oil pressure and subsequent engine failure. Always observe the oil pressure
Created: January 30, 2000
Mini Mania is the sole US representative of the excellent "Tran-X Limited Slip" differential. Basically a clutch type diff, it is a 1950's ideal incorporating a 1990's technology. It is much more refined than the previous plate type diffs.
Created: January 29, 2000
Insert the idler gear with the thrust washers it came with into the gearbox. Bolt the end casing in place with the gasket. Tighten to the spec torque. Measure the idler gear float with a feeler gauge. It should be ~0.003". If it's more than that, and it always is, insert the appropriate OVERSIZE thrust washer. These are available from Mini Mania. I forget what the oversizes are but they are stated in most parts manuals. Thanks to Johnny B I have a complete selection in stock for all my rebuild jobs :-)
Quick Shift Kit, Remote & Rod change type, C-22A1750 & C-22A1751
Created: January 29, 2000
1. Remove original gearstick. Fit KAD Quickstick with original plastic collar, spring and spring retainer, grease well and refit with new spacer. Place flange downwards using longer 5/16" UNC capscrews.
Center oil pick-up pipe C-AHT54
Created: January 29, 2000
Risk of loss in oil pressure due to surge will be alleviated by fitting this oil pickup pipe. Please ensure that a clearance exists between the gauze and the reverse idler gear when the pipe is fitted. It is advisable that gearboxes fitted with this attachment be removed regularly to ensure that no excessive build up of sludge has built up around the gauze mesh.
How Much is Your Classic Mini Really Worth?
Created: September 16, 2016
Your Classic Mini is more than a car, it's an investment.
Save Big but Follow the Rules of our Sale
Created: July 22, 2016
We loves Sales. We hate Rules. But unfortunately, we have to follow rules. This page outlines the rules of the sale for your review. Find the parts you need and may your Mini be on the road forever.
Created: March 31, 2016
Our complete range of Cobra seats have now been replaced by Corbeau seats
Created: February 01, 2016
Spring is Coming... Don't get left out in the cold!
Created: March 28, 2014
1967 Mini Cooper S Restoration Project Collaboration
Mini Tec MTB2 Honda B18C Type R vtec Powered 1976 Mini Clubman. 220hp = SuperFast!
Created: January 30, 2012
We just wanted to share with you our latest build. This is a 1976 Mini Clubman with a JDM Honda B18C Type R Power-plant (about 220hp) using our MTB2 Kit. The Clubman's offer a little more room than the standard round-nosed Minis making for a clean looking and easy installation.
MINI Clubman Cargo Van revealed
Created: January 05, 2012
MINI intends on showing a cargo van version of the current Clubman in late February at the Geneva Motor Show.
Flash2Pass™ Installation for MINI
Created: October 14, 2011
The Flash2Pass™ transmitter and receiver are designed as a do-it-yourself installation.
Mini Meet West 2012
Created: October 13, 2011
Mini Meet West 2012 will take place in Prescott Valley.  Prescott Valley is in Central Arizona and although it is only 90 miles north of Phoenix the average June temperature is 75 to 85 degrees.
Winterize your Mini - Checklist
Created: October 13, 2011
Mini Mania's 12-point Winterization Checklist
J.J. Jegede jumps over 3 MINI Coopers
Created: September 29, 2011
The world’s first long jump over three Minis took place at Potter’s Field, London.
New Zealand's Nelson Hartley Goes for Speed
Created: September 20, 2011
Come August next year and Nelson will be behind the wheel of a Mini screeching across the Bonneville salt flats in Utah chasing four world land-speed records.
Mini is adored by Richard Hammond of Top Gear
Created: September 15, 2011
how in the name of all that's holy did Alec Issigonis and his team manage to take one massive leap with the original Mini in 1959?
The TOP 100 Greatest cars of all time
Created: August 23, 2011
This is the definitive list to end all 100 Greatest Cars lists. You'll never have to read another list, and this list is absolutely, scientifically, precisely and transcendently correct. That is until next millenia..
David Bowie’s art Mini is a subversive kind of awesome
Created: May 31, 2011
Mirror plating applied by Britain’s eternal and chamaeleonic rock star David Bowie to a plain old Mini, including all its windows, it becomes something else entirely.
Einszett Interviewed at Detail Fest
Created: May 23, 2011
Einszett Interviewed at Detail Fest 2011
NEW Product Reviews on the fly
Created: May 19, 2011
If you have purchased any product from Mini Mania, You can Review it. So, Go On! Tell us what you think! Be a Mini Mania(c)!
Mini Mania is in MC2
Created: May 13, 2011
Recently Mini Mania went to Hallet Raceway. It turns out Team Mini Mania was showcased in the magazine all about everything Mini… MC2.
NCA 2011 - Are you coming?
Created: May 12, 2011
Nevada City Adventure 2011 Minis, music, and driving fun highlight this 11th annual springtime event in Northern California.
Mini Meet West  2011
Created: May 12, 2011
Mini Meet West is the longest continuously running Mini happening in North America, dating back to 1973.
Denise McCluggage - Winners Circle
Created: May 11, 2011
Denise McCluggage is amazing. She holds both the Ken W. Purdy Award for Excellence in Automotive Journalism and..
Denise McCluggage - Racing Legend & Journalist
Created: April 28, 2011
Journalist. Race car driver. Sports reporter. Photographer. Intellectual. And friend to about a zillion people. Denise McCluggage has worn all these hats; many of them so very well.
Women and the Mini Contest
Created: April 25, 2011
Winners get Gift Cards good for anything Mini, Accessories, Parts, You name it!!
