Nov. 17, 2003 - Issue C102

What's New at Mini Mania

Mini Mania is now on Ebay! You can get some great deals on Classic Mini (and New MINI) parts by checking our on-line auctions every week. Click here to see what we're currently offering, or search for Seller "mini870" on Ebay. Remember to bookmark the address for future reference! Our first auction ends this Saturday, 11/22.

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Event News

The 9th annual Spring Thing Mini meet and general all-around party weekend is scheduled for "somewhere in Orlando, FL, near Universal Studios", for Feb. 20-22, 2004. We will publish more information as the details get filled in!

The SEMA International Auto Salon is the automotive aftermarket giant's ONLY show open to the public, and we'll be there! Here's your chance to see the newest products for a variety of car types, and meet the Mini Mania team. Mark your calendar for April 5-6, 2004 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Tech Tips

Keith Calver has been under the hood of a lot of Minis in his time, and is happy to share what he's learned with us. Find out what he has to say about the various makes of electronic ignition with the following article:

"Since the A-Series has such an efficient combustion chamber design, the standard points set-up is perfectly capable of providing sufficient sparks for effective combustion when new. And this is the problem. If maintenance is overlooked, the results are a loss in power and economy, poor starting performance, and general poor running. To maximise spark potential an electronic ignition is essential." (...more)

Visit our Calver's Corner Archives

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Easy Gift Shopping:



Hydro Pump on Sale till 11/30
Minis with a hydrolastic or "wet" suspension are prone to lose pressure with age and require pumping up. Your neighborhood garage is NOT equipped to do this! You, your mechanic, or your club may want to invest in this unique pump to keep the "wet" cars on the road. Reg. $525.00, now $475.00 Item TOOL01

Products on Special
Prices good through Dec. 15, 2004

Dual Point Centrifugal Diz
"Mallory" has been a name brand performance distributor for many years here in the states. The dual points distribute the load over two instead of one set of points, allowing higher revs, better spark control, etc. This distri-butor has full centrifugal advance and will provide a perfect spark well beyond 8,000 RPM's. The Real Thing! Reg. $299.95, on sale for $269.95 Item 2332001

GB Alloy Wheels & Lugs
The 'GB' brand of 'Minilite' look-alikes were one of the first and best know in the marketplace. While the wheels very much look like a 'Minilite' they take the stock or 'Acorn' style lug nuts (included with the set). We now have a very limited quantity! Reg. $159.95, on sale for $119.95 each.
5"x10" Wheels Item GB5 6"x10" Wheels Item GB6

Minilife Silver 5x12's
This is the ultimate in a 12" mag wheel. These 'Minilite' look-alike wheels were made from some of the original tooling with great quality. The 5" wide design works best with small flares and a set of 147/70 or 165/60 series tires. Reg. $179.95, on sale for $12
5.00 each Item C-21A1967

Mini City Flare Kit
Includes all four wheel arches and two body strips. These black plastic flares were factory standard after 1984. The matte finish flares are accented by the exposed screws and the black plastic strip that connects them front to rear. Reg. $44.95, now $39.95 Item GAW117

12" Nankang Tire
12" tires to fit a Mini are almost impossible to locate (in the USA). These 145/70-12" tires from Nankang are one of only two sizes that will fit the Mini on 12" rims. Long lasting, great all weather street tire! Reg. $75.00 each, now $59.95 each Item TIRE12

Budget Carpet Kit
Don't let the low cost of this "budget" carpet kit fool you. They are made from good-quality nylon carpet with bound edges on the floor pieces. All pieces are pre-cut for easy installation. Black only. Reg. $99.95, now $79.95 Item MS126
Or if Red is Your Thing ...
... here's a RED carpet set with two heel pads. The 9 piece set includes all the carpet needed for any Mini sedan. This one has edge beading. Reg. $89.95, now $79.95 Item CARPET05

This year marks the 29th anniversary of Mini Mania. Through the years, Mini Mania has provided parts, accessories and technical services for owners of the Classic Mini and other British Classics. Now, tradition meets the future as Mini Mania brings new products on line for the New MINI Cooper.Mini Mania is dedicated to providing innovative, quality products to you, our valued customers.

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