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Cables & Bulbs - Chapter 10 Pages 14-15
MINI Catalog Page 10-15
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  2k8645 2
Screw, cable to battery
  LLB989 A/R
Bulb, bayonette
  850832 A/R
Connector, 5-wire separate gang
  CWB330 A/R
Bullet for lamp sockets
  Earthclip Not shown
Ground clip, two-wire gang
CWB320 A/R
Bullet, solder-on male
5L885 1
Main cable positive to solenoid
5L887 1
Main cable positive to solenoid
AUU1089 1
Main cable positive to solenoid
Pre-engaged starter
5L888MS 1
Negative to earth lead from battery
5L924 original
850651 A/R
Connector, one-wire gang
850641 A/R
Connector, two-wire separate gang
5L1137 1
Cable, body to engine earth
5L925 1
Cable, solenoid to starter
CWB300 A/R
Connector, three-wire separate gang
CWB121 A/R
1/4" female double spade terminal
14A7033 3
Floor grommet/toe board
RFR210 2
Plug, dash panel and hole in dash
CWB123 A/R
1/4" female spade terminal
47H5419 A/R
3/8" female spade terminal, 35 amp
AEU1313A A/R
Bulb holder for speedo, two wires
C611 A/R
Bulb holder for speedo, one wire
10  LLB987 A/R
Bulb, screw-in
10  5L287 A/R
Insulator, 1/4" double spade connector
11  5L286 A/R
Insulator, 1/4" spade connector
11  13H5270 A/R
Bulb holder (plastic)
12  GLB2132 A/R
Bulb, push-in
12  54190042 A/R
Insulator for 3/8
13  188218 A/R
Fuse, 35 amp
30  VPY100110 A/R
Bulb holder, instruments
31  CAB302 A/R
Bulb holder, instruments, with ground wire
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