Created: April 08, 2011
Some customers have asked us to share with them how to achieve the best results when applying heat seal or 'iron on' emblems and patches to their garments. As we have both commercial and home based customers, we've created two very easy to follow guides.
Police use MINI Cooper to catch Motorists
Created: March 18, 2011
Police use MINI Cooper to catch distracted motorists Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 17, 2011… The BMW Group message of DON’T TXT & DRIVE became local and mobile this afternoon as BMW of North America presented the Woodcliff Lake, NJ Police Department with a specially emblazoned MINI Cooper hartop.
MINI for your Computer
Created: March 18, 2011
For the Mini Cooper fan who already has the Mini-branded shirt, windbreaker, hat, shoes, cufflinks, backpack, wallet, keychain, towel, water bottle, and coffee mug, there's always more. Mini announced a new computer mouse and two new USB drives that carry its winged badge.
Afflicted with Mini-mania!
Created: March 11, 2011
Afflicted with Mini-mania! If you really want to get renowned cabinet-maker Geoff Hannah's motor revving you can forget about talk of rare timbers.
Mini Thunder II - weekend pics
Created: February 22, 2011
Mini Thunder II, A Great Adventure! Mini Thunder II has now finished the second annual event at Thunder Hill raceway outside of the small town of Willows in Northern California.
Tour London in a Mini with Small Car Big City
Created: February 22, 2011
Tour London in a Classic Mini Cooper The Guide/Driver has a good knowledge of London and can offer the basic sightseeing information or more quirky tales and historical facts for those who know the city well and it is fun to actually be at the locations while talking about them and listening to 60's tunes.
Ultimate Throne - Mini Style
Created: February 22, 2011
Designer turns Mini into Ultimate Chair Designer David Gawthorpe has created the ultimate boys’ toy out of one of the best-known classic motors. His entertainment chair is made to look like the front end of a black Mini Cooper.
Showtime again for the mighty Mini
Created: February 11, 2011
Showtime again for the mighty Mini A collection of Mini Coopers will be under the spotlight at a classic car show on Sunday to celebrate the Mini's 50th birthday.
MINI launches New "Matte" Cooper
Created: January 26, 2011
MINI has announced plans to offer a limited edition Cooper Hatch with unique tweaks and accents
Created: September 24, 2009
Searching and Finding The Parts You Need at Mini Mania At Mini Mania, we have literally thousands and thousands of parts available for your Mini! This vast selection is a great asset, but it can be tricky to find what you want without knowing where to look. If you're not sure which Mini/engine combinatio...
Created: December 10, 2007
MINI Clubman has been on sale for less than a month and is proving a huge hit with the British public
Created: November 18, 2006
08/59 Minis introduced as the Austin Seven and the Morris Mini Minor01/60 Van introduced09/60 Estate models (with wood) introduced Morris Mini-Minor Traveller and Austin Seven Countryman01/61 Pickup introduced09/61 Super introduced
Created: November 06, 2006
Created: May 08, 2006
The weather was beautiful, the ice cream was fantastic, and there were many, many Minis at Mini Mania's annual car show, swap meet, and open house on May 6, 2006. We had our biggest turnout yet, with ...
How To ID Your Mini with Pictures
Created: March 10, 2006
Most Mini owners have no idea how to tell what kind of Mini they have. In fact, in many cases they don’t even know there are really so many different Minis. This interactive guide will walk you through the proper identification of your Mini.
Created: February 13, 2006
Created: February 13, 2006
Created: February 13, 2006
Use our Visual Interactive Matrix. A step by step guide to Mini identification.
Mini Identification: Identifying Non Standard Minis
Created: February 13, 2006
Introduction Getting Started Why Correct Identification is Necessary What to Know to Identify Minis Identification by Chassis Number/VIN – Standard Cars Identifying Minis by Engine/Power Unit Mini Mini History Identifying Minis by Mark Identifying Non Standard Minis Minis Built
Mini Identification: Identifying Minis by Engine/Power Unit
Created: February 13, 2006
Mini Identification: Identifying Minis by Engine/Power Unit When is a Mini, is a Mini, is a Mini? Most current or potential Mini owners have no idea how to tell what kind of Mini they have. In fact, in many cases they don’t even know there are really so many different Minis.
Created: February 02, 2006
MONTEREY, Calif. (August 24, 2005)—Cooper will be the featured marque at the 33rd Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races, August 18-20, 2006, announced Steven J. Earle, president of General Racing Ltd. and founder of the event. Cooper Car Company will be part of a larger celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, featuring the racecars and champions that have competed there.
Created: January 28, 2006
That story began forty years ago when engineering entrepreneur Rod Quaife acted upon a chance suggestion from Norton motorcycle specialist Ray Petty. It was tempting enough for Rod to change his strategy he was then involved in and began afresh to specialise in motorcycle gearbox design and production. Enthusiasm and skill made good any financial shortcomings in these early days, and soon the new company - known as RT Quaife Engineering Ltd - began producing the first Quaife transmissions that converted four speed Norton gearboxes into five speed units. Motorsport success soon followed, culminating in John Cooper testing at the TT on a Quaife equipped 350 Norton in 1967.
