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 Mini Pickup For sale.

 Created by: mini1071
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 Posted: Mar 26, 2013 01:11AM
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Cheers just found it.


 Posted: Mar 26, 2013 01:10AM
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Hi paul yes it is still for sale.Iv put the pickup in the classic minis for sale section.
with the price and my details on it.

 cheers david

 Posted: Mar 25, 2013 11:29PM
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This is a good deal, is it still for sale? I really need a new car. However, have you heard this news? The Super Bowl is coming up, for heathens, malcontents and other miserable curmudgeons who don't pay attention to football. As a result, many people will chow down on wings during the game but they might be in for some sticker shock. Last year's drought impacted the chicken supply, and a moderate chicken wing scarcity has been reported.

 Posted: Mar 25, 2013 02:48PM
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theres a section for selling cars. private sellers, and dealers section.



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 Posted: Mar 25, 2013 10:56AM
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"There where only 58000 mini pickups and mini vans ever made in an eight year period".

Not quite -production of 54000 pickups alone lasted from 1961 to 1983.

Mini vans were built from 1960 to 1983, in much larger numbers than pickups, though I don't have the figures to hand.

Car engines make CO2 and trees absorb CO2. By running your engine you're feeding a tree and helping the environment.

 Posted: Mar 25, 2013 02:28AM
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 Mini Pickup For sale.

    The pickup is registed as a 1979 V reg on the log book.     The pickup will come with a 12 months MOT.

    There where only 58000 mini pickups and mini vans ever made in an eight year period,     and 20% of them where exported abroad so its now a very rare mini in the UK,     and an even rare mini anywhere ellse in the world.       So this is a great oppurtunity to owen a very rare mini pickup ledgend.And a great investment oppatunity     as there very hard to find now,and going up in value year on year.

    And also there great fun to drive and very head turning when     out on the open road.     This is an ideal mini pickup  for an avid collector to have in his or her collection.!!!!     And of course the mini pickup has been fully restored so just turn the key and go.!!!!!!


       The Body Shell.

   Shell was completley stripped of all its parts.    All panel with rot in them replaced with genuine panels-    New wings X2.    Front panel x1.    Outter and inner A panels x2.    Outter Sills x2.    floor panels x2.    Door steps x2.    Inner sills x2.    New rear subframe.X 1    Rear subframe mounting plates x2.    Door skins x2.    Rear central valance plus both corners.    New tail gate.    New petrol tank and sender.    Any other rot has been cut out and replaced with good steel.    The whole shell was stone chipped on the under body and then the primed was applied,    and then the black top coat was applied to achive the proffesional finsh as seen on the photos.


      Front subframe.

   The front subframe was stripped of all its parts.    And then everthing was bead blasted and poweder coated black.

   Its has been re/asembled with new parts-    Dough nuts x2.    Hi lows x2.    Knuckle joints x2.    New bearings in both top arms x2.    Ployurethane bushes fitted I.E.top subframe x2, tyrods x4,bump stops x4,lower arm bushes x4.    Front shocks.x2    Copper nickle brake pipes.    Front to rearcooper nickle  main brake pipe.    flexie brake hoses x2.    Steering rack X1    Track rod ends x2.    Front 12" disc set up fully rebuilt I.E.-    2 x 12" discs    2 x 12" calipers.    1 set of brake pads.    2 x 12" drive flanges.    2 x castle nut kits.    2 x 12" CV joints.    2 x CV boot kits.    2 x Timpkin roller bearing kits.    2 x disc stone gaurds.      


   The old rear-subframe was stripped of all its parts-    The new one was then bead blasted together with all of the old parts,    then everthing has been powder coated black.

