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Transmission Magnetic Oil Trap Mini

Transmission Magnetic Oil Trap Mini

Transmission Magnetic Oil Trap Mini
The magnetic drain plug in the Mini sump is a good and wonderful thing, but located at one end of the sump it doesn't trap all the junk. We have taken the concept one step further! Mini Mania has developed a magnetic plug that projects into the oil inlet circuit just before the pump. An adapter replaces the existing plate on the back of the tranny and the magnetic plug screws into that. To assure that the pick-up pipe is not dislocated, it is recommended that the adapter be installed before the transmission is mounted to the engine. After installation the plug can be cleaned whenever you drain the oil; you will be amazed at some of the particles that will work through the pick-up screen heading for the pump.
Technical Information:
Magnetic oil trap, C-2A3637
         Installation of this kit involves opening and re-sealing the oil suction passage. Improper sealing can result in low (or no) oil pressure and subsequent engine failure. Always observe the oil pressure warning light/oil pressure gauge when starting the engine after installation of the kit or re-installation of the magnetic plug after servicing to detect possible leakage. If oil pressure is not obtained, shut off engine immediately and rectify the situation.

         Installing the kit with the transmission case separated from the engine is the preferred approach since the seal between the oil suction pipe flange and the transmission case can be seen as well as that between the adapt plate and the case. If, however, installation with the transmission joined to the engine is attempted remove the original bolts one at a time replacing each removed bolt immediately with an adapter retaining flat head screw. If both the original bolts are removed before new ones are installed the oil suction pipe may shift making engagement of the new screws difficult if not impossible. Use a good quality gasket sealant when installing the adapter plate.

       The magnetic plug should be removed and cleaned when changing oil. Make sure the plug metal gasket is in good condition before reinstalling plug. Replace if questionable

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