Created: January 28, 2006
Quaife Engineering's automotive performance product range covers: ATB Differentials for road and motorsport use Performance gear kits for cars, motorcycles and motorcycle engined cars Replacement race / rally gear boxes Specialist reversing boxes and gear trains for niche vehicles Uprated drive shafts & half shafts Complete heavy duty axle kits Four wheel drive systems GT sports racing cars in either 2 or 4WD
Covercraft Fabrics & History
Created: January 28, 2006
We offer a wide selection of fabrics, to allow you to select the one that will meet your vehicle's protection needs and budget. Different fabrics offer different levels of protection performance, and some focus on protecting from a specific element, like intense sun exposure or dust. Our range of fabrics is based on experience in manufacturing covers since 1965. Use the chart below to help identify which fabric is best suited for the protection needs you require. We've tried to be as realistic as possible in showing how the fabrics perform in certain conditions, but keep in mind that our opinion is based on performance comparisons with other fabrics currently used for vehicle covers.
Created: January 23, 2006
Created: January 23, 2006
Created: January 23, 2006
Created: January 04, 2006
Created: November 03, 2005
Spread the word, there's a new Mini magazine in town. It's called MC2 (as in "Energy equals") and is North America's first independent magazine dedicated to both the Classic and New Minis.
Created: October 01, 2004
Created: August 25, 2004
Mini FAQ Part 2 - Austin Mini Cooper
Created: July 19, 2004
Understanding the Austin & Morris Mini Cooper is often accomplished with a series of questions and answers- from the experts at MiniMania.com
Created: May 11, 2004
Check your Mini's pedigree using this detailed VIN chart from Chuck Heleker!
Created: April 03, 2002
Here's the lowdown on the lack of MINI dealers in the Lone Star State, as well as an overview of MINI's marketing plan and some miscellaneous fun facts.
Created: March 27, 2002
Scooter Welch has made a lot of progress on his Flaming Cooper since last summer, and was kind enough to send some photos.
Created: February 04, 2002
Wondering where your latest Mini Mania order is? MiniMania.com now has an Order Lookup feature, where you can view the status orders any time of the day or night! Here's how it works ...
Created: December 18, 2001
An enterprising limousine service in Berkshire offers New MINIs for rent by the day!
Created: October 19, 2001
The BMW Group has reached an agreement to sell its British Motor Heritage Limited classic car parts business to the Legacy Consortium. Legacy is a
Created: October 03, 2001
A total of 5,809 Mini Classics produced between August 1996 and January 1999 and registered in the UK are being recalled over a concern associated with the rear wheel bearings.
Created: August 21, 2001
Mini Cindy recounts her first experience racing on a wet track -- with a surprise ending!
Created: August 17, 2001
Scooter Welch sends pictures of his Mini-in-progress, with a truly classic paint job.
Created: July 11, 2001
The 'Gospel According to Calver' concerning all tuning carried out on any aspect of your car and therefore
Created: July 06, 2001
Justin Jeffery of Mini Spares sent some photos of a Cooper Special built by John Cooper’s dad in the late 40’s.
Created: July 03, 2001
Ben Howes 8 port has been at various shows this year, and was good enough to bring it down to Mini Spares' open day, with New Mini Spares 8 port fitted.
Created: June 05, 2001
It was a last minute decision. We still didn’t trust the Mini, so the decision to run the SVRA driver school and the “Thunder in the Mountains” SVRA race at Pocono International could not be made until after the Pennsylvania State Championships.
Created: May 25, 2001
It all started that fateful Christmas morning, December 25, 1996. I had been co-driving a 1960 Austin Healey Sprite with my father, Larry Shaffer, in the Pennsylvania Hill Climb Association/SCCA Solo I series...
Created: April 04, 2001
It might be down, but it's not out. Organisers of the London Motor Show have been forced into a radical revamp of the event after most of the major manufacturers pulled out.
Created: March 29, 2001
UK REGISTRATION / TAG SYSTEM: The following courtesy of N. Hunter of the UK. Accuracy not guaranteed to be 100% (this is a government we are dealing with here!!)
Created: March 16, 2001
The latest issue of the West Sussex Mini Owners Club magazine devotes a page advising Mini owners of when their love of Minis becomes an addiction.
Created: February 07, 2001
Created: February 05, 2001
A complete Mini time line is here! All information compiled by our own Chuck Heleker
Created: January 25, 2001
BBC Midlands will be screening a documentary about the infamous Leyland Metro (honest) on Feb 1 at 7.30pm.
Created: January 19, 2001
Yes, after 9 months the Bugeye Vintage Racer has returned. I am glad for several reasons. First, I was worried that my readers would loose interest in the project. After all, part 6 was published in July 2000.
Created: December 27, 2000
JOHN COOPER, creator of the rear-engined F! Cooper-Climax and the Mini Cooper, died on Friday in hospital. He was 77. The former racing driver devised the souped-up Mini Cooper in 1961 and his cars were behind Jack Brabham's success in the drivers' championships in the early 1960s.
Created: December 26, 2000
The creator of one the Sixties' coolest car has died, aged 77. John Cooper CBE devised the Mini Cooper in 1961 and it became the ultimate in four-wheeled chic – immortalised in the classic Michael Caine movie, The Italian Job. The Cooper Car Company was the first British motor racing manufacturer to win the Formula One constructors' championship, which it achieved two years running.
Created: December 25, 2000
Mini Cooper creator dies The creator of one of the coolest cars ever seen on the road, John Cooper, has died aged 77. The former motor racing driver developed the Mini Cooper, the souped-up version of the Mini, in 1961 and it soon became a cult classic. The Mini Cooper is still regarded as a cult icon Mr Cooper, who lived at Worthing, West Sussex, was awarded a CBE for services to the motor industry in the New Year's honours list last year.
Created: December 08, 2000
The final Mini to roll of the production line, a 10ft red Mini Cooper Sport, has been presented to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. The most famous small car ever has followed a tradition within the company and will go on public display at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, alongside many other examples of the best in British design and engineering.
