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Ignition Coil Pertronix Chrome Oil Filled 1.5 Ohm

Ignition Coil Pertronix Chrome Oil Filled 1.5 Ohm

Ignition Coil Pertronix Chrome Oil Filled 1.5 Ohm
This high performance coil is made by Pertronix to be used with the Ignitor ignition. These are chrome, a subtle hint that there's something extra under the hood.
1.5 ohm for ballasted systems
Technical Information:
Pertronix Ignition Mini Cooper
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In the early 70’s, an engineer came up with the idea of an electronic ignition system that would replace the points and condenser in distributors. The Ignitor® was born and after patenting the product, Per-Lux started manufacturing systems. 

The name changed in 1991 to PerTronix signaled the company’s total commitment to the ignition business. With the tremendous growth in the automotive performance industry, PerTronix has shifted emphasis to their automotive product offering, adding over 80 applications in the last few years.

PerTronix’s newest product line addition, Flame-Thrower "Stock Look" distributors, are completely new (not remanufactured) with proprietary electronic components. These distributors are perfect for the person that wants that original look but also have the benefits of modern electronics.

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