Mini Cooper Tuning


Mini Cooper tuning is part of the heritage of Mini Mania.  The original Mini Cooper was first introduced in 1959.  Mini Mania has been ‘Mini Cooper Tuning’  since 1974.  Bringing together the experience and brand loyalty of all these years into the modern BMW Mini Cooper has allowed Mini Mania to offer the ultimate in Mini Cooper tuning kits.


Not only does Mini Mania offer the ultimate in Mini Cooper Tuning with the ultimate performance enhancements, but we are the only aftermarket supplier offering a warranty program that builds on and supports the BMW MINI factory warranty. Details on our "ULTIMATE Warranty" can be found here.


Mini Mania has always presented Mini Cooper Tuning as an upgrade path that allows you to modify your MINI Cooper in ‘stages’.  Not only is this the most cost effective manner to achieve your performance goals, but you can be assured that all the components are engineered to work together as a package to provide the maximum results. Click here for more ‘stage’ details.


All Mini Cooper Tuning Stage kits have been tested and proven both in bench testing and in the real world of everyday driving and the highest demands of racing.  Along with over 30 years of racing our own cars, we have also supported our customers' club racing campaigns through our  Contingency Program.