Created: November 28, 2000
The classic Mini market has shifted in the last couple of years. Not so long ago, the ideal old Mini was a perfect original from the 1960s, but there's a rapidly growing trend towards buying middle-aged cars, retaining or even enhancing the 1960s look while modernising them technically.
Created: November 20, 2000
The Vintage Motorsports Council, an association of vintage race sanctioning organizations, meets this weekend in New Orleans, for the Winter bi-annual meeting. Representatives from over twenty of the member clubs are expected to discuss items of mutual interest and of importance to the organizations and the sport of vintage auto racing.
Created: November 07, 2000
MG World, the world's best-selling MG magazine has taken over the world's oldest, MG Magazine, to consolidate its position as the best MG publication available. 'We're delighted to be able to keep the American MG Magazine alive,' says MG World's editor Philip Raby.
Created: September 25, 2000
End of the road for legend The world's most famous small car - the classic Mini - will cease production at Longbridge on October 4. Ironically, it was introduced in the wake of the 1956 Suez fuel crisis and will finish in the midst of another.
Created: July 28, 2000
Those worried that the disappearance of leaded petrol at the end of this year could curtail the use of their cherished vehicles should be heartened by the announcement that the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) is endorsing four lead substitute products as adequate for all normal driving.
Created: July 27, 2000
After 22 years, MG's long, protracted withdrawal from North America is now complete. MG Magazine, the last remaining vestige of MG's presence in North America, has ceased publication. Ironically, it was not for a lack of readers. In fact
Created: July 19, 2000
The Bugeye Vintage Racer is in the body shop. It is one of those "do it between the others who are on a tighter schedule" jobs so it will be there a while. I get a weekly update. Sometimes it is good news sometimes bad. In all the effort is holding to cost and on schedule. My problem is staying focused.
Polka-dotted Saatchi Mini
Created: July 10, 2000
But there's been some serious scratching of heads as to why this orthodox paint job could invigorate the value of a Mini by so much. Mind you, there is one bonus - he didn't try to cut the car in half or stuff it into a tank of formaldehyde.
Created: June 21, 2000
The Mini FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions (plus answers) about maintenance and mechanical work on Minis and Mini Coopers. The answers are mostly derived from the archives of the Mini-List mailing list and are the work of contributors to the list, edited for presentation in the FAQ.
Created: June 16, 2000
In the land that invented muscle cars and is awash in sport-utility vehicles, these hardy few are agog over something that gives you a splendid view in a traffic jam -- of somebody else's hubcaps. In a society that loves speed, they boast not of horsepower, but of something they call ''being in touch with the road'' -- the ability to take 90-degree corners at 40 mph without touching the brake.
Mini Torque Wrench Settings
Created: June 13, 2000
Do those nuts and bolts up properly, or a wheel might fall off... if you've been trying to find correct torque wrench settings for your Mini here they are for just about everything that matters.
Mini Cooper Identification Guide
Created: June 09, 2000
Mini Coopers are very similar to standard Minis, making production of a counterfeit Cooper S very easy. It is important for potential buyers to ensure that the car they are interested in is genuine.
Import Story
Created: May 11, 2000
After Mini shopping for more than a year, I decided to try my hand at importing one. I live in Tennessee, so I limited my shopping to the UK and Canada, as other sources were impracticable for me from a cost standpoint. After much research on MiniMania and other sites, I took the plunge.
Created: May 09, 2000
The BMW-owned Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon, Warwickshire, is home to 350 historic vehicles, plus a massive document archive. Ford's acquisition of Land Rover means it will soon own the Gaydon vehicle development facility – next door to the museum – which led to speculation it was buying the Heritage Centre as well.
Created: April 21, 2000
Like the new company, the much-awaited new Bonneville will share only the name with its ancestor. Hints about capacity suggest 650cc to 750cc. Inevitably, it will be a twin-cylinder machine, and, in an excess of misty-eyed nostalgia (or is that cynical marketing savvy?) over common sense, the new Bonnie is rumoured to be air-cooled as well. Hopefully this fascination with the past will not extend to pushrods or to oil leaks.
Created: April 14, 2000
If you received multiple copies of this week's newsletter, we apologize. We have implemented a new mail list program which is causing some problems, including sending multiple emails to individual recipients. We are hard at work fixing this problem. Again, we apologize.
Created: April 06, 2000
RACE car constructor, John Cooper - the father of the Mini Cooper - has been presented with the Commander of the Order of the British Empire medal for services to the motor industry.
Created: April 05, 2000
A month by month account of the evolution of the Mini as it rolled off the assembly line.
The Mini is Big in Japan
Created: March 29, 2000
So you think the Western Mini-Internet scene is big ? Think again! The Japanese Internet scene must be equal, if not bigger. Their Yahoo listing is twice a big as the US & UK version. Unfortunately though, most of these sites are in Japanese, therefore unaccessable to us Westeners.
Created: March 27, 2000
Setting up any car for racing can be a very daunting task for the inexperienced, and setting up the famous little British shoe box can be even more so. The small size makes it feel like a toy car but the front wheel drive is not very common in race preparation books. The Mini was one of the first mass produced front wheel drive cars and was immediately know for it’s great handling
Created: March 20, 2000
Check out some pictures of last weekend's VARA event in Las Vegas.
Major & Lancer (1958 to 1964)
Created: March 15, 2000
Introduced in April 1958 the first Majors and Lancers were mechanically identical to the English Wolseley 1500 which was also produced in the same factory. Vehicle launches were kept separate as there were still both Austin and Morris franchised dealers.
