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Fan Cooling 11 Blade Plastic Mini & Mini Cooper

Fan Cooling 11 Blade Plastic Mini & Mini Cooper

Fan Cooling 11 Blade Plastic Mini & Mini Cooper
11 blade plastic fan, one of the most efficient fans ever fitted to a Mini. This fan pushes a lot of air with very little noise. If you need more air, then please see part# 2A998. This Hot Climate fan pushes even more air but it is substantially louder than the 11 blade version. Make sure you fit the plastic blade the right way, the smoother moulded centre faces the engine, which might look wrong to some people, our picture shows the side that faces the radiator. If there is an F or word "front" stamped on it then that is the side that faces the radiator. Minis from 1959-69 and 1990-1 had 12G1305 a thinner blade 1.100 wide at tips whereas this is 1.5"
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Take cooling off your worry list
One day I heard a boom and a small piece of yellow plastic flew out onto the road ahead of me. Pulling over, the fan was in pieces, fan belt broken and radiator leaking. The reason was I had left the vacuum advance line off the carb and not put it back, and it got sucked into the fan. Yup - just the little old advance line did all that. I took the opportunity to muck about with an electric fan instead of the engine-driven one but it didn't do anywhere near as good a job as this one. I still have the electric on a manual switch but rely on this fan for 95% of the time.
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