   Then re/asembled with new parts-    Dought nuts.x2    Adjustible hi lows.x2    knuckle joints.x2    Radius arm full pin kits.x2    2 Piece hand brake cable.    Rear shocks.x2    flexi brake hose's.x2    1 Subframe polyurethane mounting bush kit.    Copper nickel brake pipes.x2    Brake adjuster kits x2.    brake cylinders.x2    1 set of brake shoes.    1 set of adjustible negitive camber brackets.    Alloy superfins brake drums with built in space.x2    Extended studs.x8    Timkin rear Wheel bearings.x2

          Engine bay.          New Brake master cylinder.     New bulk head compensator.     New clutch master cyinder.     New clutch flexi hose.     New clutch slave.     New chrome rocker box cover and gasket.     New lucas coil.     New ignition leads.     New 4 GKN plugs     New dizzy cap.     New electronic distributor fitted.     New starter motor.     New alternator.     New radiator.     New water pump.     New fuel pump.     New hose top and bottom and heater.     New mini spares full 3 in To 1 2" big bore exhausts system,     and clamps plus chrome tail pipe.     It has an Rebuilt  1"3/4 MG carb and inlet manifold and air filter fitted.               fully rebuilt 1293cc engine and gearbox.         This engine started its life in an MG Metro.    The engine and gearbox was taken out and completley stripped down.    All the parts where cleaned in a acid chemical.       Head.12G940.       Completley stripped down. the head was then rebuilt with new valve giudes and seals,    New springs and collets.New  valves.It has STD A plus rockers.    And has been converted to unleaded.       A plus Block.        The block was completley stripped and was bored to plus 10.and new pistons and rings fitted.    The crank was re/ground and was fitted with new shells and main bearings.    New cam bearings where fitted and it has a standed MG cam.    New oil pump fitted,plus the timming chain plus tensinor and oil seal and cover gaskets fitted.    New core plugs fitted.And new breathers and pipes.          Gearbox.

   The gearbox was completley stripped and chemicaly cleaned.then rebuilt.    Its had new main bearings fitted central oil feed pickup pipe fitted,idlear gear bearings fitted,    and a new 2.9 crown wheel pinion fitted with a hardend steel pin fitted in the diff.    new gaskets and drive shaft oil seals and gear change seals.        The head the block and the gearbox where re.assembled with New gaskets and    a new clutch and oil seal.oil and filter.       


   The interior has been slightly modifiyed I.E.    The seats have been recoverd in stingray effect skin plus green pipping plus the head lining and sun visors.    Plus the top and bottom dash rails.    New centre console.    plus cd sterio.    Instead of the single clock theres been the three clock binical fitted.With carbone fiber effect    New oil and temp gauges.    New delux carpet set fitted.    The wirering loom has completely been replaced and new fuse box fitted by an auto electricion engineer.    There is a push button floor start along with a early hi and low beam floor swith fitted.    New battery fitted.    New pair of twin moden horns fitted.    A nice new bespoke lamp bar made to measure and fitted just above the rear of the cab with 5 spot lamps.    New front head lamps have been replaced with halogen ones.    New front indicators replaced with clear lenses and orange bulbs.    NEW Rear lamps units have been replaces with new ones and number plate light.    NEW Washer pump.    new gear knob.    Greeen LED lights fitted in the cab.    New alloy pedals fitted.    Carbon fiber steering coloum and shroud fitted.    New mountly steering wheel fitted.    New speedo cable.    New choke cable and heater cable.    New accelerator cable.    New door seals.    New windscreen seals front and rear.    New door runners and chrome fittings.    New goodrige seat belts fitted.    New interior rear veiw mirror.    New set of black BL wheel arches and sill trims fitted.    New rear fog lamp fitted.    New 12" tryes fitted to the 12" minilights plus new nuts.

       Bright work on the body.

   New Front bumper with over riders.    New Cooper S grill.    New Rear corner bumpers.    New Mini bonnet winged badge.    New GB rear tailgate badges.    New Map of england rear tailgate.    New Head lamp bezals.    New pair of wing mirrors.    New wiper blades and arms and chrome bezzals.


   This mini pickup is ideal for export worldwide.

    Export can be arranged.

   For Further Info And Pictures the of the pickup please E mail me at dppallets@hotmail.com,

   Or call me on 07591132346. The price for the pickup is £10,500.00 Uk pounds. O.V.N.O

    Thanks for reading the add Cheers.