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1293 Highway Crusier Engine And Transmission

1293 Highway Crusier Engine And Transmission

1293 Highway Crusier Engine And Transmission
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Highway Cruiser Special
Do you wish you could drive your Mini at something at least close to modern freeway speeds?
Do you wish you could drive your Mini as a daily commuter car?
Do you wish your Mini engine would be fun to drive before needing another rebuild?
Do you wish you could drive your Mini casually and still enjoy all the attention a Mini will always get?
Do you wish you could have a quiet conversation while you are driving?

Introducing the Mini Mania "1292CS Powerunit"

The rebuilt 1275cc engines are built with highway cruising in mind:
1- Special camshaft timing results in improved low RPM torque and throttle response.
2- Cylinder Head Valve sizes and porting specially selected for maximum torque at lowest possible RPM's.
3- The transmission has a wide ratio that allows for low speed performance while the final drive ratio of 3.2:1 will provide great freeway comfort.
4- All powerunits are also equipped with an 'overdrive' primary gear that results in a very effective final drive ratio of 3.1:1- the ultimate Cruiser Special!

1293cc Mini Cooper Power Unit - Motor. Our Mini Motor is guaranteed 12 months, 12,000 miles. This is a rebuilt Mini motor engine assembly from Mini Mania. Both the Mini Motor engine and transmission have been rebuilt with our vast experience to insure the right combination of economy and performance; you get good performance at an economical price! Our Mini Motor is built for unleaded gas, the engine should produce between 65 and 75 horsepower (comparable to original Cooper "S"). The transmission is the rod change linkage type that uses inboard CV joints.(Special order units with the older remote shift and yoke outputs are also available!) Clutch, flywheel and all covers are in place; it's ready to run! This powerunit is built to accept your existing intake/exhaust, cooling and electrical systems.
Note: No core charge and call us if you are interested in 'trading-in' your old engine!

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