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 VIN # containing U

 Created by: Djsteck
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 Posted: Jun 14, 2017 04:03PM
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According to BMHT archives.. the only minis that had U in the vin number was a mini pick up 850 cc was X-KU1 and mini pick up 1000 cc.. X-LU1..  nothing in parnells book about U in ANY cooper or cooper s vin numbers.. later  bc

 Posted: Jun 14, 2017 07:27AM
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Last post: Oct 21, 2017
Member since:Oct 4, 2013
dr mini.. didnt some of the mini coopers and coopers/s end in B.. meaning they were made in belgium.. think I saw this in Parnells book..and Authis ended in Z?? later bc

 Posted: Jun 14, 2017 07:02AM
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First off, does the number on the title match the VIN plate on the car? Secondly, the number you posted don't match anything. Now, that said, it could have been a typo at some point. The proper VIN for a MK2 Austin Cooper would have been: C-A2SB-#######A. Now, not all of them ended with an A, and if yours is LHD it would have had a L after the B. It's quite possible someone's sloppy writing got the L mistaken for a U and it never got questioned. So, does the paperwork match the VIN plate?

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 Posted: Jun 14, 2017 05:17AM
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My guess is the VIN is being read incorrectly, or it's a bogus number.

 Posted: Jun 14, 2017 05:09AM
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I have only seen U used in vin numbers  in mini pick ups or utilty  as it is called there.. later bc

 Posted: Jun 13, 2017 07:46PM
 Edited:  Jun 13, 2017 07:50PM
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 Moke but starting with C- not sure about that? as it's an Austin designator? but 2B makes it a Moke

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 Posted: Jun 13, 2017 07:40PM
 Edited:  Jun 13, 2017 07:43PM
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So I have a Vin# C-a2bu1136500a I get it's a Austin MK2 Cooper (2door I aassume) but. What does the U mean? It's a 1968