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Catalytic Converter Information (Technical Information)
  The exhaust header for all the new MINI's from BMW have the catalytic converter built into them.  The replacement of the original stock header with any aftermarket header is limited by the Federal Clean Air act, as outlined below.  Thus it muct be understood that replacing a stock header with one from any aftermarket supplier, even those with catalytic converters,  can only be done if intended for off-road use only.     CONDITIONS FOR REPLACEMENT To any person repairing or installing any exhaust system, the Clean Air Act, as amended 1990, requires that: AFTERMARKET CATALYTIC CONVERTERS MAY ONLY BE INSTALLED IN THE FOLLOWING SITUATIONS: 1. If the vehicle is missing a converter; * 2. If a State or local inspection program has determined...
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EXHAUST - Manifolds, types available and application. (Calver's Corner)
Untitled Document Terminology- LCB -Long centre Branch The third stroke, that following the compression stroke, of our four stroke Mini engine is the only one producing power. The other three consume it. Here we’re looking at with exhaust manifolds, so what we need to consider is how to minimise power consum...
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Exhaust manifold types and applications (Technical Information)
'The third stroke, that following the compression stroke,of our four-stroke Mini, Sprite or Midget engine’s the only one producing power. The other three consume it. Here we’re looking at with exhaust manifolds (headers), so what we need to consider is how to minimize power consumed on the exhaust stroke as the piston pushes the spent gases out. Terminology RecapLCB -Long centre Branc...
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  Refer to bottom of article for useful part numbers. The sheer volume and diversity of bolt on goodies available for our cherished Minis underlines the fact that a very large portion of them is modified in some way. Be it just dress up items to personalise it aesthetically, or tuning parts to improve performance. In the latter’s case, either more power or more economy a...
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Exhausts - Sizing and styles (Calver's Corner)
  Now I just know I'm going to make myself very unpopular with an array of people by doing this article, but I can't help myself.  It is something that plagues me continually.   It does not seem to matter which way I try and explain it, or how I represent it, I always meet a barrage of either unsubstantiated or uneducated reason and arguments.  So now I have the...
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RC40 exhaust fitting (Technical Information)
The RC40 system is ready made to fit the original Cooper and Cooper ā€˜Sā€™ exhaust manifold. This also applies when fitting an RC40 to the maniflow freeflow manifold C-STR816. When fitting to any LCB varieties the flared part of the downpipe (1) needs to be cut off, (NOTE: will only fit inside LCB ā€˜Yā€™ piece of 1.875" (47.63mm) inside diameter). As there are many variants of LCB manifolds and ...
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