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Austin Mini Cv Joint Standard Outer 19 Spline 1 1/8'

Austin Mini Cv Joint Standard Outer 19 Spline 1 1/8'

Austin Mini Cv Joint Standard Outer 19 Spline 1 1/8'
Part No: 17H8600
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The MINI'CV Joint' connect the axle to the drive flange on the front of the Mini. It transfers tremendous loads at severe angles. Three designs of joints were used in the Mini throughout its history. The first '18 spline' type was only used in '59 & '60 and are no longer available. The replacement type- 19 spline has always been the most common as it is the one used on all Minis with front drum brakes and even used on the various Coopers with the small disc brakes. The nut size on the end of this joint uses a 1 1/8" socket. The third type of joint is the much larger version as used on all other models and it uses a 1 5/16" socket for the nut. A worn CV Joint is typically caused by poor or no maintenance. The grease in them must be of the best quality and MUST BE KEPT CLEAN. When the grease is allowed to absorb brake dust and road dirt because of a torn rubber boot it will act like a grinding paste to destroy the inner balls. To determine the condition of your CV joint simply requires jacking up the front wheels, turning the steering to full lock and rotating the wheels. They should turn freely with no feel or sounds of "clicking". Even the slightest sound means the joint is on the way out! You can also simply listen for this 'clicking' sound at slow speed full lock turns as you drive through a parking lot!
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