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Austin Mini Rocker Arm Forged Steel 1.3:1 Ratio

Austin Mini Rocker Arm Forged Steel 1.3:1 Ratio

Austin Mini Rocker Arm Forged Steel 1.3:1 Ratio
Part No: 12G1221
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Forged cast type rocker with original ratio of close to 1.3 with adjusting screw and 1/2" af nut. See AEG167, screw (regular) or AEG167EVO hexagon head); NT605061, nut - profile of pad reduces side loading on valves to a minimum. Particularly effective on small bore engines although standard fitment on "S" type engines. Use recommended valve clearances. These are not original Cooper S rockers but the only alternative available and sold ready reamed for fitment--Some companies claim this to be to genuine specification but it clearly is not.
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Created: December 21, 2015
When you are trying to build a motor to get the ultimate of performance you often optimize the life expectancy of the entire assembly. One such area centers around the rocker assembly. In general the rockers are part of the process that translates the lobe of the rotating camshaft to the vertical deflection needed to open the valves on the cylinder head.
Rocker Gear
Created: January 30, 2000
The new generation of short period, high lift cams have been developed to give the best results in large bore engines when used in conjunction with 1.5 ratio, hi-lift rockers. For the small bore range, the stock 1.3 ratio is optimum. In certain instances ratios of 1.7 to 1 are of benefit - but is really only applicable to fully developed race engines.
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