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Puller Flywheel ,hub Puller Rear

Puller Flywheel ,hub Puller Rear

Puller Flywheel ,hub Puller Rear
Don't try to remove the flywheel on a Mini without one of these special pullers. The tappered seat must by design be extremely tight and this special pully leverages in the right places to make removal possible. And since you can not change the clutch without pulling the flywheel every Mini owner must have one of these!
Note- Bolts are approx 4" long
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When installing a flywheel onto a engine/crankshaft I strongly recommend that you "lap the interface surface" between the flywheel and crank. The objective of this process is to insure an absolute perfect fit on the tapper. If for any reason this is not the case you will probably NOT be able t...
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