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Belt Drive Kit Large Pulley
Alternative ancillary drive systems are available. For race use where the alternator/dynamo is not used there is a toothed belt drive system with large diameter pump pulley (C-AEA534) or standard diameter (C-AEA536) that eliminates problems caused by conventional belts being turned or thrown through misalignment. The pump pulley in both kits is deep enough to accommodate a second belt to the alternator.The crank pulley is made to take the separate damper ring from the 'S'.
A toothed belt drive kit for an alternator (C-AEA536A) has an oversize toothed alternator pulley and belt to run off the smaller diameter pump pulley in C-AEA536; substitute belt C-AEA532 to run C-AEA536A with C-AEA534.
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