Created: March 11, 2000
British publisher Emap PLC is buying The Petersen Companies Inc., publisher of Motor Trend, Teen, Sport and other specialty magazines, for $1.2 billion in cash.
Created: March 07, 2000
This article will be in several parts. This is not because the article is too long. It is because it will take me some time to get the car on the track. So watch for updates.
Created: March 03, 2000
For one week only, from 3 March 2000 through 10 March 2000, we are offering a 10% discount on all non-sale items ordered through our website. All discounts will be automatically calculated when you place your order. Act now!
Created: March 03, 2000
The Vintage Motorsports Council is requesting that racers and race prep shops report all mechanical failures to Ely Fishkin. The Vintage Motorsports Council is requesting that racers and race prep shops report all mechanical failures to Ely Fishkin,
Created: March 02, 2000
Most of us have seen it, but not this close!
Created: February 21, 2000
I wandered into the British car section filled with Jags, MGs and Triumphs. In the back was a Mini MKI. The usual rust areas were solid, not repaired; the body was straight; it had an engine; it had four tires and the price was right. It was just what I wanted. The only draw back being I live in Maryland. I began to express my interest and my concern noting that the Mini was a bit too large for a carry-on.
Created: February 18, 2000
A shop in Hook, Hampshire plans to rebuild and sell 24 right hand drive, Portuguese Mokes it has recently purchased.
Created: February 17, 2000
First of all, I would like to tell you about my shipping a Morris Mini Van into the USA from Australia. I did a great deal of searching on the Internet. I contacted many different dealers. Many of them wanted top dollar for there cars. If you pay a high price for the car to start with, You can plan on spending at least $1500.00 to $1800.00 more on the shipping , terminal handling fees, taxes & duties
Created: February 17, 2000
Considering the whole idea of the Car of the Century started three years ago with a list of 200 cars, to make it to the last five is an achievement in itself
Created: February 10, 2000
The Monte Carlo Rally, the oldest and most prestigious of them all, is poised to be thrown out of the world championship.
Created: January 29, 2000
These mirrors were originally designed to fit Mini doors that already had fixing holes provided by the factory. Depending on YOUR door there are three alternative methods of fitment.
How-to Videos
How-To: Classic Mini Front Subframe Assembly Part 2
Created: January 04, 2017
VIDEO: How-To: Classic Mini Front Subframe Assembly Part 2
How-To: Classic Mini Front Subframe Assembly Part 1
Created: January 04, 2017
VIDEO: How-To: Classic Mini Front Subframe Assembly Part 1
How-To Rebuild a Classic Mini Cooper Remote Gearbox
Created: September 06, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Rebuild a Classic Mini Cooper Remote Gearbox
How-To Install a Crankshaft & Set a End Float in a Mini A+
Created: September 06, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Install a Crankshaft & Set a End Float in a Mini A+
How-To Install a Windscreen Windshield on a Classic Mini
Created: September 06, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Install a Windscreen Windshield on a Classic Mini
How-To Fit Pistons, Camshaft, Oil Pump Classic Mini 1275 A+ Block
Created: August 15, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Fit Pistons, Camshaft & Oil Pump in a Classic Mini 1275 A+ Block
How-To Set Valve Timing on a Classic Mini 1275cc A+ Block Part 2
Created: August 15, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Set the Valve Timing on a Classic Mini 1275cc A+ Block Part 2
How-To Set  Valve Timing on a Classic Mini 1275cc A+ Block Part 1
Created: August 15, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Set the Valve Timing on a Classic Mini 1275cc A+ Block Part 1
How-To Upgrade to a Hi-Lo Suspension in your Classic Mini No 2
Created: August 15, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Upgrade to a High/Low Suspension in your Classic Mini No2
How-To Upgrade to a Hi-Lo Suspension in your Classic Mini No 1
Created: August 15, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Upgrade to a High/Low Suspension in your Classic Mini No1
How-To Install 3D Badges on your MINI Cooper
Created: August 02, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Install 3D Badges on your MINI Cooper
Created: February 01, 2006
Is the Ignitor™ a "universal" electronic ignition system? The Ignitor electronic ignition is far from being universal. Each kit is designed specifically for the distributor type. However, our kits will often fit many distributors from the same manufacturer. A kit that has been designed for a particular distributor type may also fit other distributors that use the same point set, cap and rotor. For additional information . 
Ignition Tune-Up Kits- classic Mini
Created: March 16, 2005
This visual guide will assist you in finding the right tune up kit for your Classic Mini!
Created: November 23, 2004
IGNITION - Possible pre-ignition/pinking cause Something that came to light during a conversation with a colleague and friend may be worth passing along! It's one of those things that, once ingested, lurks in the dark corners of the mind until a pertinent situation comes along.
Created: April 11, 2003
I'd like a pound coin for every time I've been asked about what these are all about and why they are used. Folk seem to hold them in some kind of awe - but they are very simple.
Created: September 26, 2000
Establishing an accurate TDC reference point is of paramount importance when developing and monitoring ignition timing (and cam timing come to that). When an experienced engine builder assembles an engine - no matter whether for road or race - he will establish an accurate TDC indicator that can be used for ignition purposes.
Created: September 25, 2000
Any deviation away from the original standard engine specification, or where a dizzy from another source is used in the engine you have, the ignition timing will generally be different from that set by the manufacturer.
