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Brake Pad M171, Mini, Sprite & Midget

Brake Pad M171, Mini, Sprite & Midget

Brake Pad M171, Mini, Sprite & Midget
Brake pads for 8.4" diameter brake dics, with single pot calipers as fitted to all Minis 1984 on, later 1275GT, Sprite and Midget. In C-TECH M1144
Improvements in braking efficiency can be achieved to a certain degree by replacing the standard asbestos free brake pads/shoes with alternative items employing different compounds. The Mintex C-TECH range produces asbestos free material M1144 which replaced the M171 type and is ideal for upgrading brakes when fade occurs. Center groove in pad to stop dust build up.
Also available is the much acclaimed carbon metallic compound which is the ultimate in current brake pad technology. Its broad operating temperature band encompasses everything from M171, DS11 and M1155. Exceptional co-efficient of friction combined with a low wear rate make these a must for all racers.
Note: Carbon metallic compound is NOT recommended on drilled or grooved discs.
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Created: December 07, 2000
I know I keep dragging this one out for an airing but it’s continually ignored by far too many folk - the only way to get the best from what you have is to be totally honest with yourself about your Mini’s main usage. Delusions of grandeur cause severe disappointment, and tears before bedtime. Fitting a set of pads to your road Mini because you think you drive like Michael Schumacher, and your Mini’s built around a ‘race’ theme, with ‘race-spec’ brakes is going to get you into severe bother. Nine times out of ten they won’t work properly.
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