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Medium Lcb Header & Single Box Muffler Kit For Sprite Midget, 1275cc

Medium Lcb Header & Single Box Muffler Kit For Sprite Midget, 1275cc

Medium Lcb Header & Single Box Muffler Kit For Sprite Midget, 1275cc
Medium LCB header manifold and single box exhaust system in 1.625" (1 5/8") size for Sprites and Midgets with 1275cc engines.
There are a very limited number of exhaust systems that actually produce more power, yet maintain a civilized noise level.
This exhaust system is designed and manufactured by Maniflow in the UK. This makes installation an easy bolt-on operation that fits right the first time.
Many years of research and development have been spent on what on the surface is only a necessary evil! Getting the exhaust out of the engine would seem simple enough but modern technology and manufacturing have made it a real science. The LCB (Long Center Branch) header (exhaust manifold) has been developed to the point that an actual improvement in performance can be achieved by its use. Our "Maniflow" manufactured headers are the most cost effective high performance headers available today! They not only fit well and add performance but also are long lasting!
Ease of fitting and high production quality combined with maximum flow for power make the Maniflow exhaust manifolds (tubular steel headers) an unbeatable value. Special attention is paid to all joints and welds to obtain required backpressure and exhaust gas flow.
See C-AHT11 for the 1 5/8" Medium LCB Header for this system.
See C-AHT12 for exhaust pipe "system".
See C-AHT11/LCB/BIGBORE for large bore LCB.
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Created: August 10, 2010
All is not what it seems. The most popular isn’t necessarily the best. Size is everything, before buying examine the relevant table carefully, and remember my motto - ‘tuning is a balance between what’s possible and what’s necessary’. Shape’s also a consideration - poor fabrication reduces effectiveness.
Maniflow Exhaust Manifolds & Systems
Created: January 28, 2006
Manflow have a wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing exhaust systems and parts for a whole host of vehicles. We pride ourselves in the manufacture of race-specification exhaust systems for modern cars and historic vehicles.
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