Created: September 15, 2000
Any dizzy can be set to get maximum power. No problem. Unfortunately that's only one spot on the whole power curve/rpm range. If the curve isn't right elsewhere, the engine will be either loosing power - in some instances by substantial amounts - or detonating its self into oblivion and a costly re-build.
Created: September 15, 2000
Since the A-Series has such an efficient combustion chamber design, the standard points set-up is perfectly capable of providing sufficient sparks for effective combustion when new. And this is the problem. They require regular servicing to maintain maximum performance. This can be a chore, so is generally neglected.
Corbeau Seats for the Mini Cooper
Created: March 31, 2016
Corbeau Seats for any Mini Cooper. Easy to install, built for comfort, and created with craftsman quality and design, the hallmarks of Corbeau. Only at Mini Mania.
Classic Mini Interior Restoration Guide
Created: September 10, 2014
Building your Mini from the ground up? Or simply doing a rolling restoration, take advantage of our experience to recommend the parts and accessories you need to get the job done right!
Newton Commerical Mini Interior Trim
Created: January 06, 2014
Newton Commercial interior trim for the Mini range including seat covers, carpets, interior panels and headliners
Cleaning Vinyl and Leather Seats with Prima Car Care Products
Created: April 01, 2013
The most common problem leading to ratty looking seats is a combination of material stiffening due to age and stitching degradation. We can prevent both by following the steps outlined below.
MINI Cooper Sunshade Eyeshades Custom Orders
Created: October 13, 2011
Eyeshades can be ordered with custom colors and different expressions, but you will have to call us to order. Call us at 800-946-2642 and ask for 'New MINI Custom Eyeshades'.
Created: February 16, 2000
Having trouble putting together that righteous color scheme? Browse through this virtual carpet sample book and be enlightened.
Mini Mania
Created: February 07, 2017
Join us for our 17th Annual Nevada City Adventure Mini Meet on Saturday, June 24, 2017! Let's celebrate minis, friends, family and the start of summer!
Get More For Less at Mini Mania
Created: January 16, 2017
With our Everyday Low Prices - you get more than just savings!
Created: September 07, 2016
Mini Mania would like to ask that the participants on this site treat others in the manner they would like to be treated. Where views run contrary to your own, Mini Mania would ask that people are tolerant rather than intolerant.
Used Classic Mini Parts
Created: August 23, 2016
Browse our Classic Mini used parts selection from Mini Mania. From common to hard to find parts we are your online shopping solution.
Join Our Members Only Discount Program!
Created: July 15, 2016
Special treatment? That's what you get when you sign up for our emails. Discount codes, special offers, pre-sales events, all designed to make you feel special. Because you are. Sign up today.
Nevada City Adventure 2016 Recap
Created: June 16, 2016
Mini Mania had the Adventure of a lifetime - the Nevada City Adventure 2016 that is. It was a great event with lots of beautiful Minis and MINIs to gawk at, great lectures from our Tech Talk Speakers and an Adventure Tour to end all Adventure Tours!
Mini Mania Across America 2016
Created: June 02, 2016
Mini Mania Across America 2016
Team Mini Mania Races Across America
Created: April 27, 2016
Team Mini Mania Races Across America in 2016
Nevada City Adventure 2016
Created: February 19, 2016
Come join us for this Nevada City Adventure, our annual customer appreciation car show and a tour of Gold Country! Where: 870 Gold Flat Road, Nevada City, California When: Saturday, May 21st 2016 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
Help Wanted - Marketing Manager
Created: December 03, 2015
Help Wanted - Marketing Manager This is an opportunity to love what you do every day. Bring your passion for cars to the mother-ship of Mini enthusiasm and go home with a smile every day! Marketing Manager will develop, establish and maintain marketing strategies to meet company objectives in the Automotive aftermarket industry. Effective management of the marketing, advertising and promotional activities of the organization.
Classic Mini  Pre-Owned Products
Created: February 05, 2015
Mini parts of all ages are getting increasing difficult to find and expensive. Pre-owned gently used product could be your best option.
Created: December 15, 2014
MINI Mania Core Charges are refundable when the old parts are returned
Created: November 10, 2014
Checking the status of your order just got easier! Now you can log in to your account at any time and check what step your order is in. When your order ships, we'll update it with a tracking number (where applicable). Follow these simple instructions to check your order right now!
Paddy Hopkirk, 1964 Monte Carlo Rally Winner Visits Candy Store
Created: April 14, 2014
Fifty years ago, a young Irishmen named Paddy Hopkirk surprised the racing community by driving a 1964 red Mini Cooper S to victory in the world famous Monte Carlo Rally.
Created: April 08, 2014
Collection of Team Mini Mania Pictures
Mini Mania tests the Twin Engine 4 wheel drive MINI Cooper
Created: February 27, 2014
The first ever Mini with 2 engines was produced by the factory in 1963, it was built on the original classic version of the Mini Cooper called the “MOKE”. The Moke was a jeep version of the Mini with intended military applications. It ran the standard 10” wheels and built simple by putting a second engine mounted on the original front subframe in the back of the vehicle. Originally the gear shift linkages were connected together along with the clutch and throttle pedal. This proved to be a bit of as nightmare as it was very difficult to synchronize both engines and transmissions.
Created: February 05, 2014
Motor Werks Magazine covers the Nevada City Adventure 2013 with pictures and stories of the 13 annual event
Winter Rebuilds Photo Captions
Created: January 20, 2014
Winter Rebuild Photo Captions needed!
