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Ultra Light Flywheel For Pre-engaged Non-verto

Ultra Light Flywheel For Pre-engaged Non-verto

Ultra Light Flywheel For Pre-engaged Non-verto
Part No: C-AEG620
Your Price $359.95
Ultra light (8.38lbs) steel race flywheel for non--Verto clutch with ring gear for pre-engaged starter.
The latest refinement of the Ultra-light Mini flywheel is now made symmetrically to reduce harmonics vibrations caused by earlier versions - yet it still weighs just over 8 lbs.! This is considerably lighter than a safely lightened standard iron flywheel, and also provides a much hardier clutch surface..
Not recommended for road use. (See C-AEG420)
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Austin Mini FLYWHEEL & CLUTCH- General information
Created: November 27, 2000
If there's one subject that gets washed over when transplants or modifications are discussed its the flywheel and clutch assembly. There also seems to be a widely held belief that up-rating an engine from anything other than standard automatically requires a ‘competition clutch’. This, as with many other subjects concerning the Mini, is a myth.
FLYWHEEL - Pre-Verto types
Created: November 21, 2000
With the exception of the fact the two-piece flywheel is two pieces bolted together - this and the later one-piece cast item can be treated as the same thing. They will universally fit all transverse engine cranks from 1964 onwards, so that should be easy enough. If all you can get is the hulking great 1300 type, then this too is as universal to fit, but I highly recommend you get that extra cast lump machined off of the outer edge as a bare minimum.
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