Vintage Fiberglass Austin Mini Pickup Body Shell

Looking to build your own Classic Mini dream car?  Now’s your chance.


We’ve drastically reduced the price of this one of a kind Mini Pickup Fiberglass Body Shell AND we’re throwing in Free Shipping (continental US ONLY) to close the deal.


This really is an opportunity to be creative and build something out of the ordinary! Electric Mini? Eye-Popping Classic?   HONDA VTEC conversion, including the 4-wheel-drive version based on the Honda CRV running gear? Pop it on Suzuki Samurai (this Mini body will fit the Suzuki wheel base nicely!   A SERIOUS off roader?    Mini 4x4 Monster Truck?


The possibilities are endless.


More Than Just a Shell


The unit is supplied with doors, bonnet, tailgate, upper & lower dash rails, and inner wings. The body shell is constructed with an integral steel skeleton bonded into the body shell to incorporate the following – 
• Top shock mounts internal plate for strength to support the suspension 
• Top subframe mount for single-bolt (MK 4 style) integral with internal frame work
• Lower subframe mounts (in front valance and in floor by feet, but NOT drilled) 
• Steering rack mounting plate (holes not drilled) 
• Handbrake mounting plate(hole not cut)
• Shoulder and floor seatbelt mounts 
• Central tunnel seat belt mounts 
• Rear subframe front mounts (onto side impact sill runner from front to back) 
• Rear subframe rear mounts onto integral frame 

Plus, the fiberglass shell is about four inches longer than standard (with the 'bed' area correspondingly shorter, so same wheelbase and overall length).  The "xtra-cab" should make it much more comfortable as the original was very tight for most drivers.


See What You Think of This Mini Pickup


Below are some photos of the actual shell we have here at Mini Mania.  As you can see, it is a shell only and can be considered a replacement for any year Pick-up body.  It should also be possible to register as a "Special construction vehicle" as most states make a provision for "replica" or "kit cars".    The Mini pick-ups were produced until 1980, and this shell is built to take the later 'single bolt' Mark 4 front sub-frame.

And To Be Perfectly Clear…

We do want to be clear that this unit will take some detailing and TLC to massage out a few quirks.  The fit of the doors is not great, and they are a little 'funky', being constructed using the window frame and channel from stock steel doors - they are Mark 3 and later doors made for the roll-up windows and internal hinges, unlike the original pick-ups, which used sliding windows and external hinges like the Mark 1 & Mark 2 Minis of the 60s.   All these issues pale in comparison to the work (and expense!) required to fix a rusty old Pick-up, so this is a much better starting point for most people!


Free Shipping On Our Fiberglass Body Shell!


You bet. The price of this body shell includes free shipping anywhere in the Continental US. That’s an extra $1500 value!

Go here for more details or to purchase this Mini Pickup Body Shell

Why Not Sweeten the Deal?


How about throwing one of our "Ultimate Street Performance Engines" into the pot and still get free shipping?  And a 5-Speed Gear Box too?

1380hp Power Unit With 5 Speed Transmission


Ask any group of Classic Minis enthusiasts what feature they wished their Mini had, and one of the top answers will be "a FIFTH gear"!  This is particularly true when the car has a nice big torquey engine like one of our 1380cc custom-built powerunits. We have built literally hundreds of these over the years, but only a special few have been equipped with one of the aftermarket 5-speed gearboxes.


In recent years, the five speeds have been produced in small numbers a few at a time, so not uncommon to find yourself on a waiting list. We at Mini Mania know this so when we want one, we often try to order two! 


The 5-speed is configured to match the original 60s Cooper S close ratio gear box, but with a fifth gear overdrive that lets you and your Mini relax on a modern highway. This engine package will out-perform the fire-breathing original Cooper S while matching its fun to drive point and shoot, nimble handling manners that humble far higher spec competition to this day. Your Mini will jump off the line with authority, each gear perfectly placed for the engine powerband. But when you're not auto-crossing, or enjoying your favorite winding road, you can put this one in fifth and actually take it somewhere!

For details, check out our 1380hp Power Unit With 5 Speed Transmission



About Our "Ultimate Street Performance Mini Engines"


Our "Ultimate Street Performance Engine" is the result of 30+ years of building and racing our own Mini Coopers.  Using , only components from well-established suppliers to build our Mini motors, we build our motors to spec.    Shipped palletized and protected, our "Ultimate Street Performance Engine" are ready to bolt in and run.


For more details, please read our spec sheet on the "Ultimate Street Performance Engine"


Or for a other Mini Mania engine options check out our listing on “Classic Mini Engines at Mini Mania.”


Engines built by Mini Mania are warrantied by Mini Mania for 12 months or 12,000 miles (which ever comes from first).