Created: December 11, 2013
Mini Mania's Nevada City Adventure 2014 What: 14th Annual Nevada City Adventure Where: 870 Gold Flat Road, Nevada City, California When: May 31, 2014 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
Customer Product Reviews
Created: November 28, 2013
Customer Product review posts are in many ways the core of what Internet buying is about—the ability for regular folks to express an opinion about a product, be it positive or negative. Every day, tens of thousands of product reviews are written on websites across the world, and often, on just one product alone, hundreds of new opinion/review posts are written each week.
Created: November 26, 2013
Enthusiasts Wanted - Mini Enthusiasts that are comfortable in front of a computer. Contributing editors, tech writers and bloggers- all are welcome If you think you know your Mini or at least would like to tell others about your experience with Minis now is your chance to earn money just for being...
WISHLIST Feature on Mini Mania Site
Created: November 20, 2013
Wish your family could read your mind and get you what you'd REALLY like for the holidays? Mini Mania’s Wish List feature is just what you’re looking for!
Created: October 01, 2013
The Mini Mania Free Shipping Promotion is a limited time offer with the following qualifications:
Created: August 19, 2013
Photo Log Part 3 - Mini Mania Crosses America
Created: August 13, 2013
Don Racine, owner and founder of Mini Mania, is now traveling across the US towing his infamous 1960 Mini to take part in three exciting races
PHOTO Log Part 1 - Mini Mania Crosses America
Created: August 09, 2013
Follow along as Don Racine, owner and founder of Mini Mania, is travels across the US towing his infamous 1960 Mini to take part in three exciting races: Glenora Wine Cellars US Vintage Grand Prix in Watkins Glen, NY, the Historic Festival at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, CT and the Vintage Grand Prix Au Grattan XXVII in Grattan, MI.
Created: July 16, 2013
Created: June 04, 2013
Mark Your Calendars! We have set a date for Nevada City Adventure 2014! Join us on Sat. May 31, 2014 for our 14th Annual Open House and Car Show. 2014 also just so happens to be our 40 year anniversary. We are already planning an EXTRA special event! RSVP ...
Created: March 01, 2013
1967 Mini Cooper S Restoration Title
Team Mini Mania at the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival
Created: February 05, 2013
Team Mini Mania's caravan of four Classic Mini Coopers have again been selected to participate in the upcoming Sonoma Historic Races at Sonoma Raceway, California. ***UPDATE*** Do you needs parts and you're going to the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival? Mini Mania will delivery them t...
Created: December 26, 2012
Created: December 10, 2012
Thank you for your order. In order to pay for your goods with your PayPal account, please follow these simple instructions to send money from your PayPal account to our PayPal account
Created: December 10, 2012
Sobre Mini Mania
Created: September 20, 2012
Created: September 12, 2012
Created: August 24, 2012
Mini Time Line Part 1 – The Early Years, Through 1962 Last Updated August 13, 2012. Information added and corrections made.
Created: August 24, 2012
Mini Time Line Part 2 – 1963 Through 1967 Last Updated August 13, 2012. Information added and corrections made.
Created: August 24, 2012
Mini Time Line Part 3 – 1968 Through 1976 Last Updated August 13, 2012. Information added and corrections made.
Created: August 24, 2012
Mini Time Line Part 5 – 1989 Through 2002 Last Updated August 13, 2012. Information added and corrections made.
Created: August 24, 2012
Mini Time Line Part 4 – 1977 Through 1988 Last Updated August 13, 2012. Information added and corrections made.
Created: August 24, 2012
Mini Time Line Part 6 – 2003 On Last Updated August 22, 2012. Information added.
Classic Mini vs. New MINI
Created: August 23, 2012
The original Mini Cooper was first launched in 1959 and went on to become a style icon of the 1960s which was much sought after, even by the rich and famous.
Nevada City Lodging Guide
Created: June 11, 2012
Local Room Taxes NOT included Seasonal rates may apply, Rates are subject to change
2012 Nevada City Adventure - Recap
Created: June 04, 2012
It was a early morning at the Mini Mania headquarters in Nevada City, Ca. We had MINI’s show up the day previous. Anxious participants were scouting to see if people were camping out for prime locations in the front of our facility.
MOM's & the MINI for Mother's Day
Created: May 07, 2012
We think MOM's are pretty special... Really, Where would we be without 'em? So, for this Mother's Day we want all of you MOMs to treat yourself!
Standing Starts verses Rolling Starts - AUS
Created: May 03, 2012
Standing starts verses rolling startsWhile I am sure this has been discussed, debated and ruled on many time in history I thought I might share a perspective from a newcomers point of view.
Vintage Racing on the Philip Island - AUS
Created: May 03, 2012
Phillip Island is the on the southern most tip of Australia and only 90 miles from Melbourne. The 38 Sq. mile island features spectacular coastal scenery, charming heritage and an abundance of Australian wildlife AND the most famous race track in a country that is 2.9M sq.miles (the USA only has 3M Sq. miles) with a total population of 21.8 Million people (California alone has 37.7 million). Phillip Island itself has a population of less than 10,000.
a MINI Cooper for Parents - DC Urban Mom
Created: April 25, 2012
The MINI Cooper may be one of the best city cars around, but it has limitations for parents
MINI for Me - Janet
Created: April 25, 2012
I have been looking to replace the convertible stolen from me for 25 years now...And this week... I did!
Vintage Racing at Wakefield Park - AUS
Created: April 19, 2012
The racing adventure of a lifetime started on a small club race track southwest of Sydney.The Sydney area is not unlike a lot of areas in America in that many of the racers tell stories aboutthe number of old race tracks that have been bull dozed by the developers for housing or shopping
Drive the race track of your dream - AUS
Created: April 04, 2012
As most of us are driven to race for the experience and thrill of it all with a little tinge of winning it is easy to know that almost everyone has dreams of racing various circuits around the US and even the world.
