In response to demand from MGB enthusiasts the world over, British Motor Heritage is now producing aluminium alloy bonnets for this popular MG classic. Formed on the original tooling and hand finished by craftsmen at the BMH Witney manufacturing centre, the bonnets will fit all MGB derivatives including the MGB GT V8. Early production MGB's were fitted with alloy bonnets as standard but steel took over in 1971. The new alloy bonnet will appeal both to classic car owners and drivers of MGB race cars as it offers a considerable weight saving of 7kgs over the steel unit, in addition to exceptional resistance to corrosion. The bonnet will fit MGB's from 1962 to 1971 with no modification; other models may require very minor adjustments, for example, to the bonnet prop fixing. The bonnet is supplied in body-in-white condition (unpainted) and is available from BMH approved MG specialists. In addition to the MGB, BMH has a finite stock of aluminium MGC bonnets, the tooling for which is no longer available.