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 Carpet installation and throttle pedal - Mk.1

 Created by: Benny
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 Posted: Feb 1, 2013 03:57PM
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can someone post a picture of the carpet if they haven't installed one. I am also redoing my carpet on my MK1


 Posted: Feb 1, 2013 03:41PM
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Cut a notch around the pedal bracket.

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 Posted: Feb 1, 2013 02:21PM
 Edited:  Feb 1, 2013 04:22PM
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Yes, all that part is clear.  I've got the firewall piece cut to clear the pedal assembly, and glued in place.  My concern was more related to how far up the footwell carpets comes, and how that affects the throttle pedal.  

 Posted: Feb 1, 2013 02:07PM
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Fit and installation would depend entirely on how the carpet set has been cut. Most I've fitted have a full firewall section that extends right up the underside of the front parcel tray. The throttle pedal needs to be removed as well as the heater if you have one fitted. If the carpet is not cut to clear the pedal bracket all you need to do is cut two vertical slits to line up with the vertical stays of the bracket. Then the carpet will slip up either side of the bracket and have a flap that flips up to cover inbetween if that makes sense. Poke two small holes for the pedal studs then bolt the pedal on over the carpet.

 Posted: Feb 1, 2013 01:55PM
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I've started installing the front carpet in my Mk.1, and I wanted to find out how I'm supposed to deal with the throttle pedal.  The carpet kprettying pretty high quality set that a friend got from Se7en about 10-12 years ago.  There is a piece that glues to the firewall, and then the front footwell section lies in, and overlaps that piece by quite a bit.  

I'm assuming I should glue the carpet to the firewall, then bolt the throttle pedal on top of that piece, correct?  My concern is how high up the footwell carpets will come up.  Should they come right up to (but not past) the throttle pedal bracket?

if the footwell carpets come up past the pedal bracket, then that would make its installation quite a bit more difficult.