Vintage racing (and more) in Australia - AUS
Created: April 03, 2012
The mystique of Phillip Island was with us for almost 5 months, before we left for Australia. The anticipation of participating in the world class premiere Aussie vintage racing event was intertwined in our daily life, everything relating to "when we go to Australia....."
Mini Meet West dates and history
Created: March 30, 2012
First U.S. Mini Meet was held in Reno, Nevada the 26, 27, 28th. There were 43 paid registrations. Eventually, the Meet became known as the first Mini Meet West after the start up of the Mini Meet East events in 1975.
Created: March 30, 2012
Mini Meet East dates and history
Created: March 30, 2012
The 1st Spring Thing was held the 24th – 26th at Kissimmee, Florida. It was sponsored by FLAME (Florida Mini Enthusiasts).
Created: March 30, 2012
The 1st “national” U.S. Mini Meet, “East Meets West,” was held the 2nd - 6th in Denver, Colorado.
BMC Name Changes
Created: March 30, 2012
The British Motor Corporation (BMC) was formed in 1952 by joining the Nuffield Organization (Morris, MG, Riley, and Wolseley) with the Austin Motor Company. It was during BMC’s reign that the Mini was designed and introduced.
Created: March 23, 2012
Win a weekend at Lake Tahoe at this years 12th Annual Nevada City Adventure !
MINI Thunder III (3)  An experience to build on!
Created: February 27, 2012
Go to a track day of Mini's tearing around the rolling hills of California's central valley? What a great opportunity for Mini Mania to attend  MINI Thunder III. Once a year Minis from all over descend on Willows, CA. They converge and meet at one place.. Thunderhill Raceway.
Austrailian Adventure - Don goes down under - AUS
Created: February 23, 2012
Early rise this morning in order to meet Graham Russel at 7 am for our road trip to the Blue Mountains, about an hours drive from Paramatta.
The Daytona-win-$500 Contest - The Daytona 500
Created: February 20, 2012
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series kicks off its 2012 preparations at Daytona International Speedway. The Daytona 500 is to racing what the Super Bowl is to football.
Created: February 03, 2012
The Big News is WE'RE IN! As it turned out, our little town's Soapbox Derby has generated huge interest!  So much that there had to be a lottery to limit the field to 42 entries.. 
Mini Mania goes racing!! SOAPBOX Derby Racing! - UPDATE!
Created: January 19, 2012
We’d like to sponsor an entry in this Summer’s NEVADA CITY ADULT SOAPBOX DERBY. Those of us who attended last year’s inaugural race witnessed a great community event that benefited our local Pioneer Park in Nevada City, just around the corner from Mini Mania. In fact, our parking lot was used as a staging area by the teams competing in the race!
Mini & the Month Of..
Created: January 05, 2012
Mini & the Month Of..  A complete listing of Mini, and the milestones, by month
Mini Mania's 12th Annual Nevada City Adventure 2012 NCA
Created: December 29, 2011
Nevada City Adventure 2012 Nevada City, CA - The Coolest event this Summer will be The Nevada City Adventure 2012, May 19th.
Created: December 20, 2011
Fit seal, squirt loads of silicone spray around it, place glass in seal on scuttle, then with a blunt screw driver ease it in.
1964 Mini Cooper Works Racecar DJB93B
Created: December 16, 2011
Belying its small size and apparent fragility, the Mini Cooper developed into the most successful works rally car of the 1960s
Minis and the Month of December
Created: December 06, 2011
Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of December, and an overview of total Mini production figures.
Minis and the Month of November
Created: November 10, 2011
Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of November; including, the birth of Alex Issigonis.
Even More Minis and the Month of October
Created: October 31, 2011
Even More Minis and the Month of October               Still more significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of October; including, the end of production for Minis in three countries and the passing of Issigonis.
More Minis and the Month of October
Created: October 26, 2011
            More significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of October.
Jessica Pabalate's Arrive & Drive Experience
Created: October 14, 2011
I was at work when I opened the email Don sent telling me that I won the essay contest for Arrive and Drive. I read it, and then reread it because I couldn’t believe I won! I jumped up out of my chair emphatically yelling “I won, I won, I won!”
Wallpaper for your iPhone from Mini Mania
Created: October 13, 2011
Want to make your MINI the wallpaper on your iPhone? Creating your own Wallpaper for your iPhone is a pretty simple task.
Get 15% back from Mini Mania - Video Upload
Created: October 11, 2011
Make a "Do it Yourself" guide. (a D.I.Y.)Take a Video of you applying, bolting on, installing,or modifying your MINI with your Mini Mania order.
The Mini-Trac at The Bottom of the World
Created: October 05, 2011
Port Martin, to the east, has reported an annual average wind speed in the gale force range, and daily averages as high as 102 mph (hurricane classification begins at 73 mph). If it's the last place in the world you would expect to find a Mini, read on.
Minis and the Month of October
Created: October 03, 2011
Minis and the Month of October               Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of October.
More Minis and the Month of September
Created: September 27, 2011
Minis and More for the Month of September               More significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of September.
Minis and the Month of September
Created: September 02, 2011
Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of September
NEW Oporto Bike for Women from Cooper Bikes
Created: September 02, 2011
The bicycle division of the Cooper Car Company said the Oporto is elegant, simple and high quality, featuring a sophisticated riding position for comfort and a smooth ride.
More Minis and the Month of August
Created: August 29, 2011
            More significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of August.