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Wheels & tyres - Problems with 12-inch wheels rubbing
Created: October 28, 2002
Having applied Hi-Los and some smart 165/60/12 profile tyre shod12 x 5-inch ally rims, discussions get around to just why does this combination cause the tyre to hit the front arch? Well, it's all a question of alignment - either subframe to body or suspension to subframe.
WHEELS & TIRES - Bigger Wheel Fitment Consideration
Created: May 30, 2001
This subject is a regular visitor to the message board and 'Knowledge' section of Mini Magazine for whom I write - fitting bigger wheels. Predominantly 13-inchers, but 12s as well, the main thrust of the questions being 'what do I need to do?' along with 'which wheel arch extensions will I need?' The answer has always been somewhat 'clipped' purely because of the space availability issues both in the magazine and on the message board, so something a little more detailed was required.