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Classic Austin Mini Cooper Light Switch Mk1 And Mk11

Classic Austin Mini Cooper Light Switch Mk1 And Mk11

Classic Austin Mini Cooper Light Switch Mk1 And Mk11
Part No: 1H9077
Internet Price $19.95
Headlight toggle switch, double pole, double throw. For most enthusiasts, the only real Lucas switch is the classic "toggle" type. Early cars had them for both the headlights and the wiper switches.
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Fine if you use relays
I have burned through two of these switches and the third time's the charm if you use relays for your headlights. When these switches burn out you will notice the toggle doesn't do anything, and you will feel little pieces rattling around inside the body. This is a bad thing and can potentially burn your car. I have come out to the garage smelling smoke and found that the burned metal inside the switch was creating a short that the Mk1's 20A fuse did not blow for. But the temp was red-hot under the dash - and the car was not even on. Not saying this is a bad switch, because other toggles will probably burn out as well. But next time your headlights are on, feel the back of this switch and the wires going in and if they are hot your lights are drawing a lot of current and you should get relays on there pronto. This is for early cars only of course. Relays have the added advantage of letting you hook this switch to your ignition tumbler and therefore turning the lights off when you turn the car off. Saves a few AAA calls and embarassment in front of the wife...as if you needed even more.
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